Home Office Split

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It looks like the Home Office is going to be split in two creating a Justice Ministry headed up by Charlie Falconer, the unelected Lord Chancellor.

It has been hypothesised that the proposed changes to the Home Office are a ruse to take the heat off the cash for peerages investigation after one of Bliar’s bitches got her collar felt by the Metropolitan Police in the early hours of Friday and the subsequent complaint by the police over undue pressure from ministers.

It is really quite disturbing that the minister heading up the department responsible for prisons and probation would be an unelected Scottish Labour stooge.  It’s bad enough that Falconer is in charge of the Department for Constitutional Affairs when he has no mandate from the electorate to hold any position in government.

The Home Office is, of course, a large department and appears to be too much for one minister to keep control of.  However, the Home Secretary is one of the four most powerful positions in the cabinet behind the Lord Chancellor, Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Breaking up the Home Office will reduce the influence of the Home Secretary which means that the cabinet is under the control of the three stooges – Bliar, Falconer and Brown.

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