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UKIP, BNP and the Tories

Iain Dale, in an unusual departure from his normally relatively unbiased blogging, has tried to implicate some sort of link between the BNP and UKIP.

Now this is nothing new – even the BNP do it – but the “link” is a non-issue.

Basically, the BNP has listed UKIP candidates who are standing in constituencies the BNP aren’t contesting and are encouraging BNP supporters to vote UKIP in their stead.  Iain this morning posted to his blog that he would be revealing “further links” between the BNP and UKIP … and this was it.  UKIP aren’t returning the favour and they haven’t made any statement about the BNPs actions.

Rather than guess what the story was behind it I spoke to a senior UKIPer and asked the question directly.  “They’ve done what?” he blustered.  UKIP do not have any agreement with the BNP, they don’t want the support of the BNP and they don’t want any links with the BNP – express or implied.

Despite my own personal political leaning – I recently joined, and am standing in the election for, UKIP – I don’t want to turn this blog into a UKIP blog.  I’m quite proud of the “non-aligned” Iain gave me last year because it means that despite my pro-English, anti-EU, “small c” conservative inclinations I have obviously managed to keep my writings objective.  However, I see this as nothing more than part of the bigger Tory smear campaign against UKIP.

For those that have any doubt that the Tories are scared of UKIP consider the Conservative Party communication that I saw recently that had been sent out to party candidates with a whole section devoted to fighting an election campaign against UKIP.  No other party was mentioned – not even their main rival, the Labour Party, with its well-oiled and ruthless propaganda machine.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Iain asks why would the BNP promote UKIP candidates?  The answer, to me, is a simple one.  The BNP have been trying to infiltrate UKIP for years – a former BNP supporter might end up inside UKIP where they might be able to be “turned”.  The main threat to the BNP is the Conservatives who are, politically, the mainstream party that is closest to them.  Encouraging BNP voters to vote UKIP weakens the Conservatives and strengthens UKIP.  Instead of having a strong Conservative threat they end up with a weakened Conservative opposition and a strengthened UKIP opposition, neither of which are in a strong enough position but who are concentrating their efforts on each other.

You’ve got to admit, it’s a classic strategy and I’m surprised that anyone within the BNP has the gumption to come up with something like this.  Iain and his fellow Conservatives might think that they’re doing damage to UKIP by continuing to try and associate UKIP with the BNP but they obviously don’t realise that ultimately they’re giving the BNP a leg up while handicapping themselves.

One of the Conservative candidates standing against me in May is an ex-National Front youth leader and now a Tory candidate (not an ex-BNP candidate as I was previously told).  Does this mean there is a link between the National Front and the Conservatives?

The dead tree press will be along in … about a fortnight

A fortnight ago I reported that our masters in the European Federation wanted to replace our national football teams with a single British football team.

There was some scepticism in the comments which is perfectly understandable but it’s reassuring to note that the dead tree press have finally caught up with this article in the Birmingham Post.  When Mike Natrass tried to tell the papers two weeks ago they laughed at him and told him it wasn’t April Fools Day for another couple of days.

Twat of the Week: Des Browne

David Cameron  12% 3
Des Browne  42% 11
Gordon Brown  23% 6
David Milliband  23% 6
26 votes total

Gordon Brown was leading the poll at lunch time, just a nose ahead of the Millibeast but during the evening Des McBroon has shot past his fellow Scot to take the title.

Could this have anything to do with people coming home from work and watching his navel gazing apology?  Who knows or, indeed, cares?  His incompetence will be rewarded many times over under Gordon’s Tartan Cabinet because this is the Liebour way.

Des Browne, go home.  You are this weeks Twat of the Week.

Oh dear!

Imagine the scene … a local council in the West Midlands decides the best way to deliver services to taxpayers is to set up a private limited company that doesn’t have to comply with the Freedom of Information Act and can operate in secrecy because of “commercial interests”.  They can throw vast sums of money at this company and nobody will know where it’s gone.


