BBC say the “E” word

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

The BBC have been uncharacteristically keen on discussing the break-up of the union, nationalism and they even seem to have rediscovered the “E” word (England).

A BBC-commissioned poll showed that 61% of people were in favour of the establishment of an English Parliament.  This is despite the BBC weighting the Scottish and Welsh contribution to the poll so that they made up around 3/5ths of the people asked.  Old habits die hard I guess.

This mornings BBC News carried the story every half an hour, BBC Radio 5 also had a phone-in on the subject and even good old BBC Radio Shropshire were in on the act interviewing Edward Higginbottom, the Shropshire Branch co-ordinator for the CEP.

Newsnight will tonight be welcoming Scilla Cullen and Christine Constable, the chairwomen of the CEP and the English Democrats respectively, onto the panel where they will get a chance to lock heads with Charlie Falconer.


  1. A brummie (75 comments) says:

    At last… the penny is beginning to drop.

  2. Dave W (6 comments) says:

    Our local BBC (North East & Cumbria) are running a series of reports in their 6:30 news about how much better off Berwick would be if it was on the wrong side of the border. It never mentions the underlying cause of cause (the Barnett Formula).

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