All Blacks demolish Scotland

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anyonebutscotland.pngThe All Blacks gave Scotland a going over in the rugby today with Scotland failing to score.

Thank god we’re not going to be the only home nation to get a wooden spoon!

The most interesting thing about the whole game was the atmosphere.  Or lack of it – the crowd were virtually silent the whole way through.


  1. i2hys (1 comments) says:

    we are elite, al blacks will kill any1 that comes in there way!
    france was just a bad day, and that will not be repeated. trust me!

  2. Callum (1 comments) says:

    Scotland are the best. If you are from England then you van hardly talk gettin thrashed by the boks whom we nearly beat and New Zealand with the same score as us. Ur goin down in the world cup. C’mon bonnie Scotland

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