Except they thought they could get away with doing it all in secret but they were caught out.  Two local residents registered the company name which the council had intended to use and told them that they coudn’t have it back until they’d come clean and told residents what they were doing with their money (currently £1.3m).

The council refused and changed the name of the company.

English Partnerships currently own about 80% of the development land around this town and had agreed to transfer the assets to this private company.  “A public body is allowed to transfer public assets to a private limited company?” I hear you cry.  Well they seem to think they can.

Small problem though – nobody thought to tell English Partnerships about the change of name and they appear to have transferred the assets to the company using the name that was originally intended.  It would appear that two residents now own (albeit very temporarily I imagine) 80% of the development land around the town!

I’ve just had a call from English Partnerships claiming that it is eronious information on a website that they are currently seeking to remove.  The information (complete with link) is from the Department for Communities and Local Government and the owner of the website hasn’t heard a peep out of English Partnerships.

All will be revealed as events unfold.

Twat of the Week Voting

Twat of the Week
David Cameron
Des Browne
Gordon Brown
David Milliband
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Dangerous Dave Cameron has presumably been nominated for his latest “save the union at all costs” speech.

Des McBroon had more nominations than anyone else.  Should they sell their stories, shouldn’t they?  Make your mind up Des.

The Tartan Taxman has had a power meeting with George Bush at the Whitehouse.  You’re not Prime Minister yet Gordon, know your place.

The Millibeast thinks the best way to convince people to save the environment is to send them a piece of dead tree called a “green pledge card”.  What a fraggle.

Shropshire Star: Scotland benefits while we pay out

Scotland benefits while we pay out

On April 1st the cost of prescriptions in England went up to £6.85 per item.  On the same day in Wales the charges were abolished.

In Scotland 92% of prescriptions are dispensed free of charge and MSPs only narrowly rejected a bill to abolish them completely in 2005.  It is only a matter of time before they are abolished north of the border.

In Scotland pensioners are entitled to free public transport throughout the country at all times and Northern Irish pensioners have just been given the right to travel on public transport throughout Ulster and the Republic of Ireland free of charge at any time.

In Scotland ethe elderly are entitled to free personal care in the care home of their choice without having to go through means testing or selling their homes.

In Scotland cancer sufferers get the newest and most expensive treatments.  The same applies to those suffering from dementia.

In England the same drugs are refused because the cost of the treatment is more than the value the English NHS puts on a life.

In England we will shortly be required to pay to have a satellite spy box fitted to our cars and pay per mile to drive on our roads.  The same law won’t apply to Scotland and Wales so they will be able to drive in England was well as in their own countries without paying the road pricing tax.

The transport minister was elected in Scotland yet his department doesn’t have a say in what happens to transport in Scotland.

Taking into account the above and the many other services our neighbours receive it would be understandable for an Englishman to feel left out but there is no need because we get something that our neighbours don’t – the bill.

Stuart Parr

Twat of the Week nominations

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Why not use Wiki?

It’s not often that I agree with anything the Education Secretary says but I’m afraid I’ve got to back him up over his stance on Wikipedia.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica offers online content for a price which a lot of schools currently.  Alan Johnson is on the receiving end of some flack for recommending the use of Wikipedia as a research tool.

I accept that a lot of what is in Wikipedia can’t be relied upon for its accuracy but it’s useful because it’s a free source of information that isn’t tied to subject to the usual self-censorship of large corporations who need to be able to sell their product to as many countries as possible.  The articles are written mostly by people who know what they’re talking about and moderated by their peers.  Articles that are on a contentious subject, once their neutrality has been agreed upon, are locked.  Most importantly, anyone can flag an article as having disputed neutrality.  Britannica is an American corporation – how neutral will their articles on, for example, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Hawaii, etc. be and what can you do if their neutrality is disputed?

Wikipedia might contain a lot of opinion, conjecture and misinformation but it also contains a lot of useful information and it’s free.  Sorry, but my taxes are paying for the subscriptions to Encyclopaedia Britannica and I want value for money.  I trust Wikipedia about as much as I trust Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Public Speaking

I’m giving a talk on the CEP tomorrow at a public meeting in Telford.

