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The Home Office has been split into two with the creation of a Justice Ministry.

The new ministry will be headed up by the unelected Scottish Lord Chancellor, Charlie Falconer, while it is being reorganised.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs is taking over the sentencing side of the legal system from the Home Office and will be renamed the Justice Ministry.  Charlie Falconer will be moved elsewhere in the cabinet – still unelected of course – once the reorganisation has taken place and an, as yet un-named MP will take over the Justice Ministry.

What is left of the Home Office is going to take over counter-terrorism from the Cabinet Office and will see the creation of yet another government department called the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism.

It has been pointed out that the Home Office has been bigger and the position of Home Secretary has had more responsibilities in the past but still performed perfectly well.  It is only since a succession of illiberal dimwits have been put in charge of the department that the department has apparently become unmanageable and “not fit for purpose”.  To divide it up and leave the same bunch of idiots in charge won’t solve anything – it’ll just cost more money, increase the size of the government and it’ll still be incompetent.

The only way to improve the Home Office is a regime change in the entire British government.  The Tories, Lib Dums and all the other parties need to work together and propose a vote of no confidence every day that Gordon Brown is Prime Minister after Bliar resigns until they bring the British government down and get a general election.  Only a change at the top is going to make a difference.

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  1. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    Excellent Wonko, and what’s bertie big bollocks bliar doing to get them servicemen back…nothing. He’s a jellied eel, if it wasn’t for the starch in his shirt he’d be a fucking puddle. It only goes to show that is was the Yanks that did all the fighting in Iraq, that swivel eyed ponce just talked.
    And as per usual with everything that comes out of his toothy gob it was complete, utter bullshit.

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