Latest Poll shows 67% support English Parliament

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An ICM poll commissioned by the Campaign for an English Parliament shows support for an English Parliament is at 67% (press release).

The poll shows that support in the North of England is highest at 70% and in Scotland, 72% of people polled support the establishment of an English Parliament.

The results show that there is broad support for an English Parliament across all demographics.

The British government still refers to a survey conducted between 1999 and 2003 which showed 24% support for an English Parliament.  The survey, however, had multiple options – regional government, English Parliament, the status quo and English votes on English matters.  It’s hardly surprising that this old survey came up with a split vote.

It’s time the British government stopped using this old survey as an excuse to deny us what we want and took notice of all the polls conducted in the last couple of years, all of which show majority support for an English Parliament.

November 2006
68% support an English Parliament

January 2007
61% support an English Parliament

April 2007
67% support an English Parliament

To put these results into context: the Welsh Assembly was established following a referendum in which only 50% of Welsh people voted and only 51% wanted it.  If 25.5% of Welsh voters supporting a Welsh Assembly is the settled will of the Welsh people then why can’t we have our own parliament with 67% support?


  1. A brummie (75 comments) says:

    No doubt about it. The time has come.

  2. Phoenix (2 comments) says:

    It is because the British Government is the enemy of England. It is populated by foreigners who are forging nepotistic policies motivated by ancient hatreds of bygone battles. When the English at last realise it we shall have red faces and hopefully not red hands. It would appear that those battles have yet to be resolved. The weapons have changed and so have the tactics. Marching columns have gone, replaced by fifth columns.

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