Madeline McCann

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

Madeline McCann’s mother is being held by the Portugese police as a suspect in her disappearance.

I haven’t blogged about Madeline McCann going missing because I’m very suspicious of the circumstances and everyone has been so hung up on the poor parents.

That said, the police are suspicious now and most people I think have accepted that there is very little chance of seeing the girl again.  So, I’ll say my piece.

Why were the girls left alone by obviously intelligent parents (they’re both doctors) while they went out to dinner?

Why was the older girl taken and the baby twins left behind?

Why are the parents always galavanting off all over the place without the two kids they’ve still got?

There is something very strange going on with this while sad affair if you want my opinion.  If you don’t … don’t read it.


  1. Alfie (28 comments) says:

    I think if the McCanns had come from a sink estate and their kid had been taken whilst they were out on the lash there would have been a very different reaction from the media. But because they are both earners, not a word is said about what they actually did – desert their kids.

    What is worse is that up to the night the kid went missing they had previously gone out every single evening with their friends for a meal and left their kids at the apartment.

    I have 4 kids – and when they were little they went everywhere with us – no exceptions. They were never left on their own – ever. If we were on holiday and went out for a meal at night, they came out with us – and if the restaurant didn’t allow kids then we left, went back to the accommodation with a pizza and played snakes and ladders or something.

    It’s what you do when you have kids.

  2. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Well said Alfie. I’m not even sure where to start with it all anymore. I can’t believe the attitude people have towards the parents. If nothing else, they’re guilty of neglect, surely?

    Anyway, I blogged about this latest development yesterday. Summarises my thoughts on the whole case quite nicely I think. Suspicious doesn’t even begin to cover it, IMO.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Mrs Sane and I were talking about it way back and we said that if we were in the position they claimed to be in – they hadn’t eaten and the kids were sleeping – one of us would have gone to eat and then come back and the other would have gone. Or, like Alfie says, we would have ordered something in.

    The media only ever talk about them leaving Madeline alone but remember that they also left baby twins behind that were even younger. They aren’t fit to be parents in my opinion.

  4. Stevey (2 comments) says:

    Something doesnt feel right about the whole sorry, tragic saga.

    And no matter what the outcome its important to remember, that under EUropean law, even before the EUssr existed, you are not innocent until proven guilty as in England and other English speaking nations, you are GUILTY until proven Innocent!, with NO right to trial by jury, we are being converted to this napoleonic corpis juris code by Gordon Broon and McLabour, who are actively working for a foreign power in Brussels, their sole mission, to convert England drip by drip and break us up into ‘regions’ for Eussr devouring.

  5. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Look, I’d normally beat the class war drum on this, but I’m willing to ignore the media’s abnormally positive treatment of a couple guilty of no more than a lack of care on one unfortunate occasion — there is a child missing. I can’t see how the McCann’s could have done anything with the child’s body — it sickens me to be writing that, because I do hope the girl is alive and can be reunited with her parents. I just hope that they are gulty of no more than bad parenting…

  6. Calum (183 comments) says:

    If the parents had been a working class poor black or wight couple not only would the papers have lambasted them for leaving their kids alone in the apartment while they were off drinking, but they would also have been considered suspects from a much earlier date.

    But the fact is that they are a middle class wight couple, so have got good sympathetic press.

    Also, if it makes any difference, i think is the father ‘wot dun it’.

  7. charlotte (3 comments) says:

    what a weird feeling inside to think the people who the nation have felt so much sympathy for are now being used as scape goats by the portuguise police, and some media.

  8. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I have sympathy for them because they’ve lost a child but not too much sympathy because it is entirely their own fault. Even if they weren’t involved more directly in her disappearance, they left 3 young children in an apartment in a foreign country while they went out eating and drinking with some friends. Anything could have happened to those kids – the twins are babies, they could have smothered themselves in their beds. Madeline could have got out of bed and messed with plugs or pulled somethign off a shelf or table. It’s unlikely the apartment would have been child-proof.

  9. Nina Jones (5 comments) says:

    The police have to look into everything… so if they think that Gerry and Kate played a part in Madelines dissapearance then they have every right to investigate it further. The truth will come out sooner or later so i think the public should not criticise the police for doing what can only be described as ‘their job’!!! I’m sick of hearing people say that the police are out of order for making them official suspects. If the McCanns have a clear conscience then they have nothing to worry about.

    Altough I do not agree with the McCanns leaving their children, i do not think we should criticise them at this awful time. As a child I went everywhere with my parents, esspecially on holiday. If i was tired in a bar, I would go to sleep on a row of chairs next to my parents…. it was all part of the holiday. I don’t think the McCanns will ever leave their twins again… infact i think they will be the most overprotective parents after this trauma. So just think before you write them nasty things – they are going through enough!!!

    Good luck to the McCanns in finding their beautiful daughter – my prayers are with them!!!

  10. Nina Jones (5 comments) says:

    As for Wonkotsanes comments (comment 8) – The children could of smothered each other and woke up and played with sockets if Madelines parents WERE in the apartment. You can’t keep your eye on children all the time… they do have to sleep sometimes you know!!!! And besides, that didn’t happen so stop rubbing salt in the the wound!!!

  11. Sherlock (1 comments) says:

    I wonder

    “Gerry, pass the sedatives and a syringe, they’ll sleep soundly for a couple of hours.”

    Tap! Tap! Squirt!

    “There we go Madeline, mummy and daddy be back soon…”

    4 hours later

    Oh My God! It’s supposed to be 2.5ml not 25ml

  12. colin (8 comments) says:

    Leave the poor people alone, yes they made a mistake by leaving their children on their own, but for Christ sake that doesnt make them cold hearted murderers.

    The McCanns will regret that night for the rest of their lives and I for one cannot begin to comprehend just how painful it must be for them.

    Please please people of Britain do not start a witch hunt, just because they are a well to do white family.

  13. David (3 comments) says:

    If what has happened had happened in the UK the parents would surely have had their remaining 2 children taken into care by social services by now to protect them and for their future personal safety.

    I wish that the social services in the UK would interview the parents with a view to this end as had it happened in the UK the remaining children would surely have been in care by now. The social standing and the jobs of the parents actually makes the situation worse because they should surely have known better.

    The parents were totaly irresponsible in leaving a 4 year old and 2 two year olds totally alone whilst they went out enjoying themselves in a very selfish way.

    I have no sympathy at all with their plight because they have not yet had the guts to admit that they alone are responsible for what happened.

  14. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    colin says…
    “Leave the poor people alone, yes they made a mistake by leaving their children on their own, but for Christ sake that doesnt make them cold hearted murderers.”
    But nobody is saying that it does. In fact, the two are incompatible. One cannot leave one’s children alone AND murder one (or indeed more) of them.

  15. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Oh, and in regards to David’s comment, both London Lite and thelondonpaper this evening have been reporting that Leicestershire social services have been meeting with the police to discuss the issue. It seems to be suggested that it’s more to do with what should happen to the twins if they are charged, but nevertheless, it’s a positive step IMO.

  16. Barb (2 comments) says:

    In response to Nina Jones saying that she thinks they’ll be the most overprotective parents and never leave their twins – can i remind her that the McCanns have left their twins in a creche in the same complex ON A DAILY BASIS since Madeline was taken. They also left them for almost two weeks while they went off on a Euro tour. Not fit to be parents at all!

  17. Nina Jones (5 comments) says:

    In response to Barb… Maybe i should of worded that a little differently. I meant to say, I doubt the McCanns will ever leave their children ALONE again. Leaving your children with the trained nannies in the creche area and with other responsible adults is slightly different than leaving your children in a hotel room on their own – don’t you think??? Have you never left your children at a nursery or in a play area in McDonalds lets say?? I’m with you on the fact that they should never of left their children alone in the first place in the hotel room, but to slate them for leaving them in the creche is ridiculous!!! The twins are only 2 – they need to be treated like two year olds ie. playing in the creche rather than being dragged everwhere with their parents at this awful time. They don’t understand whats going on, but they are old enough to understand when mummy and daddy are upset.

  18. Teresa (1 comments) says:

    It’s shocking to think these parent left their children unsupervised/alone for many days prior to Madeline’s disappearance. I have a nagging doubt about them now new evidence has come to light.

  19. Barb (2 comments) says:

    Of course i’ve left my children in a nursery but would NEVER do it after another of my kids had went missing. I’m afraid i wouldn’t care how many qualifications someone had it would be a long time before i let any of my other kids out of my sight and i wouldn’t leave them with anyone. And if it kept them safe them i’m afraid they would be ‘dragged’ everywhere with me.

  20. Ken (12 comments) says:

    I am an ex police officer and I cannot understand how they have not been charged with abandonment. Rememeber that woman who went on holiday and left the kids home alone? Portugal must have similar laws. As far as what happened to Madeline – who knows . I would like to know the truth as most people would. I just pray that others will learn from this and start taking responsibility for their children.

