More regionalisation from Brown

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No Mandate Brown has shown that he is hell-bent on the destruction of our country and the imposition of regional government whether we want it or not.

Hot on the heels of his appointment of regional ministers to each of the euroregions in England (the West Midlands has been lumbered with Liam Byrne, MP for Hodge Hill, ensuring the regional bureaucracy remains centred on Birmingham) comes regional question time and regional committees.

It also looks like the regional ministers will be responsible for overseeing the appointment of the chair and board of the regional development agencies, meaning that regional quangos will be even more politicised and loyal to the Labour Party.

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  1. alfie (28 comments) says:

    We’ve got the serial liar, Beverley Hughes as our regional fascist.

    You’re right, these people will ‘grow’ there little kingdoms. More and more people will be drafted in the serve…. Then some bright spark will say, “Hey, this isn’t very democratic, we need to have these people held to account, they’ll have to put themselves up for election”….

    And so it is that Brown hopes to slice up the country almost without anyone noticing…..

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