I’m standing in the local election in May and the meeting has been organised by the local UKIP association for their candidates, of which I am one (yes, I know they don’t support an English Parliament but neither do any of the other parties except EDP).  Also in attendence will be the UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, Mike Nattrass, and the guy who started the petition against road pricing.

If anyone happens to be in the area tomorrow night, feel free to pop along to the Holiday Inn at 7pm.

Conquering a phobia

I went to the dentist today and had two fillings.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I have a phobia of dentists which has prevented me going for years.

It didn’t go too badly actually.  I was a tad nervous – by the time she’d finished I was shaking that much I could hardly hold the cup full of whatever it is they give you to rinse your mouth out with.

The fake teeth in the picture can be bought here … if, for some reason, you wanted to walk around with a set of fake rotten cletus teeth with a Cross of St George on.

DEFRA to send out climate change pledge cards

The Millibeast has decided to show us his green credentials by sending out green pledge cards to every household “across the country”.

DEFRA only covers England though so I guess “across the country” means England yet by the looks of it, the pledge card talks about the UK.  Strange.

Anyway, I’m a climate change denier so I’ve sent the following email to DEFRA:


If you want to “do your bit” for the environment then please start by not sending me a green pledge card.  I’ve made my own mind up on climate change by reading information from various sources, including the source data used for the Stern Report.  Climate change has been happening for centuries at the very least and it’ll still happen if we all eat lentils and live in communal yurts.  The Vikings didn’t name Greenland after its striking covering of green ice a thousand years ago – it was green!  Sending me a piece of dead tree telling me a pack of lies about climate change to justify putting up taxes won’t change my mind so save the paper and save the postage.  Put the 30-odd pence into the “save the bankrupt English farmers who’ve lost their farms because DEFRA couldn’t pay them their subsidies on time” fund instead.


Stuart Parr

Gordon Brown unfit to be Prime Minister

A Sunday Times poll has come to the shocking conclusion that Gordon Brown is not fit to be Prime Minister.

What a startling revelation.

In the poll, over half of people who responded felt that the Tartan Taxman was unfit to be Prime Minister with less than 30% thinking he would do a good job.

In other news, scientists have discovered that the earth is not flat and the sun doesn’t orbit the planet.

Shropshire man denied life saving cancer drug on NHS

A Shropshire man – John Green of Bridgnorth, Shropshire – has been refused the kidney cancer drug Sorafenib Nexaval on the NHS.

The drug is freely available in Scotland thanks to the £11.3bn of English taxes given to Scotland under the discredited Barnett Formula by Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Mr Green is currently funding the £3,000 per month treatment out of his own pocket but can’t continue for much longer as he is living off a pension.

Twat of the Week: a tie!

The vote was tied this time with Gordon Borwn and Margaret Beckett both polling 28% of the vote so I did the only sensible thing and tossed a Eucratides Silver Tetradrachm of the Bactria Indo-Sythican Greek Kingdom coin for the winner.  Gordon was Tails, Margaret was Heads and the results were:

I therefore declare Gordon Brown as this weeks Twat of the Week.

Margaret Beckett  28% 7
Jonah Williams  16% 4
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  16% 4
Charlie Falconer  8% 2
Gordon Brown  28% 7
Peter Hain  4% 1
25 votes total

Should deaf and mute people be banned from being councillors?

Under current election law people who are deaf and dumb are banned from standing for election.

Bournemouth Council has just gotten itself into trouble for directly quoting a 1766 electoral law which says that “lunatics and idiots” and “deaf and dumb persons” are disqualified from standing for election.  The council has apologised for using non-PC terms.

I wasn’t aware that the law banned deaf and mute people from being councillors but in these “enlightened” times is it right that we should be banning people from becoming councillors because they can’t hear or speak?  You can’t refuse to employ someone because they are deaf and mute unless there is a health and safety reason for doing so.  What about the Human Rights Act?  Would an immigrant be banned from standing if they didn’t speak English or would an interpreter be provided?