  21. Nina Jones (5 comments) says:

    So if (God forbid) you ever lost a child Barb, your saying you would withdraw your other children from their nursury and schools and “NEVER” let them out of your sight? I have friends whos parents were very overprotective and they grew up to hate their parents as they felt that they missed out on things. Although the situation is very different, the theory is still the same. it doesn’t mean that the other two children should have to suffer by not being allowed to leave their parents side. My parents were protective but not to the extent that i ever missed out on anything with my friends and i don’t think they would ever take me out of my education even if they had lost another child in similar circumstances.

  22. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:


    How long would it take for you to be able to leave your children in the care of someone else after one of your children had been abducted?

    Ken makes a very good point – it was only a few months ago that a woman had her children taken off her and taken to court for leaving them behind when she went on holiday. Those children, whilst they obviously shouldn’t have been left alone, were certainly more capable of looking after themselves than a four year old and two two year olds.

    I’m sorry but the McCanns abandoned their children while they went out eating and drinking. They clearly put their own entertainment before the welfare of their children. I have every sympathy for them as parents in losing a child but they are clearly not fit to care for their own children.

  23. charlotte (3 comments) says:

    we have some nerve dont we, one minute we feel for the mccanns and our hearts go out to them, the next we are pulling these heartbroken people to pieces without any substancial evidence, let them be they are going through enough pressure, or are we all without guilt in our lives…. i no im not.

  24. budge (1 comments) says:

    if your child was missing and you were going to meet the pope (as if)would you find it neccasary to hire a car to go into town to buy new clothes?Would you as a father write a blog on the internet where some days madeline isnt even mentioned but oh we went for a jog on the coast,had treats from glasgow,mince and tatties-oh sorry about the HOLIDAY!postcard.the only bit missing some days was “wish you were here”Would you as a mother go to the gym and find time to wash your missing daughters favourite toy (very strange)or would you be out searching even if pointlessly.I’ve seen people react more if they’ve lost a dog or cat.Oh and they were only at worse naive!!Obviously they have a different dictionary-naive doesn’t mean we went out on the beer so we drugged the 3 kids and left them completely alone in an unlocked apartment (thats if there was 3 kids at this time!!)naive means that they are stupid.neglectful,robotic unemotional prats.Oh and as for judging them they put themselves in the spotlight to be judged!!

  25. Nina Jones (5 comments) says:


    Lets get one thing straight… i would never for one second even contemplate leaving my children home alone at that age and i am not sticking up for the McCanns in that respect. But if I did have a child abducted, then i would want my other children to carry on a normal life, not wrap them up in cotton wool for the rest of their lives so that they grow up to hate me for having them miss out on things. I know there are a lot of sick people out there but but the majority of people are loving caring human beings who are very capeable of looking after your children just as well as you can do. I admit that i would find it very hard to trust people after losing a child in them circumstances but I would never take my children out of their education, weather it be nursery or school.

    Why should we have to wait until we lose a child until we become soooo overprotective over our other children??? There are sick people out there weather you have lost a child or you haven’t… losing a child won’t change that!!!

  26. healy (1 comments) says:

    god almighty do people not believe in leaving the mc cann family to the proper judge themselves i think these people have suffered enough without the people having a go at them if they are guilty they will be found out until then do you not think they should be left alone to come to terms with there loss however it happened i think the public have forgotten the most important fact hear and that is that a little girl is still missing should we not be supportive of her family after all we were quick to believe them at the start so what has changed the mc canns are certainly stupid to have left their children alone in a hotel room and the fact that they are doctors only makes you realise that we are all subject to being stupid but i dont think they are killers innocent until proven guilty

  27. charlotte (3 comments) says:

    i would just like to say well said,
    i share your every sentiment, thankgod there are people who are not ready to judge too quickly.

  28. rachel (6 comments) says:


  29. Fiona (2 comments) says:

    Hi I’d just like to agree that it is a terrible thing that happened to Madeline, and her siblings, not the parents because it is their fault. They put their children in that position and so the parents are responsible.
    Whether they did it or not and I think they did, how could they have been so stupid as to leave them alone, we know they’re not stupid because they’re doctors.

  30. craig (2 comments) says:

    well i think the stupid portaguese police have messed up! they’ve not got anywhere in the case because they’re too stupid so they’re trying to pin it on the parents just so they can get closure on the case!

  31. louise (1 comments) says:

    i have had doubts about this case from the start. to start off with they were to fast with all of the appeals and going around the world to find there little girl also what was with going to church all of the time did they going to church all of the time back home, also what about the cat she carrys around with her, who goes into a room and takes a little girl and puts a soft toy that the little girl is sleeping with on to a shelf then goes back and takes the eldest girl away, surely if you was to take someone elses child you would not even stop to think about the soft toy you would just want to get out of there has fast has you could, does not make sense to me. also if you was to go into a room to cheack on your children wouldnt you first think that she had wondered off and not that someone has taken her because of the soft toy being on a shelf i would not have noticed the soft toy i would have been more concerned about were my daughter was than the soft toy being on a shelf. all in all i do hope the little girl is found safe and well.

  32. Shanty (1 comments) says:

    Can anyone really believe the parents caused the death of their daughter (accidently or not), hid her body then calmly sat down for dinner with a group of friends. That they later ‘pretended’ to discover her missing and then initiated a world media frenzy? Add to that the suspicion that they moved her body to its final resting place some 25 days after her death. Really, what sort of people would this couple need to be? Look at the family photos to see a happy, smiley little girl, the photos themselves testify to the pride the parents have in her. Its about time the speculation stopped and the business of seeking the truth was progressed. There obviously is not a simple answer to what happened 3rd May, but it certainly is not what the Portugese police and press are theorising!!

  33. Chris (8 comments) says:

    I found this report on the web

    ‘Joana Cipriano vanished from a village just seven miles from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine disappeared. Neither body has been found. Joana’s mother and uncle were jailed for her murder, but five police officers have now been accused of forcing false confessions out of them.
    Joana vanished on September 12, 2004, after setting off from home in the village of Figueira to collect groceries. She never returned. Like Madeleine McCann’s case, the police investigation got off to a bad start. They failed to seal off the house where she was last seen.
    Joana’s mother Leonor and her brother Joao were jailed for 16 years for her murder.
    But they claim they were set up and five police have been named as suspects in their “torture”.
    Cipriano alleges police beat her to make her confess. A photograph of her heavily-bruised face was published in Portuguese newspapers.
    To compound the Madeleine investigation further, a senior detective in the hunt is one of the five officers alleged to have extracted the confessions.
    Goncalo Amaral, who is number three in the Madeleine inquiry, and his officers have been accused of torture, omission of evidence and falsification of documents. Portugal’s Ministerio Publico has not revealed who has been accused of which offence’.

  34. Prop (1 comments) says:


  35. Julie (1 comments) says:

    What the report doesn’t say is the mother waited 2 days before she notified the police.
    During that time she washed her house down with petrol.Blood was found in the freezer belonging to Joana which the mother claimed came from a nose bleed after she had given Joana a beating.

    3 years later the brother has written a letter in which he claimed that Joana had been sold by her mother and was not dead.

  36. AMPM (3 comments) says:

    is it just me, or has anyone else noticed kates appearence? fresh make up.. matching jewelry daily, hair roots always topped up.. if that was my daughter, i would need sedating.. how were kate and jerry so sure them 3 children were not gonna wake up, the mccanns look like very quiet reserved people who would be mortified to have someone come uo to them and tell them that 1 of there children had woken up, or the night they went down to chaplains bar 800 metres away.. when i take my children away routine goes out the window, everything is different for them ie heat, noises.. so HOW were they so sure there kids would not wake up???????????????????????

  37. Sarah Bell (1 comments) says:

    How dare you all! You should be bloody ashamed of yourselves. You are judge, jury and executioner. You believe everything that is written in the papers and you are thirsting for the blood of the McCann’s.

    Remember if you please that every other person who was out with them that night had left their children unattended, not just the McCann’s.

    The Tapas bar was inside the holiday complex which had gates as far as I am aware. They were not down the street, across the road, round the corner or even out of the complex.

    Only you know your own child, and if your own child is a heavy sleeper, or a light sleeper or wakes up in the night you know about that and you get used to it. I know when my own son was a baby I would never have dreamed of having a drink even downstairs after he had gone to bed – because I just wasn’t sure if he’d wake and if i’d hear him if he did. However now he is 4 and I know that I have carried him asleep, put him another bed, put him in the car asleep driven to somewhere else and done the same back again without him even stirring – some kids just don’t wake up when they are sleeping and you know that because you are their parents – so leaving them for a meal in an almost closed environment doesn’t seem like neglect, just a thing that people do when they are tired and frazzled and need a break. The papers suggest all sorts of things about the McCann’s leaving their children and abandoning them in holiday clubs and crèches, how much of that do you honestly know is true.

