BA deny equal rights to Christians

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A Christian woman has lost an internal appeal at British Airways for her right to wear a small crucifix.

BA has a policy of not allowing jewelery or religious symbols for its uniformed staff but does not extend this rule to Sikhs who are allowed to wear turbans or to muslims who are allowed to wear bangles and a headscarf.

The crucifix that the woman wears is the size of a 5 pence piece.


  1. Eric (8 comments) says:

    What really gets me is that BA have previously changed their dress policy in various steps along the equality and diversity route to specifically include items like the Sikh kara and Muslim veil (which, actually aren’t enforced parts of their respective religions either). OK in protestantism and most of the Catholic world wearing a cross is far from obligatory, but in the Coptic world, where this woman comes from, outward symbols are more important. So this episode has also exposed a rather naive world view at the heart of BA’s PC agenda which makes BA look like uninformed fools on the world stage. BA should have just let her wear it (and changed their diversity rules if necessary) once the publicity started. Now they look biased from all angles.

  2. Nikola (1 comments) says:

    Modern day Britain gets more ridiculous day by day. When will the pandering to foreign cultures and religions stop. When will the natives realise that its not a sin to be proud of your own culture and values, and not give a damn about foreign ones.

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