Straw plans Lords “reforms”

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A leaked document from Jack Straw’s office contains plans for further “reforms” to the House of Lords in a barely disguised attempt to remove all opposition from the upper house by having 50% elected and 50% appointed Lords.

As I’ve said before, the “reforms” to the House of Lords are nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with politicising the upper house.  An elected House of Lords will be a disaster for democracy.

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  1. Man in a Shed (10 comments) says:

    But the new house of Lords will no doubt be a great place for expenses paid politicians – who must be paid at a rate which will make them immune from bribery. Given an office – to interface with their constituents, and will need a gold plated pension and foreign fact finding trips every prolonged summer break.

    After all this is the price of democracy ?

    What really annoys me is that many of our new generation of politicians have never done anything useful or worth while with their lives.

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