Like Flies Round Shit

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Liebour Ministers are desperately trying to encourage Liebour Party members to rally round the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan after the latest opinion poll put the Conswervatives seven points ahead of Liebour.

Like flies round shit, Liebour ministers have spontaneously told the media how great their Prime Minister is.  Jim Murphy, Minister for Europe, even went as far as saying “The population of the United Kingdom will be very clear who they want the be their leader and I’m certain it would be Gordon Brown”.  When will they be very clear about this Jim?  No Mandate Brown has already ruled out an election because he didn’t think he’d win.  If Liebour is that confident then surely now would be a perfect time to call an election?

The fat sweaty shit, Charlie Falconer, intimated that it’s not just the Liebour Party leadership that needs to change but the whole fetid, corrupt party.  He said that Liebour needs to set out its vision – Gordon’s vision – for the future of the UK.  The vision for the future that Liebour’s Prime Minister has no mandate to carry out.

Tessa Jowell said that No Mandate Brown was right not to call an election because we “need longer to get to know him, to lay out the vision for the country before calling an election”.  Apparently 10 years of being mugged by the Tartan Taxman isn’t enough to get an idea of what a contemptable shit he is.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Nich points out that Charlie boy might be worried about his personal wealth…

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