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The Times warns of “culture of silence” around muslim sex offenders

So, the dead tree press has finally caught up with the internet and realised that muslim gangs are committing sex offences against white women and the police are covering it up in case they are accused of being racists.

According to an “exclusive” in the Times (behind the paywall so no link), there is a “culture of silence” around the problem because of a “damaging taboo” where police and social services are scared of being accused of racism if they speak up.

Everyone knows this is happening but most people are scared to talk about it for fear of being accused of racism.  Labour’s forced multiculturalism project included indoctrinating people with the belief that even talking about immigration, multiculturalism or immigrants committing crimes is wrong.

It’s not.

Muslim gangs committing sex offences are probably no more a problem than white gangs but the stats are suppressed so we can’t know for sure.  A lot of people will come to the conclusion that if the problem is being covered up then it’s worse than everyone thinks.  For all we know it might be and that’s the problem with officially denying something that is common knowledge.