    Neglect is children who are left hungry, dirty, unloved and uncared for, children who are abused. I’ve seen far worse cases of child abuse and neglect and called social services myself who have done nothing at all to intervene.

    The McCann’s appear to love their children. They appear to want their twins to have a normal life and not to disrupt their routine too much by dragging them on lengthy flights, to more foreign countries and to meet strange people in strange environments where they will be uncomfortable. There were however whenever their parents left them among family and friends who were all out there supporting them at the time.

    Believe what you all want about the McCann’s or about the things you read in the newspapers, but they have lost a child and she is the only reason you are talking about the family at all – people should remember that. If everyone put the same effort into finding that little girl as they did slagging off the whole family and opinionating and fabricating stories, maybe she would be back home now where she belongs.

    Kate always appears well dressed – she is probably just that type of person – what are you; jealous because you don’t look that good on a normal day? You can say that you would be wrecks, or that you wouldn’t go for a run, or that you wouldn’t blog on the internet. How do you know – have you been in their situation, have you had your child taken? I think not.

    Those who criticise and point the finger must all feel a bit insecure about their own parenting in my opinion, because you are trying to find wild dissimilarities between yourselves and the McCann’s – ‘it’s their fault’, ‘let’s take their other children away’, ‘I wouldn’t have done that, I would have done this’.
    They are a normal couple and I believe that anyone who is willing to go through IVF to have children really wants them. We as parents are always trying to gain one up manship against other parents because we face so much pressure to do the right thing by our children. How many times have you tutted at a parent smacking their own child in a supermarket or said well I wouldn’t do that to my child, it’s a disgrace? We judge people on split second incidents that happen and we feel good about it because we can say we wouldn’t do that, so our kids are better off. It’s all about reassuring yourself that you are a good parent.

    When was the last time we looked at the parents and said she/he must be really frazzled instead of how dare she be knackered. We don’t help anyone outside of our ‘set’ anymore, we don’t care what goes on or how anyone feels we just like to point the finger so that we can feel better about ourselves and pick ourselves up and say ah well, I’m doing a better job than them – are we really all that insecure? If that is true, what a sorry state to find ourselves in, in the 21st Century.

    I don’t know whether they did it, I don’t know if Madeleine is alive or not, and I truly hope that she is. Will this new photograph ease the pressure from the McCann’s? I hope so and I hope it brings us all back to the reason we know who the McCann’s are – that little girl is missing and no-one has any real knowledge of why.

    We live in a world I had hoped where there are only a handful of people who spoil it for the rest – unfortunately the only fact I have now as a result of Madeleine’s disappearance is that there are more than a handful of horrible people – they are everywhere, next door, down the street, in town’s all over the country and even the world.

    What a crying shame!

    My thoughts and prayers are with that little girl and the McCann’s for her safe return to her parents and the end of the political nightmare that I truly feel they are mixed up in.

  38. Molly_moo (1 comments) says:

    Sarah Belle- where the hell do you get off acting all high and mighty? They left their girl alone with two twins in the room while they went to eat. Regardless if they were a sound sleeper, what if there was a fire? I do feel sorry for Madeline and I hope to god that she gets returned safely, but at the end of the day, no matter how far away the tapas bar was, they left her in there with twins.
    And while it is distressful, if the girl had been black, or some other nationality from a working-class or poor background, nothing would have been done. The ‘horrible people’ analogy goes further than shady low-lifes.
    So I suggest you should stop living vicariously through other people and acting the martyr.

  39. Heather (1 comments) says:

    I am really sorry Sarah Belle, but as a mother of two young children I would never leave my babies by themselves in a condo in a country they don’t know. What if there was a fire or any other act of nature. They were only thinking of themseleves.
    I am really sorry for the family, but I have never seen a upset Kate who is always looking perfect. She even allowed the press in to take happy family pictures in the holiday apartment, she then takes her kids off to a local nursery for the day while they go off and have some alone time. HELLO if this was my little girl I would be a wreck not jetting off and leaving my other children.A wake up call needs to happen here. I hope Maddie comes home safe and not emotionaly scarred. Unfortually if she does come back she will most likely not be the same little girl she used to be.
    I have never seen so much work and publicty go on for one little girl when right in your own backyard hundreds for children go missing all the time. Maybe instead of sticking your nose up in the air and telling everyone off lookat the big picture. She is on every paper, everyday.

  40. AMPM (3 comments) says:

    Sarah u need to take ur head out of the sand and enter the real world.. Also if ur gonna rip into what my feelings are on this matter, then learn the facts 1st.. first of all the bar they were at a few nights previous was 800 meters from the complex and not within the grounds as u suggest (do u think they were still taking it in turns checking kids??) i doubt it, and another thing sarah, i had 3 children under the age of 5, who were all in bed at 7.30 at home and they all slept right through the night, but i could guarantee if i changed there circunstances, there sleep pattern would also change, not all the time, but u could never predict when one would wake up.. also u mention the mccanns were prob tired and needed a break.. WHAT EVERY BLOODY NIGHT.. Oh how tired they must have been.. Lets not forget none of us are angels, but even those without a high IQ understand the basics on how to look after a child, Rule no 1, NEVER EVER leave ur child/children unattended.. PS If the mcanns would of accepted responsability from the off, instead of trying to justify themselves then maybe the public would of had no reason to judge them.. Because the media have always been so easy on them then its obvious the public were gonna come up with there own conclusions..

  41. vicky (2 comments) says:

    Sarah you are an idiot. When it comes down to it, if they hadn’t left the children alone this would not have happened. That poor little girl would be safe.

  42. monica (1 comments) says:

    Well, two weeks on, and the Portuguese have brought in their finest to take charge, and one does wonder why they didn’t do that in the first place, if they do have people expert in murder / paedophile cases. If this child is ever found it will be a miracle / fluke – alive or dead. I think we should all stop going on about the McCanns’ negligence for the time being, as it is not the major issue at the moment. I think the McCanns are weird, but that doesn’t make them murderers. There seems an unhealthy amount of control in their relationship, the exact direction of who is controlling whom I am unsure. Gerry looks very much in charge of Kate, but it could well be the other way around.

    What I do find very hard to believe, purely on logistical grounds, is how they could have accidentally killed their daughter; hatched a rapid plan to conceal the event; possibly inveigled up to 7 friends into the plot; hidden her; gone out to a convivial dinner with said friends; staged the ‘discovery’ of her absence; raised a hue and cry; launched a global media campaign; kept her hidden for 25 days in a hot country; loaded her body into a hire car; and then disposed of her expertly in a country they did not know well. I suppose anything is possible, but it hardly seems likely, feasible, or even sane.

  43. AMPM (3 comments) says:

    There has been nothing feasible, since poor madeline went missing.. Which makes anything possible..

  44. erin (1 comments) says:

    no ones perfect..alot of people are forgetting that

  45. Only my opinion (1 comments) says:

    The facts: A four year old girl is missing.
    Where is she? Why? Who took her? Is she alive or dead? – These things we can only speculate.
    I think everyone is disregarding “the facts” and speculation has taken over. (Mainly due to the fact that the Portuguese law does not allow us to gain any information which i must admit, find ridiculous – but hey, that’s only my opinion)
    Yes, I very much disagree with Kate and Gerry’s actions of leaving such young children in a foreign country, without supervision while they went out for dinner, no matter how far away the restaurant was. (Being a parent involves having responsibilities which the McCann’s should be accountable for)

    However, who am i to judge?

    I feel sympathy towards the McCann’s and do hope they find their little girl, alive and well.
    I can’t comprehend what they are going through and the mass scrutiny of their actions (which i too am guilty of) by the public and press the world over must be awful.
    We all make mistakes. (Granted, the McCann’s have probably made an unforgiving mistake, but we can’t make them feel even worse than they do already – their conscience must be killing them!)

    My status curently is “sitting on the fence” in this war of speculation mixed with truth (which is which, who knows?!)

  46. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    However, who am i to judge?

    One of their peers, which is who would be sitting in judgement of them if they ever got prosecuted for either criminal neglect or, if they did do the unthinkable, for murder.

    As I’ve said a couple of times, I do feel sympathy for them because to lose a child would be unimaginably awful, but they are being treated like they’re blameless victims and they aren’t. Kids go missing all the time but I would hazard a guess and say most of them run away or wander off when their parents’ backs are turned, not whilst their parents are out at a restaurant. Yes, feel sorry for them and do what you can to help find their daughter, but there are thousands of missing children that also need to be found and most of them aren’t missing because their parents neglected them.

  47. Linda (5 comments) says:

    I personally think the parents are guilty or at least she is, and hes covering up for her.she is the most stone faced woman ive ever seen,as a parent myself to 6 kids i know that if that was me id be a blubering wreck not out jogging or playing tennis.theres no smoke without fire….

  48. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Do you have any evidence for that whatsoever?

