What next for Charlie Falconer?

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Charlie Falconer has been told that he won’t be heading up the new Justice Ministry after the transitionary period.

Where will the fat, sweaty turd be dumped next?

Which department will Charlie Falconer get?
Department for Constitutional Affairs/Ministry of Justice
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Home Office
Department of Health
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Department for Transport
Department for Education and Skills
Department for Trade and Industry
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
HM Treasury
Northern Ireland Office
Privy Council
Wales Office
Scotland Office
Department for Work and Pensions
Department for International Development
Ministry of Defence
Department for Communities and Local Government
Cabinet Office
He’ll be sacked
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  1. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I’m plumping for DoH purely on the basis that it’s an English ministry not currently headed up by a Scot and it’s a bit of a liability so an unelected minister would be ideal.

  2. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    Department for Communities and Local Government – no doubt. There he’ll going to have maximum control over England.

  3. Calum (183 comments) says:

    Your hatred of Falconer would be more justified if you were to support an elected Lords, but you dont, so you opposition to him on the grounds that he is unelected falls down.

    So is the real reason you dislike him because he is a scot, if so are you realy that biggoted? If so then grow up, and thats coming from me, a 16 year old!

  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    No Calum, it’s not because he’s a Scot. It’s because he’s an unelected Lord running a ministry. The Lords are a revising chamber, they aren’t responsible for the day to day running of the country. He supported devolution in Scotland but has told us, the English, that we will never be allowed a parliament of our own. He’s a bigot and a hypocrite.

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