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South Africa have won the Rugby World Cup 15-6 against England.

Where did England go wrong?  They made mistakes but that wasn’t it.  South Africa were simply a better team, they knew they were better and they played the whole game with the attitude that the game was already won and the actual rugby was just a formality.

Still, at least we made the finals and that’s better than every other team.

While everyone in the England camp – including Prince William – is looking depressed, the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan is laughing and joking with the officials on the pitch.  Why is that English-hating, Scottish traitor there anyway?

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  1. Trisha (7 comments) says:

    Congratulations to South Africa but I am so proud of the English team. They put up a good fight and were gracious in defeat. Well done to England for being good sportsmen and not whinging like some of the crybaby teams are doing ( no names ) and blaming everyone else.

    I can hold my head high at work because of England’s efforts.

  2. MANDERSON (4 comments) says:

    Engerland through and through whether we win or lose!
    No sulking for us, we’re not going to sigh
    unlike the others who can’t wait to cry, “Sth Africa were better than England”. Hmmm? With some help from a ref and adjudicator methinks. Why was an irish ref doing this ame anyway?
    Oh well, Like I said we’re not going to cry wolf. We’ll leave that to the others ‘cos even though they had home advantage they still couldn’t hack it! And they have the temerity to rubbish the Engerland team. Look at your own teams first! They were rubbish!
    I am extremely proud of the Engerland team. They have reached three finals now – the only country from Britain to have done so. Infact, no other team from Britain has ever reached one final let alone three.

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