Kidnapped soldiers returned home

The 15 Royal Navy crew who were kidnapped by the Iranians have just arrived home.

They flew in on a BA flight accompanied by Royal Navy helicopters.

They all looked well and happy to be home.

Prize Competition

At great minimal expense to myself I am running a competition … with a prize!

The author of the best resignation speech for Tony Bliar will receive the following:

Your speech will be printed off and sent, along with a St Georges Day card, to 10 Downing Street in time for St Georges Day.  You will also be sent a unique hand-made St Georges Day card, commissioned specially for this competition, in time to send to a friend/relative/anglophobe for the 23rd April.

This competition is being run in conjunction with Kits for Cards.

If you don’t want to take part in the competition but would like to help judge the entries, send an email to the address below.

Legal stuff:

  • Only one entry per person
  • No more than 500 words
  • All entries must be received by 12:00 English time Wednesday 18th April 2007
  • There is no cash alternative
  • Judges and their partners or close relatives are not permitted to take part
  • Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
  • Card may contain nuts, don’t eat it
  • My decision is final

All entries must be sent to

Postapoo withdraw racist St Georges advert

Postapoo have withdrawn their racist advert inviting people to send a plastic poo to their least favourite Englishman for St Georges Day. Campaign Withdrawal and Apology
Issued 03 April 2007, 2145GMT

We at would like to offer our sincere apologies for the offence that was caused as a result of the recent “Send your favourite Englishman a Poo” campaign.

At no stage was this campaign racially motivated – we are sorry that a number of English people saw it as such. The campaign was just one of a series that coincide with Saints’ days – previous campaigns have been run for both St. Patrick and St. Andrew, amongst others. St. George’s time had simply come.

Again, sincere apologies to those people that felt intended to incite racial hatred – this was certainly not the case, and we apologise for the hurt caused. We hope that we can put this unsavoury incident behind us, so we can all move on with our lives. Management

I’ve not been able to find any mention of previous campaigns anywhere on Google but that’s not to say they don’t.  Their campaign would have been fine if it had just encouraged people to send a poo for St Georges Day – why does it have to target English people specifically?  If it had said “Send a poo to your least favourite black person on the anniversary of the abolition of slavery” then nobody would have questioned its legality and, lets be realistic here, they would never have contemplated putting it on their website.  If they’d said “Celebrate the St Georges Day by sending a poo to someone deserving” who could have complained?  They’re not targetting English people specifically for random, unprovoked and unsolicited acts of racism.

Anyway, they’ve withdrawn the offending advert and that’s that.  Hopefully it would discourage other companies from treating the English with the same level of contempt.

Tesco Boycott Poll

I posted a poll a long time ago on boycotting Tesco and completely forgot about it.  It’s had quite a few votes though, the results are as follows:

Boycott Tesco until they put the English flag on English produce? Votes Percent
Yes 58 53%
No 6 5%
I have already seen the light and already boycott Tesco as I realised long ago that they are a company with no morals or ethics 46 42%

So, that’s 95% of people who voted that would, or already do, boycott Tesco.

The poll is still open:

Boycott Tesco until they put the English flag on English produce?
I have already seen the light and already boycott Tesco as I realised long ago that they are a company with no morals or ethics
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Falconers New Job – Poll Update

Just an update on the results of the “Which department will Charlier Falconer get” poll:

  • 4 people think that he’ll get the Ministry of Justice even though he’s been told it’s going to an elected MP.
  • 2 people think that he’ll get the Department of Health which would be quite ironic.
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the Foreign Office – well he is foreign, he’s from Scotland.
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the Treasury.
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the Scotland Office – he’s got the single required qualification, he’s not English.
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the DWP.
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the Department for Communities & Local government – what better way to force regionalisation on an unwilling English public than to do it with someone that doesn’t have to win an election?
  • 1 person thinks he’ll get the Cabinet Office.
  • 9 people think he’ll get the sack – if only!

You can vote here.