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Twat of the Week Voting

Ok, this is the Twat of the Week voting for last week.  Feel free to start nominating for this week after you’ve voted.

Twat of the Week
Margaret Beckett
Jonah Williams
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Charlie Falconer
Gordon Brown
Peter Hain
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Margarett Beckett seems to be a popular choice already, I guess her handling of the Iran situation isn’t impressing many people.

Jonah Williams is the owner of Send-a-Poo, the Scottish company encouraging people to send a plastic poo to their least favourite Englishman for St Georges Day.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran – can’t nominate an entire country!

Charlie Falconer … does there have to be a reason to nominate the fat sweaty turd?

Gordon Brown, not normally norminated for any particular reason other than breathing but he’s been dipping his podgy Scottish fingers into the English pension pot a few too many times and now he admits he’s taken too much out.  Still, he’s got his civil service pension to look forward to.

Peter Hain – the Wales and Northern Ireland Secretary has successfully campaigned for devolved government in both those nations, when are you going to campaign for us Peter you fork-tongued bigot?

Vote away, results will be announced on Friday.

Argies vow to get Falkands back

The Vice-President of Argentina has marked the 25th anniversary of his country’s invasion of the Falkland Islands with a speech claiming sovereignty over the islands and calling on the UK to enter talks through the United Nations on handing the islands over Argentina.

The British government has previously said that is the 2,900 adults on the Falklands ask them to then they will enter into discussions but the last referendum held there rejected the idea that their sovereignty should be discussed with the Argentines.

During the main ceremony in Argentina, one “member of the public” planted an Argentinian flag in a mound of dirt with the Falklands drawn on it and the words “We will be back”.  Argentina has said that it won’t resort to force again to get the islands back.

The situation in the Falklands is similar to that of Gibraltar where the territory has been occupied by the UK for hundreds of years but is claimed by its largest and closest neighbour.  In both cases the locals have rejected sovereignty talks through referenda.

Who will they apologise to next?

The Archbishop of Canterbury and other senior clergymen pressured Bliar to apologise for Britains role in the slave trade which ended 200 years ago this year.  He hasn’t done so yet but it’s bound to happen.

Today Margaret Beckett has “expressed regret” for the deaths on both sides during the Falklands War.  Both sides.  Regret.  The Argentinians invided a British colony, we gave them a seeing to – why should we apologise?  We could have taken the entire southern tip of Argentina in the name of creating a “buffer zone” – who would have objected other than Argentina?

Who’s next?  Will we be apologising to the Germans for their casualties during the two world wars they started?  How about the Spanish for the losses they incurred when we scuttled the Armarda while it was en-route to invade England?  The Italians for the deaths caused when trying to repel the Roman invasion?

If anyone needs an apology it’s the English for the racism and discrimination suffered at the hands of this anti-English Labour government.