Evesham Observer: Debate over WW2 continues

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This was in the Evesham Observer last night (thanks to Dunc for the heads up) …

[quote]DAVID Bridgewater should check his facts (Observer letters last week).
The “generous support” from the Americans following the Second World War came in the form of a loan which the English taxpayer finally finished paying at the end of last year.

If the billions it was costing us to stay part of the United States of Europe was in the form of an interest bearing loan we would be looking forward to hundreds of millions of pounds a year in interest and loan repayments. We certainly wouldn’t have to worry about the £4bn deficit in the NHS bricks and mortar budget that’s just been announced – a couple of years worth of repayments would pay for that!

Mr Bridgewater might be happy to hand over billions of pounds to prop up the bankrupt economies of our masters on the continent but he is the exception, not the rule. The claim that the EU has brought peace to the continent is proven by recent history to be completely inaccurate. How many millions were killed in the Balkans? How many millions are still being killed in Georgia which is in the middle of the world’s quietist civil war? It wasn’t all that long ago that the UK had to send warships into the North Sea to protect our fishermen from Iceland.

The EU is a sham and we are better off out of it.

Stuart Parr (no relation to Stan!)

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  1. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    If I remember rightly (which is always entirely possible that I do not), we gave up the world’s markets trading in GBP too. That, IMO, is possibly the biggest mistake we made during the financial cleanup after the war. If for no other reason than we now get highly misleading figures about how much things will cost, or how much debt something is in. The sooner the Americans learn to count to a billion, the better.

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