How can a pint conform to EU standards?

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The European Federation has instructed the British government to abolish the crown mark that currently certifies a legal pint glass and replace it with a CE mark.

The CE mark stands for Conformite Europeenne and certifies that the item in question confirms to EU standards.  This raises an interesting question – how can a pint conform to an EU standard when the only measurements Federal Europe allows is metric?  Could this be a sneaky way of replacing the pint with the litre in our pubs?  Change the law so that you can’t serve a drink in a glass that doesn’t have a CE mark and then refuse to issue CE marks for non-metric glasses – if I wanted to force metrication on England that’s what I’d do.


  1. Chris Howell (1 comments) says:

    Just go look at Directive 80/181/EEC (Annex – Chapter II) and then PLEASE stop blathering about technical/legal issues of which you have no understanding. Pint glasses are now nbeing marketed in the UK with CE markings, which are just as valid as the old “Crown Stamp”.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    The European Federation is banning the use of the crown mark in favour of its own CE mark. The fact that you can currently get glasses with a CE mark is irrelevant. Stop replying to blog posts without first reading them and getting the point.

  3. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    I don’t drink, and the only time I go into drinking establishments is for Wetherspoons’ £1.99 traditional breakfasts, so in all honesty I probably wouldn’t notice the difference. But this kind of thing seems to typify the ridiculous bureaucracy of the EU, and is just another method by which the EU can undermine the subconcious of the British people and soften them up for acceptance.
    There is no other reasoned excuse for such a move, and even if one agrees with the notion of the EU, surely there are a million better ways for them to be spending their time and money than changing a tiny logo on a glass.

  4. Alan (8 comments) says:

    I agree this seems to be getting everything they can in by the back door…

  5. CE marked glasses (1 comments) says:

    The crown has not been abolished and can still be used. Companies will not continue manufacturing this Government Stamped product though. (Why would one want to limit ones market to just the UK anyway?)

  6. Paul Jenkins (1 comments) says:

    @CE marked glasses – for the tourists. If you guys just become another piece of Europe – the Anglo world will be less interested in visiting. The thing that makes the UK the UK is it’s coziness and quaintness. Giving in to the whole continental thing will kill this off – IMHO

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