  49. trish (1 comments) says:

    God – Do any of you people read back on your comments and realise how completely erratic they all read. Try injecting some of your misguided energy into something worthwhile. Bring your own kids for a walk to the park and stop massaging your own egos.

    Typical British witch hunt – it’s pathetic.

  50. Allie (93 comments) says:

    No, Trish, of course they don’t. It’s the supposed joy of blogging, the so-called liberty of the internet; anyone can post anything, without thinking twice (or even once) about it. Does it make sense? Is it not defamatory, or actionable? Is it true? Is there any evidence for it? Is it fair? None of these questions trouble the minds of the residents of the so-called `blogosphere’.

    Naturally, this is what makes it so entertaining (albeit in a rather depressing way) for the rest of us. Once or twice a week, I’ll saunter around a few of these sites to see what’s being said, in much the same way as the moneyed classes used to visit Bedlam Hospital on a Sunday afternoon to observe the ravings of the inmates. At least here, Wonko can construct an intelligent argument and make a good point (when he’s not taking as gospel something that’s patently not true), thereby leaving the readers (hi, Linda, this means you) to disgrace themselves. Elsewhere, it’s the blind leading the blind, or rather the mad leading the bonkers.

  51. only me!!!! (1 comments) says:

    I have been following this story with interest from the beginning and have been so interested in the comments on this page that I decided to add my own.

    This story has been quite close to my heart as having a daughter 10 days younger than Madeline it really has made me quite empathic. I have wondered about the families reaction and people saying that Kate is so together and does not show emotion etc. Then I wonder how I would be – would I stay together for the sake of the other two children, not have a living memory of me in the media for months in tears, stay together for interviews so that my point is put across rather than me just making a blubbering sound. I don’t know, and I think that a person only finds out when they are in that position – I suppose its like a grieving process and everyone deals with it differently.

    I can confirm that everything is being done with relation to officials at airports etc as my daughter – despite being ginger, curly haired, totally different facial features – was checked everywhere that we went on holiday. Even tourists where concerned on an occasion, they could see our daughter playing happily on the beach for an hour one evening and could not see us due to an obstacle in the way – we had direct view of our daughter though!!!

    It did enter my head too one evening when neither of my children would sleep ‘how did the Mccann’s manage to put all those children to sleep in the same room and manage to go out so early with no concerns of them waking. I was at an advantage that my son is 8 and my daughter was 4 so they understood – unlike two year olds. Added to this they had a bedroom each so they would not disturb each other.

    My sister and friends holiday at Mark Warner and praise their facilities – especially the child care. I will not understand why they used the child care during the daytime and not at night. With a group of people like they all where I don’t understand why they did not take it in turns to look after all the children in turns, take them with them…………….but leaving them alone should not be a consideration.

    I do believe that every member of that group will regret leaving their children alone………….ALL of them appear to be professional and intelligent people………….to leave children alone in a strange place with the heat etc does not seem sane to me. Not only should the Mccann’s home life be watched and monitored by social services, but all of them should have this happen………….after all they all abandoned their children. I can only agree with comments that if this had been a different type of couple of family then things might have been so different with the media, public reaction and officials…………this is a shame and shows bias in a society where we should all be equal. Or are social services saying that its fine to leave children of that age alone – or its fine abroad………..cause that does seem strange………..its not even like anyone in the group is denying or trying to deny it.

    One thing I will never understand why the younger children where not taken. I feel for these two children the most………..they will grow up to learn that whilst they where sleeping ‘something’ happened in the room they where in…………how awful!!!

    Of course I am in agreement that it would be wonderful if Madeline is found – along with all the other children that have gone missing. It amazes me that this particular case has been so in the public eye when it was not a simple case of the parents back turned in a busy town centre or something along those lines – but they have tried to make people aware of these missing children too………….but I be the parents are thinking ‘if only this publicity was available to us when our little one went missing’.

    I don’t even want to try to guess what happened on that night, or days leading up to and afterwards. I am not sure that anyone will untangle the web that surrounds this case. I do think that it is so sad though for everyone involved.

    I do not mean to offend anyone with my comments – I am just using this to air my views on the matter.

  52. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    GUILTY – manslaughter
    GUILTY – manslaughter
    GUILTY – aiding and abetting
    GUILTY – aiding and abetting
    GUILTY – aiding and abetting
    thats how many are going down when the pj have the case facts 110% watertight to take on the elite defence team that the ‘innocent’ mccanns felt they should hire within 12 hours of their daughters “alleged” abduction.

  53. Allie (93 comments) says:

    … in which another offal-brained idiot proves my point, as above.

    Wonko, this sort of bollocks is hardly a credit to your site. Are you going to let it stay up?

  54. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Allie, I have only ever moderated 2 non-spam comments on this blog since I started it in June 2005. You or I might not agree with what is said in the comments on any post but they can still say it.

  55. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    Watch and see,

    Charges will be made within the next few weeks, kate and gerry know what happened to madeleine, they know she is dead, they know she died on the 2/5 as do other members of the tapas 9.
    i am a knowledge in the realms of paedophile abduction (broad term) and current statistics indicate that the chances of madeleine being abducted by a Nepiophile (true term) are 1 in 25 million. Given my knowledge on paedophile abduction and that of observation of reactions i am confident, actually certain, that madeleine mccann did in fact die due to an accident which happened in the absence of her parents. On discovery of madeleine both gerry, kate, russell o’brien and jane tanner engaged in a strategy to cover the result of their gross child neglect and retain their lifestyles and kudos. Having circulated with professionals of gerrys stature i am aware of what drives such individuals (not all) – self preservation of stature being the most primary. I do believe that this “circus” has spiralled out of gerry’s initial reasoned strategy.
    i do not doubt that both gerry and kate loved madeleine as they do their two remaining children, but to quote gerry’s words “We, like everyone else, await the results of the forensics from the recent searches. ( text ommited) Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended. Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear.” end quote

    This to me says it all


  56. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    Quote “in which another offal-brained idiot proves my point, as above.” unquote
    in responce i quote “irrational prattle”

  57. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Bugalugs: what evidence do you have for any of the claims you make? You don’t; it’s all unsubstantiated hearsay, rumour and supposition. Despite having no evidence, you are willing to defame people who are innocent in the eyes of the law. It is you that is spouting the `irrational prattle’. However, I can’t thank you enough for proving my earlier point several times over.

    Wonko: so someone posts something on here that’s legally dubious (to put it mildly) and for which they advance no evidence whatsoever, and you find that acceptable. Would you like to explain that position?

    Is the point of the internet and the so-called `blogosphere’ that any swivel-eyed carpet-chewing fantasist, author of conspiracy theories or paranoiac, untroubled by any comprehension of spelling or grammar, let alone the law (hello, Bugalugs, that’s you again), can spout any old cobblers? If so, is it any wonder that people visit sites like this to point and laugh (see post passim)?

  58. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Allie, it’s not legally dubious at all. There’s nothing wrong with advancing an opinion and if the McCann’s wanted to claim defamation or libel then they would have to prove that what has been said is not true and for a defamation suit that what has been written has damaged their reputation. Right now they don’t have a reputation to ruin and until the police find out what has happened to their daughter they can’t prove that they weren’t involved in her disappearance.

  59. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    wonkotsane – thank you for stating the obvious to someone who clearly has the inability to accept clear facts that are apparent for all to see should they be bothered to take the time to research and observe rather than react in such an uncivilised manner to those that have.

    in layman’s terms:

  60. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Just an after thought are you one of the minions the mccanns have on their payroll, courtesy of the money kindly donated by the general public to the fmf, that relays back just what public opinion is………
    its clearly an axiom of gerrys to use the money in this way instead of fueling the search for the daughter, but i doubt you will ask yourself why……………….

  61. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Wonko, it is legally dubious. In fact, it’s defamatory. Not only that, but you don’t appear to have the slightest idea of how the laws of defamation work. The McCanns would not have to prove that what has been said is not true; you as the publisher and the woeful Bugalugs (someone with chewing-gum on their shift key and a novel interpretation of the word `fact’, but hey, welcome to the internet) as the author would have to prove that it was. And I think we know that neither of you can do that, because if you could, then so could the Portuguese police and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

    There’s nothing wrong with advancing an opinion. There’s a lot wrong with using the internet to publish and circulate untruths and defamatory material. But, unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few people who believe that to be the core purpose of the internet, which is – to put it mildly – a shame.

  62. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Bugalugs: having spent a few minutes unpicking your poor English to establish what you’re asking me, I can reply – no, I’m not.

  63. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:



    is that really the best you can do, i do not claim to be competant in english as you wrongly assume, wordsworth
    Again more “irrational prattle”

    Can you not construct an arguement (for you laymans terms again, present points) at a mature level?
    how about challenging constructively instead of an onslaught of abuse or is that also out of your realms………?

    as for my use of the word “fact” it is provable truth but i doubt you will see, thankfully the pj can.

