Could our fate lie in Denmark’s hands?

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According to Prodicus, enough Danish MPs have signed a motion to force a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution.

THis is excellent news – the not-a-constitution theoretically can’t go ahead without every member state ratifying it.  With the leaders of every member state desperately trying (and mostly succeeding) to avoid a referendum, we could very find that our fate as an independent nation relies entirely on the Danish people doing the right thing and voting against the not-a-constitution.

There is, of course, a possibility that the Republic of Ireland might hold a referendum but the Irish are eurofederalists and we can’t rely on them to derail the EU gravy train.

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan won’t let us have a referendum now and that’s for sure.  Even if it wasn’t for the fact he’s a rampant eurofederalist and the bribes he was undoubtedly offered the other day, he wouldn’t give us a referendum because the Tories are calling on him to do so.  There’s a difference between stealing populist policies like reforming stamp duty off the Tories and changing his mind on holding a referendum.  There is no way in the world that he is going to hand the Tories a propaganda victory over the EU not-a-constitution.

So it will fall to our neighbours on the continent to put a stop to the not-a-constitution.  Our fate in the hands of foreigners … at home and abroad.  Not a good position for an Englishman to be in.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Not sure the Irish people are eurofederalists! They had to have the referendum on supporting EU-enlargement TWICE because the first result (a rejection) was the wrong answer….

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Money talks Charlie and the Irish get shit loads of the stuff from Brussels. They didn’t support enlargement because the more bankrupt eastern european countries you let in, the less money there is for them.

  3. KeithS (80 comments) says:

    Even if the Danes vote NO, there\’ll be another referendum, then another, then another, until everyone gets bored and the YES vote wins. Then there will be no more referendums.
    God, I loathe the Eurofederalists. From the lying bastard Heath who took us in by lying to us up to this lying Scot who lies and reneges on his promises.

  4. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Even with the money, there are those left behind by the celtic tiger, those who face increased competition in the labour market, and those who rightly fear that Irish sovereignty is compromised by the EU.

    I hope that there’s a chance to defeat the consti-treaty in a referendum somewhere in Europe. Cameron’s line doesn’t appear to be any stronger than the red lines – I can’t see him promising a referendum at a later date, what say you?

  5. Brummie (4 comments) says:

    no doubt about it…

    Allah loves Denmark

    Bacon sarnies and Carlsberg all round.

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