High Court finds against Electoral Commission

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The High Court has found partially in favour of UKIP and against the Electoral Commission in UKIP’s appeal against the Electoral Commission’s ruling that it should hand over a £367k donation to the Treasury.

The donation was given by Alan Brown, a millionaire bookmaker, but fell foul of rules designed to catch foreigners buying political patronage because Mr Brown had failed to put himself on the electoral register for the year the donation was made in.  Both Alan Brown and UKIP maintain that it was an oversight and that Mr Brown was still resident and paying taxes in the UK.

UKIP appealed the decision to take the donation off them for the Gordon Brown slush fund on the basis that the punishment didn’t fit the “crime”.  The Illiberal Dimwits were also guilty of taking a donation that fell foul of the same rules, albeit in far more dubious circumstances, but the Electoral Commission barely batted an eyelid over it.

A couple of the commenters on Mr Dale’s blog have suggested that the High Court decision is all part of a British government plot to keep UKIP in the black so they can continue taking votes of the Tories.  Most entertaining but UKIP really don’t need the benevolence of No Mandate Brown and his rump cabinet – they had a pledge from a supporter to repay the donation, pay any fine and cover costs if necessary so they were in no danger of going under.

The fact that the Electoral Commission decided to make an example of UKIP shows that the establishment is seeing UKIP as a threat.  The European Federation is the biggest threat this country has faced for a long time and the top three parties are all collaborating to hand over our country to their masters on the continent.  The Tory membership is opposed to our continued subjection to Federal Europe but the party leadership is another matter.  Blind loyalty to the party means that grassroots Tories will continue to allow the treacherous Tory leadership to sell the country up the river over the channel.


  1. Tally (9 comments) says:

    The electoral commission has never explained as to why they made a tory group” North East says NO” the official
    opposition in the 2004 referendum for a North East assembly, when the very effective peoples campaign lead by Neil Herron against the assembly had been running 2 years prior to the referendum.
    As I heard it the peoples campaign were told privately “you are not establishment”.

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