Milking Climate Change for all it’s worth

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Fresh milk is good for you right?  Good for your bones, good for your health in general and it tastes good.  I could drink gallons of the stuff if it wasn’t for the fact we already get through 5 or 6 pints a day as it is!

So why are the British government aiming to replace 90% of the milk in shops with sterilised UHT shit by 2020?  To prevent climate change of course!

DEFRA have decided that refrigerating milk is causing global warming so they are setting targets to replace fresh milk with UHT milk that doesn’t require refrigeration until after it’s been opened.

The British government’s obsession with climate change is reaching the point where it would be a joke if it wasn’t costing is billions.  DEFRA actually have a target to reduce methane emissions from cows by 60% within 15 to 20 years.  How the hell do you stop cows from farting for christs sake?

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  1. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    I’m not a huge fan of milk – now there’s even less chance that I’ll be downing the stuff. Ew!

  2. Brian (8 comments) says:

    Milk is not that good for you at all, it contains a sample of every
    antibiotic the cow has been given,hormones that are meant for calves
    and many other un-mentionables such as bacteria. It is a good food that cancer really
    thrives on and it is almost imposible for us to absorb the calcium in it.
    UHT will at least have no bacteria!

  3. KeithS (80 comments) says:

    “DEFRA actually have a target to reduce methane emissions from cows by 60% within 15 to 20 years. How the hell do you stop cows from farting for christs sake?”

    Simple. Drive the farmers out of business, fewer cows in this country, emissions reduced, targets met, bonuses obtained, imports increased, carbon footprints increased, costs increased, reliance on other countries increased.
    Or am I being a cynic?

  4. Alfie the OK (19 comments) says:

    There is only one reason why DEFRA want us to take UHT instead of fresh milk. And that is to fall in line with the rest of Europe, courtesy of the sprouts at Brussels. In the EU (apart from the UK), UHT milk has a market share of 95%…. and those continental UHT milk manufacturers can see a new great big fat market off the coast of France.

    So it’s not about what we want, or what DEFRA want – it’s what the competition johnnys at Euro HQ demand. And it certainly has nothing to do with the environment – a spurrious lie to give the lemmings at DEFRA an excuse to stab ouir farmers in the back. Refrigeration takes energy – but so does heat treatment – and so do the massive transport costs of bringing this stuff over from the continent….. because, you don’t imagine any British manufacturers will be able to survive in such a market do you?..

  5. British Patriot (1 comments) says:

    2000 Dairy Farms have gone under in the Past 4 Yrs…this is Part of the EU Socialists Smash Britain and the British Policy. Our Govt Really is at war with us.

    5 Min read on the 50+ Yr EU Conspiracy to Subvert and Conquer Britain.
    PS the reason the Socialists want to have an Elected Lords is to get rid of the
    Bishops who have an automatic seat.
    It’s completely illegal, Our rights PREDATE Parliament.
    The curse of Political Correctness
    Here is Europol, Military Transnational Police with Diplomatic Immunity NOW.
    Internet Shut down. , presumably health, Enforced Bankruptcy.Denial of Public services ? Health care ?

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