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Up to 200 muslim prisoners in a high security prison in Leeds are planning to sue the British government because they were offered ham sandwiches during Ramadan.

The menus were printed in error and given to the prisoners who kicked up a fuss because they’re not allowed to eat pork.  Most of them chose cheese instead but some of them were forced to eat the hame because they were so hungry.

Ok, they chose not to eat all day because they’re such devout muslims but then they ate ham sandwiches because they were hungry even though their religion says they’re not allowed.  Would they have starved to death if they hadn’t committed this heinous sin?  Of course they wouldn’t but I bet they saw an opportunity to expose the infidels for the godless heathens that they are, stir up a bit or racial and religious hatred and get some money out of the zionist pig-dogs.

Regardless of their race or religion, this raises some fundamental (no pun intended) questions.  Prison is supposed to be a punishment.  You are deprived of your right to liberty as punishment for your crimes.  Why should you keep the right to practice religious ceremonies?  There is also the seperate question of whether prisoners should be allowed to take legal action against the state for financial benefit when they’re banged up.  If all they were offered every day was pork sandwiches then fair enough, let them take legal action.  But only to change what is happening, not to make money out of it.  Would a Christian in a prison in a muslim country be able to sue for not being offered fish on a Friday?

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  1. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think I’d slept right through to April 1st. Takes the piss, it really does. I just wish that I could say I was surprised. It is my increasingly firm belief that it should not be possible to impose financial fines, sanctions etc – unless as compensation where CLEAR negligence has caused real suffering – on public institutions. That’s police, fire, NHS, and of course prisons. Where do the fines come from? Either directly from the tax payer, or indirectly, through cuts in services, and generally cutting corners.

    Anyway, specifically in this case, utterly fucking ridiculous. I do so hope that they are laughed out of court, for the pathetic, miserable excuses for human beings that they are. (Although sadly, I doubt it.)

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