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Another May Day, another day of terrorism

Is it really 12 months since the mayhem and violence of last years May Day?

You’ll be pleased to know that the left still haven’t lost their appetite for mindless violence and this years May Day is shaping up to be just as vicious and riotous as previous years.

In Nepal, the Maoists who have terrorised their way into the government through civil war are on the streets again with yet another list of demands. As is so often the case with the far left, they know that nobody would ever vote for their socialist extremism so they have to turn to violence to get their own way.

In Macau and Hong Kong, left wing terrorists have been fighting with riot police and in the North Caucasus region of Russia, a bomb has injured 21 people and killed a 104 year old world war two veteran.

Protesters in Greece opposed to the harsh austerity budget imposed by the European Empire have been rioting in a couple of major cities whilst Germany has seen rioting in Hamburg and Berlin.