    Ask yourself why the mccanns felt they needed an elite team of lawyers, experts in extradition, to be in place within 12 hours of the “alleged” abduction, and this is a fact (i.e. known to have happened).

    What is your degree of knowledge on this case? i suspect zilch.

  64. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    in addition to my above post, i sense that debate is clearly not within your capabilities and for that reason i will choose not to respond to any further posts you make. Besides which i feel this forum deserves slightly better posts than the ones you have presented which contain not much more than pointless prating.
    In my experiences posters like you lack conviction and any response that i post will be wasted on you.

  65. Emma (1 comments) says:

    I feel very sorry for the parenets what they must be going though i dont belive it was them and i never will and i will keep on hoping and praying for litle maddie

  66. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    Now this is what i find so sad, the mccanns how caused so much upset for so many kind and caring people across the globe, you clearly have great concern for maddie and i applaud you for that. I will not try to force my opinion on you as i dont believe in doing such things, but the mccanns have in my opinion and that of many others been playing an appalling game not only with many uninvolved peoples emotions but with those of their familys and friends.
    The have abused every caring, sincere and gentle soul and sadly a innocent little girl (their daughter) has been denied the right to a long and fruitful life and the right to a burial in sacred ground.
    Thankfully dawn is now becoming daylight and the truth is about to be revealed.
    The mccanns are not what they appear.

  67. Janie (1 comments) says:

    If they did it, they have to spend the rest of their lives with that knowledge, if they didn’t they have to live with the knowledge that they irresposibly left their children alone. It doesn’t matter how far away they were, there was a child care service they should have used it. I wonder how many times Dr Kate has called social services because a child patient has been neglected ie left alone they should have known better and no matter what is said or how it is said there is no excusing what they did.
    I hope she is found safe. I hope she gets the oppotunity to grow up and make her own judgement of her parents.

  68. anne marie r (1 comments) says:

    who puts their kids to bed at 7 on hols,come on.why did they not use the babysitting services.why did they not bring the children out with them, there were enough kids in the group to keep each other occupied.

  69. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Not only can I construct an argument, Bugalugs, I can actually spell the word `argument’. Oh, sorry, you won’t reply to this, will you, because you’re running scared and have no answer to my key points, which is that you have no evidence whatsoever for the claims you make. What is the truth that is about to be revealed? How do you know? You don’t, do you?

    Now you’ve got around to looking up the definition of the word `fact’, you might like to apply it to your claims. If they are `provable truth’, go ahead and prove them. We’re happy to wait …

  70. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    FACT Gerry and Kate McCann left their three children alone for six consecutive nights, the sixth night being the 3rd May 2007.
    FACT Due to child neglect Madeleine Beth McCann is missing.
    FACT Had Gerry and Kate McCann not left their three young children (all under four) alone in apartment 5a on the Mark Warner resort, PDL Madeleine would still be with them today.
    FACT Gerry and Kate McCann committed a crime by leaving their children alone for six consecutive evenings the crime of Child Neglect (Children & Young Person Act 1933).
    FACT Gerry and Kate McCann have told lies from day one of the initial alleged abduction. They first reported Madeleine to be missing at 22.45 hours on the 3rd May 2007, during their first interview with the PJ on the 3rd May 2007 they stated that the apartment was locked (main door, patio doors) they stated that the shutter and window to the childrens bedroom had been forced open.
    FACT The shutter and window had not been forced open, it was opened from inside the apartment.
    FACT Gerry and Kate McCann admitted one day later that the apartment had not been locked, the patio doors had in fact been left unlocked.
    FACT Forensic evidence recovered from apartment 5a, blood was found under the flooring in the living area behind one sofa, blood was found in the bedroom of Gerry and Kate McCann, blood was found in the bedroom near the bed that Madeleine slept in during her stay in 5a. The blood traces have been throughly analized by the FSS and the results indicate that the blood could only have come from Madeleine.
    FACT In apartment 5a forensic tests showed that certain cleaning fluids had been used on areas significant to that of where the blood traces were found.
    FACT Cadaver Dogs (the two leading dogs in GB) uncovered the scent of blood and that of death in apartment 5a, scent of blood and death found behind sofa in living area, one pair of ladies jeans, one ladies t-shirt, one bible and one soft toy.
    FACT Items of clothing that dogs identified belonged to Kate McCann.
    FACT Cadaver dogs indicated the death scent in the adjoining apartment of 5a, the apartment used by Russell O’brien and Jane Tanner.
    FACT It takes between one and a half hours to two hours of fixed contact for a corpse to leave the scent of death.
    FACT The Renault Scenic, hire by Gerry and Kate McCann 25 days after Madeleine’s alleged abduction was also presented to the cadaver dogs. Again the cadaver dogs indicated blood/scent in the tyre well area in the boot of the car. Blood/scent was also indicated on the key fob belonging to the car.
    FACT A number of hairs were uncovered from the tyre well of the car, a small piece of the tyre well lining was removed and both these items were sent to the FSS for forensic testing.
    FACT Forensic testing indicated that the forensic samples found in the lining from the tyre well of the car came from bodily fluids (not blood) the results also indicated that the fluids were a significant match to Madeleine. It was also established that the bodily fluids in question could possibly be from a corpse (not urine or sweat).
    FACT The hair recovered from the tyre well of the Scenic was Madeleine’s.
    FACT Leading UK Telephonics expert’s identified key words used in a telephone conversation on the 10th June 2007 between Gerry McCann and Russell O’Brien.
    FACT Gerry McCann claimed that the call had taken place within 4km of the Mark Warner resort in PDL.
    FACT Leading UK Telephonics experts discovered that the call from Gerry McCanns phone had been made 25km away from the Mark Warner resort in PDL.
    FACT On being named formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter Gerry and Kate McCann hired Mr M Caplin QC a leading expert in extradition, in addition they hired several leading defence lawyers who specialise in defending sexually deviant criminals.
    FACT Racheal Oldfield use to be a corporate tax lawyer.
    FACT Metodo 3 specialise in corporate tax fraud cases, they have no proven record of tracing and locating abducted persons in particular that of children.
    FACT Gerry McCann is a witness for Russell O’Brien in a pending case of negligence.
    The list of facts in the case of Madeleine McCann are plentiful, the facts available to support an alleged abduction are sparse in comparison with the facts that indicate Gerry and Kate McCann to be ultimately responsible for her death and concealment of her body. I have listed just a few facts there are many more perhaps someone who believes the McCanns to be innocent of Madeleine’s death and concealment would like to list their facts.

  71. Allie (93 comments) says:

    1: source?
    2: second half of sentence is fact, first half is speculation
    3: speculation
    4: libellous speculation, and UK law has no jurisdiction in Portugal (try to pay attention)
    5: libellous speculation; source for the supporting evidence?
    6-20: sources for any of these?
    21: … and?
    22: … so?
    23: … your point being?
    24: … really not sure what you’re trying to prove here …

    OK, so you don’t like the McCanns. Hey, nor do I. But at least I have the common human decency not to spread unfounded malicious rumour and defamatory allegations about people.

  72. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    No takers then on the offer of detailing facts that support the alleged abduction theory then.
    Perhaps someone would like to take the challenge of listing any facts which could prove the innocence of Gerry and Kate McCann instead.
    The facts that i have listed are just that, Facts, they will be proveable in a court of law by the prosecution and their witnesses.

  73. I have a theory (3 comments) says:

    Perhaps the question people should be asking is not who kidnapped Madeleine but how did the parents get rid of the body.

    1. There was no sign of forced entry.
    2. The other 2 kids would have woken during the kidnapping and scared the kidnapper away. (Do we all agree that the only way young children could be left quiet on their own is if they were sedated that night)

    A few questions – when was the last time Madeleine was seen in public? What did Gerry and Kate do the afternoon of the kidnapping?

    The only theory that fits is if the girl had died BEFORE the dinner that night. That\’s the only way to have the time to dispose of the body properly so it won\’t be found before announcing to the world that the girl is gone.

    I think this is what happened – there was an accidental overdose, Gerry and Kate got rid of the body, composed themselves, sedated the other 2, went to the Tapas bar, went to check on the kids a couple of times to keep up appearances that all was fine and after a predetermined visit, Kate then raised the alarm that Madeleine was gone and the rest as we know is history.

    Being doctors, if they owned up to manslaughter, they would have lost everything – reputation, careers, etc. They might be people who would rather cover it up even if it means living under suspicion.

  74. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    Try applying your theory to the night of the 2/5 you may find it fits that little bit better. Bear in mind that alleged witness statements given for sightings of madeleine on the 3/5 are varied and unproven, there is no cctv footage of Madeleine that day.

  75. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Dear God, what is the matter with you sick people? Wild theories, no evidence, no compunction about libelling people (and leaving Wonko vulnerable to prosecution), and for what? Why on earth do you even care so much about the bloody case in the first place?

