Hidden Speed Camera Van

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Went to a party last night in Newport (Shropshire, not West Britain or Isle of Wight) and passed a speed camera van.  Approaching the van it was perfectly visible but coming in the opposite direction it was completely hidden behind a wall and bushes.  The speed camera partnerships say that speed cameras aren’t about making money, they’re there to deter motorists from speeding – this is why they’re painted in bright colours.  If this is the case then why was this particular van hidden behind a wall?

The speed camera van was out in Shrewsbury today (I wonder if they get paid double time for working on a Sunday?) outside the college.  I can understand the logic of putting a speed camera outside of the college if the intention was to keep the students safe from people driving too fast but when the college has been closed for over a month for the summer holidays, exactly who is the speed camera supposed to be protecting?

Speeding isn’t dangerous – driving too fast is.  There is a difference.  It can be safe to drive at 80mph on a wide open straight road with no houses or junctions in a new car and a few years driving experience – this is speeding.  It isn’t safe to drive at 60mph in a 30mph limit outside a school at 3pm on a Monday afternoon in term time – this is driving too fast.  It is for this reason that speed cameras are so flawed.  A person with a camera can judge whether you are driving too fast but a camera can’t.  Some people aren’t capable of driving at the speed limit – once you reach a certain age your reactions are too slow to drive safely at the speed limit.  A person with a camera can judge whether you are driving safely but a camera can’t.

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    These people are out to make money

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