Union is worth over £5k for each Scottish household

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Traitor Blair has appealed to Scottish voters not to vote for the SNP in the May elections.

He tells the Scots that independence would cost every Scottish household over £5,000 per year because of their £11.9bn budget deficit.

Previous attempts to stop the SNP from taking control of the Scottish Parliament have centered around their dodgy maths and some vague, intangible “benefits” of the union.

The SNP think that an £11.9bn budget deficit minus £7bn of oil and gas revenues – a lot of which rightfully belongs to England – means they are running at a £3bn budget surplus and subsidising the rest of the UK.  The “benefits” of the union all seem to come under the umbrella of some mysterious thing called the “union dividend”.  The “union dividend” has thus far remained an unknown quantity (I guess it’s hard to be anything other than vague when there don’t appear to be many benefits of union) but Bliar has finally quantified it – a £5,000 per houshold subsidy from the English taxpayer.

It’s quite pathetic that the only reason the Prime Minister can actually come up with to preserve the union is an involuntary £11.3bn donation to the Scottish economy by the English taxpayer and his speech is little more than thinly veiled bribery.  In fact, it’s not even thinly veiled – it’s a bare-faced bribe – vote Liebour and your household gets 5 grand out of English taxes, vote SNP and you’ll have to find the extra 5 grand yourself.  Liebour have even revealed an election slogan – “Break up Britain, end up broke”.  You couldn’t make it up!

I wonder if Bliar will tell me how much breaking up Britain would cost every household in England.  If it’s going to cost 5 grand to every Scottish household (about 2 million of them) then there must be at least 2 million households elsewhere in the UK better off.  As Wales and Northern Ireland are also running at huge budget deficits that leaves … oh yes, England.

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