  76. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    There is a place on the FindMadeleine.Com site where all those in favour of the McCanns child neglect and belief in their innocence (albeit there is no evidence to support it) where you can post dewy eyed, heartfelt messages of support for the doctors 2 who have failed to show any compunction.
    Thats if you can tear yourselves away from reading your A level law book’s and constant need to spell check,Grammer check, copy and paste.

  77. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    wonko’s words

    “There is something very strange going on with this while sad affair if you want my opinion. If you don’t … don’t read it.”

  78. linda (5 comments) says:

    Oh Allie ur doing my head in. get ur head out of the sand.Do u have kids of ur own. Because if u do then, u would know where people are coming from. Other people are entitled to their opinion, Bugalugs is so near to the truth and a lot of people will agree with him. Facts are facts whether u like it or not. I personally believe the facts and hope that justice will be done for that little girl Maddie.

  79. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘FACT Due to child neglect Madeleine Beth McCann is missing.’
    ‘2: second half of sentence is fact, first half is speculation’

    Speculation? oki, what is the technical term for leaving children unsupervised, un protected and alone in the house while you are out pissing it up?

  80. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘FACT Had Gerry and Kate McCann not left their three young children (all under four) alone in apartment 5a on the Mark Warner resort, PDL Madeleine would still be with them today.’


    ‘3: speculation’

    On the assumption they did not do the dirty deed themselves

  81. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘FACT Gerry and Kate McCann committed a crime by leaving their children alone for six consecutive evenings the crime of Child Neglect (Children & Young Person Act 1933).’


    ‘4: libellous speculation, and UK law has no jurisdiction in Portugal (try to pay attention)’

    see reply to clause 2 and I’m sure there is an equivalent act in Portugese law

  82. I have a theory (3 comments) says:

    Let’s do a straw poll. Those that believe the parents did it (albeit accidentlally) and are covering up, say aye. Those who believe she was kidnapped say nay.

  83. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Linda: what\’s an ur-head? Yes, I have kids. I also have a brain, and having kids has not impaired my ability to use it. You\’re right; facts are facts, and they are in short supply on this page. Yes, people are entitled to their opinion; but uninformed opinion is at best a complete waste of time, and at worse (as we\’ve seen) defamatory. How do you know Bugalugs is \’near to\’ the truth? What difference does it make how many people agree with him if they have no EVIDENCE to support what they\’re saying?

    Axel: on your first point, we don\’t know why the girl is missing, therefore any guessing as to the reason is speculation. On your second, people are still innocent until proven guilty (other than in the fevered brains of some of the people on here). On your third: what is the equivalent act in Portuguese law? There may well be one, but that doesn\’t mean that Bugalugs wasn\’t talking through his trousers.

    I Have A Theory: you\’re taking the piss, right?

    And all of you: for the second time of asking, why on earth do you even care so much about the bloody case in the first place?

  84. just a medium (4 comments) says:

    i firmly believe maddy to be dead, by whose hands I’m not sure but am edging towards the mother. her facial expressions never changed the whole time. If Maddy is found I think it will be in a box lined with something like tin foil or lead. there is a possibility of being dumped into the sea, in which case it’s a waiting game until the sea decides to give up her dead. this photo fit of a man who has been alledgedly hanging around at the the time of alledged kidnap, wonder how no-one noticed him before.

  85. axel (1214 comments) says:


    We know her parents were pissing it up at a restuarant because they told us so, if you plead guilty or admit to the crime, you are effectively past the guilty/not guilty stage.

    The facts we have are i) The wee girl is missing & ii)when she went missing her parents were in a restuarant and not baby sitting. If they were in the UK, the twins would be zipped into care and they would be facing charges but because it is abroad……

    Why do we care? We care because their sloppy lacksidasical attitude to their childrens safety has resulted in one of them going missing, yet their media manipulation skills have allowed them to escape all major censure and punishment!

  86. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    The PPO have now given the green light for the PJ to proceed with re-interviewing the Tapas 9. The PJ’s new evidence is compelling and when it is out in the media there will be some very shocked faces, i cannot reveal the new evidence in full for reasons some of you with common sense will understand, but i will tell you it relates to the location of where Madeleine’s body was kept prior to her final resting position. Certain impliments have been recovered and undergone forensic testing by the FSS with compelling results, a new witness has come forward and has supplied a vital piece of information regarding a sighting.
    Please bear in mind that the McCanns have been wrapped up in cotton wool by our government officals, the fact that the PPO have now given the go ahead on receipt of the new evidence in contrast to the refusal back in october 07, must cast some doubt to all the pro-mccanns out there.
    I care very much as to the fate of one innocent child that placed all her trust in her parents, this trust has been violated to its fullest extent and for that reason justice must be done.

  87. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    As for all this talk of prosecution, libel, defamation and unfounded malicious rumour i challenge the McCanns to take me to court or anyone else and prove that what i am stating as fact is not just that.
    They won’t, why?
    Because they can’t its fact.
    In portugal the laws for child neglect are similar to ours in the uk, the reason why the McCanns haven’t been charged with that must be obvious to the dimmest of folk.

  88. I have a theory (3 comments) says:

    Allie, to answer your question, we take an interest because we’re human and we’re not apathetic. Why are you so keen? Chill…..

    I hope the new evidence will shed light on the truth. We’re not mud slinging or anything, we’re just stating the facts. And the facts are that there’s more evidence pointing to the parents than the ‘kidnapper’.

    Signing off….

  89. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    I have a theory

    The new evidence is more than adequate to secure convictions.
    Something big is about to happen hold onto your seats.
    The PPO are currently in talks with the HO hence recent onslaught of cobblers from team mccann.

  90. Linda (5 comments) says:

    Well Allie , as your a mother yourself and a responsable one i gather, sureley you cannot agree with three children under the age of 5, being left alone to basically fend for themselves.I have never left mine only with grandparents,So surley this was irresponsable of the MCcanns.

  91. Linda (5 comments) says:

    If the MCcanns are innocent then why did they fly back with in hours of becoming formal suspects. mmmmmmmm strange.

  92. just a medium (4 comments) says:

    going right back to the start of this blog, a question was asked
    why take the oldest and not the twins? is it possible she wasn’t gerry’s?
    what about the baby blues? i understand they can make a woman do things not normally done.
    why dont the police call in a medium like allison du bois (spelling)or whatsername brown. they could probably tell straight away what happened. they could spens some of the fund on a decent medium not some tosspot of a private investigator who probably couldn’t find his arse in the dark.

  93. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘why take the oldest and not the twins?’

    Maybe the perpetrator was a weirdo and preferred a 4 year old to a 2 year old? Some people, huh?

  94. just a medium (4 comments) says:

    So the investigation is nearing its conclusion. Looks like someone got away with murder. (for the time being). it seems to me the portugese police would be better spending their time directing traffic cos they certainly aint got no idea of how to investigate murder. well at least the MCcanns got a lovely long holiday, met the pope and did a bit of globe trotting. Can anyone honestly tell me exactly how much the “save the Maddy fund” has made? how much was given to the private eye? how much was spent on lawyers? who says what the money is to be spent on? where is the remainder, and what is it going towards?
    there wasnt as much exposure given to Ben Needham when he was abducted/went missing, so why has this case fired up so many to write so much about it? BE LUCKY

  95. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Is that the `something big’ you were talking about, Bugalugs? Or were you just making it up again?

  96. Wraith (1 comments) says:

    I’ve stumbled across this blog and would like to leave a comment if I may. I notice there are some on here who are very aggressively anti-McCann and also notice they appear to be literate and intelligent, as indeed all the posters seem to be, so I would just like to tell you something.

    While half the nation have been following the newspaper lies that have been published regarding the McCanns guilt, a few like minded people have been getting together and trying to help find Ms McCann…I think the case has struck many people as being very unusual and some of us are just too cynical to believe what we read in the papers. The media campaign was largely an exercise with the purpose of testing how far the commentariat (us!) will accept outlandish stories and lies, with a possible future aim. If you haven’t heard of the phrase PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION then I suggest you google it and inform yourselves.

    We have found a lot of evidence that this case is far from normal. Some of us have also had threats and warnings to back off. Websites have been vanishing off the net like magic, no matter – they can all be located, many have been screenshot.

    Suffice to say, we can only conclude that Madeleine is still alive, there is another reason for her ‘abduction’ other than a pedo ring and the outcome could affect all of us. She is a figurehead for a campaign. Please keep a level head, she will be returned when the job that is to be done, is done.

    And have a little sympathy for her parents, they could never have prevented this happening. They are as much in the dark as most of the rest.

  97. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    And have a little sympathy for her parents, they could never have prevented this happening.

    Apart from the criminal neglect in leaving their 3 young children at home alone in a holiday apartment in a foreign country you mean? Yep, nothing they could have done to prevent it. I mean, we all leave our 3 year old children alone with their baby twins when we go abroad don’t we?

