What’s good for the goose …

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

Israel is stepping up an offensive into the Gaza Strip which started in retaliation for a cross-border raid by Palestinian militia.

Am I the only one who sees the double-standards in this?  Israel has been conducting one constant cross-border raid into Palestine since it invaded and illegally occupied the country in 1967.

In trying to sum this up in a single word, I’m torn between duplicity and hypocrisy.  What do you think?

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