Whose oil is it anyway?

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The Tartan Taxman is adhering faithfully to Labour’s new policy of reminding Scots how much they stand to lose financially if they cut the English purse strings.

He’s told the SNP that they can’t have it both ways – if they claim all the revenues from north sea oil and gas (including English oil and gas that was donated to Scotland without our permission) then they can’t have all the money from the Barnett Formula.

The SNP’s screwy maths leads them to think that the oil and gas is worth almost a billion a month in revenues when it’s actually £7bn which is £4.3bn short of the amount English taxpayers subsidise them by and presumably why Gorodn Brown is saying they can’t have all the money they currently get under the Barnett Formula rather than telling the scrounging subsidy junkies that they can’t have anything.

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  1. LJ (10 comments) says:

    You omit to mention the oil that has only recently been found well under Scottish soil that is earmarked for mining once current supplies becoming too depleted. This oil would well and truly be Scotlands, and they are still finding more oil in Scotland!

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