    I do feel sympathy for them but mostly I feel contempt – they caused this and they’ve got away with it because they’re upper class. If it was a couple of scutters or a single mum that had done this they’d have been banged up and had the twins taken off them.

  98. axel (1214 comments) says:

    yes, for once i completely agree with you

  99. just a medium (4 comments) says:

    So Wraith, you think that Maddy will be returned, like many others my question is “from where”? it sounds like, or at least you make it sound like she was taken just to see if the general public really are gullible. You also make it sound like some sort of “Media excercise”. Are you trying to make us believe a newspaper team has spirited her away just to see if they can FOOL us? I dont always TOTALLY BELIEVE in what the newspapers write, but the thing is, they would surely have been found out by now, after all its a case of “Dog eat dog” in the news industry, and someone would have let something slip by now. If you want my honest opinion Wraith, TAKE YOUR HEAD OUT FROM YOUR ARSE, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. as painful as it may be, the inevitably of young Maddy’s death is most certain. and the only way she will return will be in spirit, when this happens I hope she comes to me so I can prove to arseholes like you exactly what happened. But then I guess you wouldn’t believe me, cos you have been blinded by your own stupidity. As for having sympathy for the parents, I may have some for them if they told the truth.

  100. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Have faith everyone, the pj will fly in anyday now, those to be made arguidos are as follows
    Russell o’brien
    Jane Tanner
    David Payne

    By April 08 everything will seem a little clearer i am sure.

  101. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    No that is not what i was refering to, Ribero’s comments were taken out of context as i’m sure you are now aware. Ribero merely meant that it would have been better to hold of on the arguido status until further evidence had been collected. Had that occured the PJ could have moved swiftly to charges rather than just arguido status.

    As a result of the hasty arguido status the mcscums flew home to the uk, the pj did not have it within their powers to stop this as the mcscums had put there uk address as their home. Thats how simple it was.

    The PJ know how Madeleine died, they know when Madeleine died, they DO have forensic evidence to back this up. All will all become clearer in the next few months but this will not be over quickly.

  102. Allie (93 comments) says:

    How do you know this? Given that nothing you’ve said so far has been shown to be correct, why should we pay your continued ravings any attention whatsoever? It’s a bit sad, really, isn’t it?

  103. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Wait and see what happens when the interviews commence on April 7th.

  104. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Allie, can’t you figure out the devious use of wording in the full grovel which i have copied below for you………

    “We accept that a number of articles in the newspaper have suggested that the couple caused the death of their missing daughter Madeleine and then covered it up. We acknowledge that there is no evidence whatsoever to support this theory and that Kate and Gerry are completely innocent of any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance. We trust that the suspicion that has clouded their lives for many months will soon be lifted. As an expression of its regret, the Daily Express has now paid a very substantial sum into the Madeleine Fund and we promise to do all in our power to help efforts to find her.

    Kate and Gerry, we are truly sorry to have added to your distress. We assure you that we hope Madeleine will one day be found alive and well and will be restored to her loving family.”

  105. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    For any in doubt

    The Theory of the Abduction of Madeleine McCann.

    An Unproven Hypothesis, and Twenty-one Reasons It Cannot Stand.

    1. The Implausibility of “Stranger” Abduction.

    Statistics on alleged ‘stranger’ abduction from a person’s home show that a member of the ‘abducted’ child’s family is usually the perpetrator, and that the child usually dies. An overwhelming 99% of all claimed ‘abductions’ from a home turn out to be intra-family murder. There have been two high profile cases in the last few weeks – ‘Baby Grace’, found battered and decomposing in a plastic box on sand dunes near Galveston, and the ‘dead baby in the attic’. Both were claimed abductions – and both were hoaxes.

    The Children’s Commissioner in the U.K. said: “We are concerned that a version of Megan’s Law could detract from the fact that children are actually most at risk from people known to them”.

    2. Refusal to Answer the Policia Judiciaria’s Questions.

    The McCanns did not answer the P.J.’s questions – it is reported that there were forty such unanswered questions. These are the not actions of innocent parents, who would do all they could to assist the police in every way possible.

    3. Ignoring Advice not to Highlight Madeleine’s Eye Defect.

    The parents ignored the clearest possible P.J. advice not to highlight Madeleine’s eye defect, the coloboma (an iris defect). If Madeleine were still alive, this would have put Madeleine at much greater risk of death. The parents’ conduct suggests they knew she was already dead. They deliberately ignored sound advice not to make Madeleine so recognisable that the abductors (if she was abducted) would have to kill her. All the publicity posters emphasising the coloboma, the announcement of all the sightings, and claims of being “right on the kidnappers” trail…all these actions put Madeleine at greater risk.

    4. The Impossibility of the Abduction Happening as Claimed.

    The sheer impossibility of the abduction – so many intractable questions: e.g., why did the abductor wait for thirty-five minutes after the McCanns sauntered down to the Tapas bar? Was the abductor/predator hiding behind the door as Gerry McCann checked the children? (That’s what he claims). Did the abductor/predator really walk in through open patio doors, and why then did he climb out through the window and shutters with Madeleine under his arm? And so on…

    5. The Changing Stories of What the Abductor Looked Like.

    Jane Tanner’s often changed story of what the abductor looked like: initially “His head was egg-shaped, he had some short hair, and was carrying a bundle, maybe a blanket”, then, a full three weeks later – and to make sure that the P.J. issued a description – “I definitely saw him carrying a girl in pink pyjamas”. Then, after SIX months, we are given an artist’s impression of the abductor and we are now told: “Head not egg-shaped, hair long, sleek, black and shiny, abductor was not ‘white’ but ‘swarthy and Mediterranean’” etc.

    6. The Parents’ Absolute Insistence that Abduction was the Only
    Explanation for Madeleine’s Disappearance.

    The parents’ immediate and insistent cry of abduction – excluding all other possibilities.

    7. Claiming the Abductor was the Man Allegedly Seen by Jane Tanner.

    Gerry McCann proceeded, after three weeks, to issue a description of the abductor based SOLELY on Jane Tanner’s dubious sighting – against P.J. advice and only after Gordon Brown had intervened by phoning the P.J.

    8. The Tapas 9 Pact of Silence.

    The “Pact or Conspiracy of Silence” – the notorious agreement between them all to keep silent about the events of that night.

    9 Changes to the Story.

    Changes to the story, as for example:

    Day 1: “Shutters jemmied open, windows open, patio doors locked, abductor must have forced his way in”.

    Days 2 and 3: P.J. and Mark Warners say: “No way shutters and window were forced from outside”.

    Several days later: McCanns – “Oh, we left the patio doors open, so abductor must have walked in through the patio doors and then opened the shutters and climbed out of the window with Madeleine”.

    10. The Hiring of Dubious Private Investigators.

    Hiring a dubious British private investigation agency and a dubious Spanish ‘detective agency’ (Metodo 3) at cost of several hundred thousand pounds, all for no obvious benefit or results.

    11. The Hiring of Britain’s Top Extradition Lawyer.

    The McCanns rushed to hire the U.K.’s top extradition lawyer – one Michael Caplan Q.C. (who represented General Pinochet) – at the very moment they became formal suspects.

    12. Publicly Agreeing to Take a Lie Detector Test – And Then Refusing.

    After initial boasting of their willingness to take the test, the McCanns refused to do so.

    13. Strange and Irrational Excuses for “Blood, DNA, and the Smell of Death”.

    The extraordinary excuses offered by the McCanns in response to the forensic findings of blood, DNA, and cadaverine smell included these six examples:

    (a) I took Cuddle Cat to work – that’s why the smell of death is on Cuddle Cat.

    (b) I dealt with 6 corpses in the last fortnight at work, that’s why the smell of death is on my clothes

    c) We’ll get on to lawyers in Ireland/America who say these cadaver dogs’ evidence is useless.

    (d) The DNA was the children’s dirty nappies in the boot.

    (e) The ‘smell of death’ was rotting meat that Gerry was taking to the dump.

    (f) The blood in the flat (found underneath the tiles in the children’s bedroom) might have been from Madeleine grazing her leg when she boarded the plane, or perhaps a nosebleed.

    14. Not Staying Protectively Close to the Twins after Madeleine’s Disappearance.

    The parents left their twins at the creche within days of Madeleine disappearing and spent as much time as possible visiting the Pope, the White House, and “campaigning” – no parents whose child had truly been ‘abducted by a stranger’ would let those twins out of their sight; they would cling to the precious two they had left.

    15. Refusing a Urine Test on the Twins.

    The McCanns, both doctors, were widely reported to have refused to sanction urine tests on their two-year-old twins, although they later admitted that the children “could have been drugged by the abductor”. The parents then waited for five months before engaging an agency to carry out “independent” tests. The results of these tests have never been publicly disclosed and it is not known for what drugs the agency tested.

