Democracy, EU style

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I get the occasional email from my UKIP MEP, Mike Nattrass, about dodgy votes he’s seen in the European Parliament.

Yesterday he sent me this email:

Votes were fast and furious and as usual with hundreds being taken by a show of hands, some were wrongly counted. I screaméd “CHECK!” after one particular vote was said to be “in favour” and they checked it on the buttons.

The President said it was passed but the check showed only 134 in favour and 499 against. How’s that!

Ok, if it was 299 in favour and 334 against I could understand the mistake but how can the corrupt mafioso, President Barosso, not see the 350 extra hands voting against?  Simple answer: he can’t.  It was quite obviously a deliberate fraud but will he get into trouble for it?  Will he bollocks.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Here’s another bit of EU crap, which underscores the supremacy of the EU over the sovereignty of member states:

    “The European Union’s highest court has said a German law protecting carmaker Volkswagen from takeovers is illegal.
    Under the “Volkswagen Law” any shareholder in VW could not exercise more than 20% of voting rights, even if their stake in the firm was bigger.

    “The European Court of Justice said the law discouraged foreign investors from taking a stake in Volkswagen.


    “The federal government has said that it will move quickly to change the law.”

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    In the same email:


    One minute allocated.

    Mr President,

    UK pesticides were tightly controlled in 1985.

    Firms like Syngenta say “Farmers should not be denied the tools they need and these regulations move us away from the principle of good science based regulation.”

    Pavement weed control is 400 times more expensive without chemicals.

    The golf and field sports industry say “Without pesticides, it’s not possible to maintain sports turf”

    The Crop Protection Agency say banning pesticides means between 65 and 200% more land under cultivation. Reducing productivity!

    Corbett Farms say “This year has shown the value of spraying to prevent potato blight.” “Pesticides are expensive and the lowest amount is used to protect our crop.” “Decisions on how and when to spray must be taken on an individual field basis. An arbitrary reduction in use cannot be scientifically based”

    Mr President please eradicate the EU’s pestilent regulations. UKIP will vote against.

    Mike Nattrass MEP

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