We don’t need another Bill of Rights

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The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan is still harping on about his new Bill of Rights and how important a British Bill of Rights is going to be and how it’ll prevent the Prime Minister from going to war without a vote of MPs first.

Now David Camoron is promising to introduce his own British Bill of Rights which will replace the Human Rights Act and stop lengthy appeals to European courts.

Firstly, WE ALREADY HAVE A BILL OF RIGHTS!  It’s been there since 1689 and is still in force now.  Rather than creating a new 5 million page document full of multi-culti Britishness bullshit, just stop depriving us of the rights that we already have.  There is no way in the world that a new Bill of Rights will give us the freedom and protection we already have in the 1689 Bill of Rights.  The right not to be ruled by the someone other than our own government and the right not to be fined or have our possessions taken away unless we’ve been convicted of a crime for example.  The 1689 Bill of Rights makes summary justice and on-the-spot fines illegal and void but the establishment turns a blind eye because they rake in billions and what judge is now going to rule that the hundreds of billions of pounds of illegal fines and forfeitures the British government has received are illegal?  But they are and one of our ancient and fundamental rights has been eroded forever.

Secondly, MPs might get a vote on going to war under No Mandate Brown’s Bill of Rights but it won’t stop them being lied to like last time.

Finally, Camoron‘s Bill of Rights is a non-starter.  Gordon the Goblin King just signed the EU not-a-constitution which means that the highest court in the land is European.

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  1. MANDERSON (4 comments) says:

    You hit the nail on the head mate. It’ll be full of pc shite and anti Englishness. It’ll be like a new set of rules to stop the English having a voice and of course itll be inciting the various other groups in England against the English! And of course scum like cyclops Brown bottle job will be spouting, “but we ALL have a written agreement now” Anyone who disagrees with what’s been written will immediately be labelled a fascist devil and no doubt an enemy of the state. You know what geezer, i’d rather go down fighting than put up with SHITCUNT BROWN TELLING ME WHAT’S WHAT!

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