Christian Student Unions banned

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Four Christian Student Unions have been banned from universities for refusing to allow non-Christians to address their meetings and for not embracing gays and he-she’s.

The unions have been banned because their beliefs and constitutions don’t fit in with the multi-cultural “positive discrimintation” policies.

I wonder if the other faith unions allow all and sundry to join them and are forced to abandon their beliefs.  Muslim unions for instance, what with homosexuality being even more of an abomination in Islam than it is in Christianity.

The Student Unions in question are taking legal action against the universities,


  1. Eric (8 comments) says:

    Well said. Surely philosophy, idealism, finding oneself, faith etc are exactly what our Unis are about. I dread to see the day, and as doubtful a prospect as it is, but until ‘Christian’ militant groups start taking over campuses and grooming terrorists they should keep their hands off.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I don’t have a religion but I respect everyone’s right to follow the religion or ideology of their choice provided they follow it in a lawful manner. If you’re going to ban Christian unioins then fine but ban every religious or ideological union.

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