Criticism over Lebanon

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The British government’s own Foreign Affairs Committee has criticised the delay in calling for a cease-fire when Israel invaded Lebanon saying that it has damaged our reputation.

When Israel decided to punish Lebanon because a group of terrorists kidnapped a couple of their soldiers, Traitor Bliar waited a few weeks before calling for the illegal attack on Lebanon to stop.  The Committee said that acting sooner could have saved Lebanese and Israeli civillians.

It was a while ago now and Israel does this sort of thing so often, you may have forgotten what happened during this event.  The Americans sent them lots of shiny new bombs to blow people up with.  Israel deliberately targetted tower blocks full of civillians because they said Hezbollah stored weapons in them.  Israel evicted the entire village of Qana and then blew up the convoy of people they’d just evicted.  The invasion went on for weeks and they still didn’t get their soldiers back.

Despite the human rights abuses and indiscriminate targetting of civillians, the UK waited several weeks before calling on the Israeli’s to stop and even when the UN eventually got the UK and US to agree to a resolution ending the Israeli invasion, Israel still dropped 3.5m cluster bombs on Lebanon.  This was 90% of the cluster bombs dropped throughout the campaign – a clear demonstration of Israel’s contempt for international law, the UN and the will of the international community.

The Committee also says that the British government is wrong in refusing to deal with the elected democratically elected Hamas government in Palestine, calling it “counter-productive”.  THe British government considers Hamas a terrorist organisation but, unlike in Northern Ireland where it accepts Sinn Fein as a seperate entity to the IRA despite openly being its political arm, they refuse to deal with the political arm of Hamas.


  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Good post, Wonko. I should point out that the Provisional IRA has disbanded and Sinn Fein now support the police! How things change.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Yes, they’ve “disbanded” … apart from the knee-cappings, extortion rackets, etc. 😉

  3. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Perhaps you are getting confused with the UDA, the loyalist group which is publicly funded…

    A whole new meaning to the phrase “state terror”

  4. Calum (183 comments) says:

    The IRA have disbanded. The thing which pisses me off about Northern Ireland is how people allways seem to overlook the attrocities of the paramilitary unionist organisations, such as the UVF, UDA etc… All republican terrorists have disbanded, yet many unionist terrorists are still at large. The unionist attrocities were as attroctious as those of the republicans. For example, my dads cousin, a catholic from Belfast was murdered at the age of 18 simply for being a catholic. He had been in a catholic bar and as he left he was grabbed by some unionist terrorists and shot in the street simply because of his faith. F the unionist groups in Ulster, they have yet to disarm. F pasley, as guilty as the leaders of the IRA and sin fein for the ‘troubbles’ he may not have been active in terrorism, but he provided the ideas and inspiration for it. F him, the racist biggot.

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