Secure Passports?

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New passports feature a “secure” RFID chip with all your details on them.  The RFID chip allows the details on your passport to be read by a scanner without actually coming into contact with the passport.

The British government introduced the RFID chip for a couple of reasons – firstly, the American’s will only waive the visa requirements for the UK if we have these chips on our passports (although they don’t use them themselves) and secondly, these chips will also be incorporated on ID cards.

The Identity and Passport Service website says “The development of the National Identity Scheme builds on the changes being made to passports to provide a secure and straightforward way to safeguard personal identities from misuse.”

Interesting use of the word “secure” there because a Guardian investigation has discovered that the data on these “secure” RFID chips can be downloaded to a PC using a commercial scanner they bought for £174 off the internet.

How reassuring.  They’ve spent £60m on the scheme so far, using technology that is going to be used in ID cards which the British government have told us is perfectly safe and secure yet a journalist can use a scanner he bought off the internet to read the “secure” chip.  All the more reason to refuse to submit to Labour’s police state if you ask me.

NØ2ID – you know it makes sense.

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