Shropshire Star: Battle for fairness on matters of treatment

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This letter was in last night’s Shropshire Star … 

Battle for fairness on matters of treatment

I must say that I became quite emotional when I heard that my constituent, Mrs Jeannie Evans, of Frankwell, had finally been allowed the vital drug Avastin which will save her life.

At first she was told that this would not be possible and so she approached me.

We found out that this drug is being given to Welsh patients who come to Shrewsbury for treatment but is not available for Shropshire people.  This outrageous situation had to be challenged.

The government has given huge powers to the Welsh Assembly, which they created, and they have different health guidelines to us in England.  This has led to the difference in the treatment between the two countries in what people can recieve in terms of treatment.

I was so angry about what was happening that I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and demanded that he look into theis gross injustice which he has helped create, and sort it out so that citizens on both sides of the border are treated equally.

I contacted the local Primary Care Trust and I am very pleased that they, on appeal, finally decided to give my constituent the treatment she requires.

I will continue to fight this gross cross border injustice until my constituents get health care parity with the Welsh.  Until such time, if other constituents find themselves in a similar position they should please get in touch with my office.

Let me have the details and I will be pleased to look into the situation and do what I can to help.

Daniel Kawczynski

This is good news – I have written to the Shropshire Star before on this same subject when Herceptin was the drug being refused.  Finally, Daniel has realised what is happening and is taking steps to bring it to the attention of the general public but he still supports the ridiculous English Votes on English Matters proposal the Tories have cooked up rather than an English Parliament which is the only way to stop this kind of thing happening.

Daniel, if you read this then please do what is right for your constituents and support the Campaign for an English Parliament.

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  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    It shows that your efforts are beginning to pay off.

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