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She'll make someone a lovely wife one day

Today isn’t just Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as it’s occasionally known), more importantly it’s International Women’s Day.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the British government’s two Ministers for Women & Equality (both women of course, the position isn’t open to men to ensure equality) have announced a number of official events involving British government ministers:

  • Launch of Violence against Women and Girls Action Plan (only women and girls are subjected to violence)
  • Strengthening Women’s Voices (because women need listening to while the rest of us are ignored)
  • House of Lords International Women’s Day debate (hosted by a Baroness of course, a man couldn’t be trusted)
  • International Women’s Day Newsletter (telling “women’s organisations” what the British government is doing)
  • A new strategic vision for girls and women: stopping poverty before it starts (how the Department for International Development is spending English men’s taxes on women abroad)

I have complained before about the institutional discrimination in the Ministry for “Equality” which shows no signs of abating.  There is no International Men’s Day and there isn’t and never will be a Minister for Men in the Ministry for Inequality.  The only men’s rights group that ever came into existence was Fathers 4 Justice and they were quickly ground into the dirt by the establishment.  I didn’t support Fathers 4 Justice based on my own experiences but the reason they were infiltrated and undermined by the state was because they were a men’s group.


  1. Kev Cole (3 comments) says:

    You could do Twat-ess of the week for them too!

  2. Revenai (5 comments) says:

    You really do sound like a bunch of losers. For Heaven’s Sake, what woman made you feel small then?

    There is no International Men’s Day because every bloody day is men’s day; For centuries yours were the only voices every heard, women were less than servants; denied justice, and representation. And you sound like an echo of every offended male who’s just found out they repealed the law that allowed him to beat his wife!!

    I’ve had a lifetime of men like you who bleat — ‘Equality’ is rubbish and you can’t be equal to us so there!!

    Let me shout this in your ear so that you will start to understand it – I don’t want to be ‘equal’ to men; and anyway which man am I supposed to be equal to; the 15 stone weight lifter or the 8 stone weakling? Even you are not equal to other men, so why not just shut up.

    I want equality of opportunity for education and career options; when I do exactly the same work as a man I want exactly the same pay for it. That’s equality – not the nonsense you come out with.

    I thought miserable, vicious women-haters like you had vanished in the stone age. And what a pity it has to be connected to the English Parliament issue, because I don’t want a parliament where backward thinking like yours can take hold.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    For fuck’s sake, read what I actually wrote before you start ranting.

  4. RV (1 comments) says:

    Women in the UK are no longer second class citizens (thankfully) so why the EU is proposing to have quotas for “boardroom workers” on the back of all this ill never know.

    In my work my immediate supervisor is a lady, she has a chemistry degree, and works very hard, so of course is right she is there as a “principle chemist” while im just a mere “technical assistant”. I dont feel small, and respect her and im sure my 3 collegues who work under her feel the same.

    a large proportion of the supervisors are women, who have worked hard, and put in many years to get where they are, i still respect them, and i still dont feel small.

    If the EU decides to set quotas for the same senario (not exactly a boardroom setting but the same principle applies), do you think I would personally have the same respect?

    Pressure groups cite the fact that women get paid less then men. From what I’ve gathered this is not true, it could be something to do with the fact that women generally like to work part time/stay at home (their choice) so naturally the average wage for women is less then men, who generally work full time.

    Harriet Harmen often advocated “possitive discrimnation” and “quotas”, but isnt that just plain discrimination in itself?

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    My boss is a woman. My previous boss was also a woman. The one before that was also a woman. I’ve had roughly 50/50 male and female bosses. My boss drives a BMW and lives in a nice big house. I don’t.

  6. Rubber Duck (1 comments) says:

    “There is no International Men’s Day”



    …As you were!

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