Spain wants money to tackle immigrants

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Spain has asked the European Federation for more money to tackle illegal immigrants flowing over the border from North Africa at todays meeting of home affairs and justice ministers in Finland.

This is the meeting where the European Federation is demanding the British government gives up his veto on justice so the EU can save us from terrorists by imposing its foreign, backwards legal system throughout the continent.

I’ve got a solution to the problem of immigration.  Rather than paying asylum seekers and refugees not to work, make them work for the state.  The same goes for people on unemployment benefits.  Rather than local authorities having to pay contractors to do shit jobs like street sweeping, cleaning graffiti off walls, etc., people in the area they should use people who are a burdon on the state but are capable of work.

I guarantee you that if asylum seekers and immigrants had to work for a living when they got to their destination, they’d stop coming.

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