Oh the irony

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

Apologies for the poor quality picture, I only had my mobile phone to hand.

You can’t make out the words on the road sign that the car has crashed into but it’s one of the “Think!” signs that tells you to drive safely, complete with the number of accidents on that stretch of road.  Unfortunately, it was on the side of a busy dual carriageway at rush hour so I couldn’t get a decent picture.

And before anyone accuses me of schadenfreude or being an irresponsible opportunist or whatever, I did actually stop and walk over to the car to make sure that there was nobody hurt in it as I didn’t know how long it had been there and I phoned the police to make sure they were aware of it.  I only took the picture because it was too good an opportunity to pass up!

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