    16. Only Answering Press Questions with At Least Two Hours Advance Notice.

    The McCanns stipulated that for all interviews, the press had to present all questions to them at least two hours in advance of the interview, and that they would only answer those questions, and no others.

    17. The McCanns Attempt to Explain that the “Abductor” Drugged the Children.

    The McCanns explained away the fact that the twins didn’t wake up, amidst all the shouting when the alarm was raised about Madeleine, by hinting that the twins must have been drugged by the abductor. The McCanns came up with this theory while being filmed by close family friend Jon Corner in August, and after leaks from the Portuguese police suggested that the children had been sedated.

    18. The Startling Failure of the McCanns’ Friends to Search for Madeleine the Night She Disappeared.

    According to a number of reports which have never been contradicted, while hundreds of people, including staff of Mark Warners and many local people, searched the area around the Ocean Club apartments for hours after Madeleine went missing, not one of the McCanns’ friends, known as the ‘Tapas 9’, bothered to do so. They all went to bed. That is as clear an indication as you could get that they knew it would be pointless searching for Madeleine. It is entirely consistent with them knowing that Madeleine was already dead.

    19. The McCanns’ Failure to Talk to Jane Tanner for Two Whole Days About Her Sighting of the “Alleged” Abductor.

    According to many reports, and confirmed in an article by David Smith, in ‘The Times’ of late December 2007, the McCanns did not bother to talk to Jane Tanner for two whole days about what she claimed to have seen at 9.15pm that night – namely a person walking off with a child looking like Madeleine. This is despite the McCanns’ absolute insistence that an abduction had taken place. According to David Smith’s article, which included an exclusive and extended interview with Gerry McCann, he and Jane Tanner did not speak to each other because they were ‘too busy’. If there really had been an abduction, the McCanns and Jane Tanner would have spoken to each other about what she saw without a moment’s delay.

    20. Apprehension about Phone Calls being Monitored.

    The McCanns expressed anxiety about their phone calls and e-mails being intercepted. What innocent parent would worry about that?

    21. Concealing Records of their Mobile Phone Calls.

    The McCanns refused to supply their mobile phone accounts to the P.J.

  106. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:


    Yes i aware of the theory you may be suggesting, far fetched but possible but how probable? Not very imo, you are talking mass high ranking governmental intervention and for what making a child an iconic symbol……….hmmmmmmmm
    Or are you suggesting cloning?

  107. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Oh dear, the pink spin machine is in overdrive today.

    What is your aim now team mcscum, unfair trial…….springs to mind.

  108. Allie (93 comments) says:

    Still upset that nothing you’ve claimed has been shown to be anywhere near the truth? Get a life, for god’s sake.

  109. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    Allie i have a life, a very productive one thank you. Its a shame Madeleine McCann doesn’t have one thanks to her caring parents.
    And as i predicted the mcscums are now seeking an internal investigation into the alleged leak, thus wasting more time.

    Also using this leak to excuse their not returning to PDL, ho hum….thing is they are not calling the shots, the PJ are and its about time they realised this.

    Advantages and disadvantages for leaks are as follows, make your own minds up:


    Opportunity to smear the PJ by blaming them for the leak – with the bonus that the PJ are unable and unwilling to respond.

    Opportunity to make a statement direct to the PJ, about the events of May 3rd – through the media – which had been denied them when they were not called for interview.

    Revenge for missed opportunity to milk such interviews for PR effect.

    Opportunity to reaffirm their timeline for May 3rd.

    Opportunity to reaffirm that Madeleine was still alive on the morning of May 3rd.

    An opportunity to account for the cries of Madeleine that were heard by Mrs Pamela Fenn, as well as…

    The chance to show that they reacted as responsible parents, when it was said that “Gerry and I spoke for a couple of minutes and agreed to keep a closer watch over the children.”

    The opportunity to distract and divert attention away from the ongoing interviews of the Tapas Group.

    The chance to order an internal review of the PJ and contribute to further distractions and consuming of PJ time and resources.

    Substance to any possible claim they would not get a fair trial due to the adverse publicity.

    The chance to use the “smear” as a reason to refuse to return to Portugal to participate in a reconstruction.


    Adverse newspaper headlines and public opinion.(possible advantage re unfair trial)

    Distraction from the McCanns trip to Brussels to champion the Amber Alert System.

    Summary advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

  110. The Equaliser (1 comments) says:

    Give them both a lie detector. Perhaps they could go on Jeremy Kyle. I’ve got a Suspicion that Madaleine was dead before they got back from their dinner and wine. Where were the McCanns before dinner? Do they have alibi’s for the whole day?

  111. bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    The Equaliser

    The mc’s offered to take a lie detector back in the summer of 07, when they were approached late last year to actually go through with this…….they refused. Claiming that the results would be inadmissable in court (which it would). There are some interesting you tube videos on voice analysis (FBI tech)which clearly demonstrate the untruths/witheld information.

    There are no confirmed/reliable independant sightings of Madeleine McCann for the 3/5. Gerry McCann missed prebooked tennis lessons for the 3/5, failing to attend, claiming to be in 5a with a tendon injury (no confirmed albi).

    Jane Tanner has withdrawn her original statement, now claiming that she does not know if the man she saw was carrying a child. Jane Tanner = unreliable witness.

    Madeleine died on the 2/5, i suspect at the hands of her mother….not premeditated, the mc’s et al then embarked on a cover up which has blown out of all proportions and spiralled out of their control. What we are seeing now from team mccann is a desperate attempt to keep their ass’s out of jail…….self preservation.

  112. linda (5 comments) says:

    well bugalugs you have hit the nail on the head, i totally agree with every thing that uve said about the McCanns, They got away with it and it will never be proved what really happened to madie.

  113. Eve (1 comments) says:

    At last, a blog about the McCanns that’s inhabited by sane, logical thinking people. I couldn’t agree more with the majority of the posts regarding this terrible event. The behaviour of the parents and the inconsistencies in their story are legion. As one person has pointed out, had this happened in England, they would have immediately been suspects as a matter of course. Indeed, the very place in which the abduction took place would have become a crime scene in which the parents most certainly would not have been allowed to continue occupying. But most damning of all is the drugging of the child and their arrogant dismissive attitude regarding leaving them to go out. This, for me, is the key to this event. I’m convinced that this was something that they’d done previously and felt comfortable with, given their professions, but something went horribly wrong that night and they have every intention of taking the truth to their graves. And as a footnote, I have to confess that the constant media saturation of their case (orchestrated mainly by them), leaves me annoyed and angry as it gives the impression that no other children in danger are as important as this one child. In my naivety I truly hope that she was taken by a loving, childless couple who would never dream of abandoning or drugging her.

    You have no idea how refreshing it is to read opinions that

  114. alistair (1 comments) says:

    as a father of six beutiful children i cannot belive how irresponsible these two supposidley intellendgent people have been may allah keep her safe if she is still alive enshalla

  115. grace (1 comments) says:

    i have just read the book \”vanished\” and i have learnt alot.

    i dont think the mcCanns killed her but i find it extremely suspicious that no one seemed to go to the last person to check the kids. i dont have any children but if i did i would of gone straight to last peron who checked her and said where is my daughter? ( obviously i would have searched the appartment and called the police as well)

    but think about it, there taking turns to check the children and wen mrs mccann goes in maddie is gone! wouldnt u go to last person that u no went to the appartment and asked wot the hell? wouldnt u focus on that one person?

    also the blood spots found in the appartment were miniscule and found to be from a male not maddie.

    I feel sorry for maddie and i hope she is found. she dosent diserve any of this. she is so adoreable. i no some people that go missing they never find tme and no body is ever found but because maddie body hasnt been found leads me to believe she may still be alive.

  116. Bugalugs1970 (26 comments) says:

    1. The case into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been archived pending further information coming to light. The PPO’s decision to archive the process is neither an admission of innocence or guilt of the McCanns; it is a lack of substantial admissible evidence.
    Upon reading a reasonable amount of the 11,000 pages of the released files it becomes clear that all is not as the McCanns would like us to believe. There is no evidence to support the thesis of abduction, in contrast there is evidence to indicate the presence of a cadaver in apartment 5a, the Renault Scenic & several other items belonging to Kate McCann and one McCann child. There are clear contradictions in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends; in addition there has been clear indication of political intervention from the UK Government in the case of Madeleine McCann from day one.
    My desire is not to persecute the McCanns but to discover and learn the fate of Madeleine McCann, my ultimate aim being to see justice for the child & to see the implementation of legislation making it a criminal offence to leave children under the age of 12 home alone.

  117. Mike Travis (1 comments) says:

    Yes, lots of speculation, lots of fact and pretty good forensic evidence. Yet what a disastrous fiasco this terrible business has turned into. Give it time and the truth will come out. Just does no add up does it!!. Just wait a little. Mike.

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