Prison junkies given payouts for human rights breaches

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The Home Office has settled out of court with 198 jailed drug addicts for breaching their human rights.

What terrible act of torture and punishment was inflicted on them?  They weren’t allowed to take drugs in prison and going cold turkey as a result was tantamount to torture.

According to a book called the “Prisons Handbook”, 643 drug addicts were responsible for 70,000 offences in just 3 months.

The British government has pledged £28m of taxpayers money on treatments for drug addicts in prison.

And here was me thinking that people were sent to prison for punishment.


  1. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    Ugly shame! Those 28m would be better spent on cancer treatments!

  2. kev mcgee (1 comments) says:

    as a recovering addict(just over 4 years)i think the media reporting on this issue,was just a headline grabber and the constant use of the word “junkie”is unhelpful to anyone.if someone goes to prison and is on prescribed medication from there doctor,no one has a right to take that medication away as a form of punishment.the rights and wrongs of this case(S)are all ready yesterdays news,but the massive problem of addiction and the consequents continue.the problems of drug and alcohol effects every single person in some way in this country.for the passed 3 years i have tried to engage with the services that offer treatment….there my friend lies the main is the blind attitude of the home office and the crackpot ideas that spend millions on containment of addiction,but so little on education.real rehabilitation in prison is what is needed,not lip is possible to live clean,but it takes the skill of a councilor and a new way of living.if wonkos world wants to highlight the massive drug and alcohol problems in the uk,start by having a look at how the tax payers money is spent on pointless detox/dtto/ the millions spent on methadon,only for that it self to become part of there addiction(have a look in bournmouth,the mix of meth/alchol is a massive culture there)the lenght of time waiting to get treatment is outragous.i work as a voluntray advocate with street users,peoples perseption of what you lable”junkies” is way off the mark,if you of anyone reading this would like to come spend the day with me and see another side and then comment on others lives please,please contact me.i would be more that happy to show them the desperation and real damaging world of real addicts.kind regards kev mcgee

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