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What is the point of BBC HD?

Can anyone tell me what the point of the BBC HD channel is?  Really, what is the point of broadcasting 8½ hours of crap in HD?

BBC1’s schedule today includes MI High, Newsround, Weakest Link, the One Show, Eastenders, Panorama, Life, the Graham Norton Show and Apprentice USA.  During the same period, BBC HD has LazyTown Extra, My Almost Famous Family, Doctors, Flog It, Panorama, Gardeners World, Life and Scallywagga.  Only two programmes from the BBC1 schedule and not one from BBC2.  What a waste.

Enormous amounts of money have been spent on HDTV and the BBC is wasting an opportunity – not to mention our money – because they’re showing crap on the BBC HD channel.  I’ve had Sky HD for a few months now and I haven’t watched the BBC HD channel once.  There really is nothing worth watching on the BBC HD channel – especially for the 15½ hours a day when it just shows previews.  Why not show an upscaled version of whatever is showing on BBC1 or BBC2 during the day instead of previews?