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Queue? What queue?

One thing the English are famous for is queuing.  But someone forgot to tell that to the people at the petrol station today.

Every pump was taken with people waiting so I positioned myself strategically covering both sides of one pair of pumps.  Then a woman came out of the forecourt shop and got into her car and then pulled alongside the car in front of me that was parked up at a pump.  I assumed she was waiting for someone else to come out of the shop but she then pulled into the pump in front which had just been vacated by a motorbike!

A pump on the other side of the forecourt was vacated so someone else who was waiting alongside me pulled up and very kindly waited while the woman in the pump in front of him adjusted her mirror, did her makeup, tinkered with her hair, etc (I’m exaggerating) so he could pull alongside the front pump so I didn’t have to wait.  Which was very nice of him and much appreciated.

While I was filling up an old dear pootled onto the forecourt, drove in front of a waiting car and despite the waiting driver honking her horn at her, pulled up alongside a newly vacant pump.  She then proceeded to sit about 5ft away from the pump and presumably waited for the car in front of her to finish filling up and leave.  I say presumably because I had time to put diesel in the car, queue at the till, pay and drive off while the old dear just sat there blocking a vacant pump that she’d got to by queue jumping.