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Twat of the Week Voting

A week late (still no reminders from the person who said he was going to remind me!) and here is the Twat of the Week voting for the last fortnight …

The first candidate, as ever, is El Presidente himself, Gordon “5 Pints” McBrown who was nominated by email for using his dead child for politicking.

The second candidate is Herman Van Rumpy-Pumpy, the President of the European Empire, for being an “Arrogant, unelected little mutant who acts like the heir to Caesar and Charlemagne. He looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book”.

A difficult choice between two very strong contestants this week.  On one hand there’s a gurning, ineffectual Scottish europhile and on the other hand there’s a gurning, ineffectual Belgian europhile.  It’s a tough one to call.