A Conswervative with balls?

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Nigel Hastilow, Conswervative candidate for Halesowen & Rowley Regis and fellow Witanagemot member, has found himself in hot water with the wet blankets at the Conswervative Party for daring to mention immigration.

In an article in the Express & Star, Hastilow said that the issue most people in his constituency were concerned about was immigration.  He went on the say that most of his prospective constituents think that Enoch Powell was right when he made his rivers of blood speech which said that mass immigration would change the country irrevocably.  Hastilow said “He was right.  It has changed dramatically”.

Liebour have called for him to be sacked and he’s been summoned to a meeting with Caroline Spelman, Conswervative Party chairman after calls for him to be deselected.

But he’s right.  Mass immigration has changed this country irrevocably.  England is a completely different place now to what it was 60 or 70 years ago, not just because of changes in technology but in society.  A far left Liebour think tank has pronouced that Christmas should be deliberately “marginalised” to give equal importance to other religious occassions brought to this country by immigrants.  Schools now have to employ multi-lingual teachers so they can teach the increasing number of children who don’t speak English.  Christmas is either ignored or called stupid names like “Winterval” to be inclusive of foreign cultures.  Muslim prisoners are sueing a prison for offering them ham sandwiches during Rammadan.

Things like this would never have happened back in the 50’s and 60’s but now it’s common place.  In that respect Enoch Powell was right and Hastilow is absolutely justified in saying so.  If the simple act of telling the truth is so offensive to Liebour, the Conswervatives or the immigrant population of Halesowen & Rowley Regis then there is something very long with society.

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  1. Calum (183 comments) says:

    The guy is a racist. Full stop.

    He has revealed the underlying racism in the Tory party.

    The so called ‘river of blood’ is a lie. In the 50’s and 60’s the country was totally dependant on immigration. Immigrants rebuilt the county after the war, and were the bed rock of our economy. Had we sent them home (mostly to countries which we had destroyed and exploited all their natural resources and wealth when they were part of the empire) the economy and country would have collapsed and gone down the drain.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    The guy is a racist. Full stop.

    What a crock of shit. I bet you’d never even heard of him before today yet you suddenly know all about him. Have you read the Express & Star article or are you just blindly repeating your Liebour Party propaganda?

    mostly to countries which we had destroyed and exploited all their natural resources and wealth when they were part of the empire

    So we now have to hand our own country over to the assorted masses from every possible culture on the planet who arrive with their own demands which, of course, must be considered over and above our own? When do we have to stop apologising for the actions of our long dead ancestors?

  3. Andi (82 comments) says:

    When do we have to stop apologising for the actions of our long dead ancestors?

    More to the point, when do the other countries start apologising to us? I’ve yet to see an apology from Italy for the Roman invasion; there has been nothing said by Scandanavia about all the times we were invaded by various Viking tribes… Moving away from home, France hasn’t ever apologised for unleashing Napoleon on the world; Spain hasn’t apologised for the Inquisition and its associated witch hunts; the Turks have never apologised for invading the Holy Land…

  4. Sir John Inkley (WW2 veteran) (1 comments) says:

    Immigration – the problem, the final solution and racism

    ‘A stranger in ‘my’ own country’ – how can anyone listen to this ignorant sonof abitch. The Tories did the right thing by binning him. England does not belong to him. It belongs to all of its citizens and those who have a legal right to stay in it. His comments fuel the world view of the English as a group
    intensely xenophobic people, totally ignorant of their own origins. The reality is that England has been a country of continous and uncontrolled immigration since time immemorial. In 2007, nothing has changed. Let me explain why.

    The ‘English’ race consist of a historical bastard mix of the following ethnic groups:-

    1) ‘Anglo-Saxons’ – a smattering of Germanic and Danish peasants that immigrated to England in the 5th century;
    2) Romano British – the true ‘English’ as they were a race native to
    Britain. They were roughly a race with Celtic and Roman (Italian) blood. The
    Anglo-Saxons found them in Britain!
    3) Spaniards and Africans – around 7000 years ago, Spaniards and Africans
    came to Britain and stayed. They integrated with the Romano-British and
    Anglo-Saxons (so sorry folks, all you English have the ‘N’ gene in your system!);
    4) French – they came to England in plentiful numbers after the Norman
    (French) invasion of England in 1066. Like the Africans and Spaniards, they
    integrated with existing tribes/ races.

    Regarding the innate tendency towards racism in England, Mark Thomas of UCL
    London, comments that in the 5th Century a kind of apartheid system operated
    by the Anglo Saxons who had immigrated to Britain and who had then achieved political power and who tried (in vain) to prevent intermarriage between their members and Romano – Britons so as to preserve a ‘pure immigrant race’. Sounds familiar!

    So to summarise, the English are a mixed, not pure race and consist of the
    bloodlines of the following ethnic immigrant groups:-


    Enoch Powell, a self-confessed pederast, was a racist. If he was not, he should have carefully explained to the ‘brown-skin’ hating Brits that they too have the ‘N’ gene coursing through their systems. Immigrants have nothing to defend. They are as ‘English’ as the host population. History has shown that the immigrant ‘English’ have contributed to the rich culture and economic success of England and continue to do so. Nothing has changed. The British Isles are made up of immigrants, historically and continuously as the process of history has shown.

    Posted by Paula Smith (A Level Student – Bath) on November 4, 2007 2:00 PM
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  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    What a ridiculous argument. No nation on earth is “pure”. This isn’t because of immigration but because we are all decended from one group of early humans which most scientists believe were from North East Africa, probably Ethiopia. The English are no more a bastard race than any other – less so, in fact, because compared to other European nations, we have a pretty good record of not being invaded. Just how far back do you want to go before you accept that a “bastard race” is distinct?

    Interesting that there is no criticism of the Scots who play at race politics all the time. Highland Scots are genetically more different to Lowland Scots than Lowland Scots are to English. The Scots of Shetland and Orkney are, genetically, Scandinavian. Going further back, the Scots are a mixture of the natives of Scotland and the Scotti tribe that came from Ireland – another bastard race. The French are a bit of a mix – French, Roman, Germanic, even Celtic. As for the Belgians – they’re the Heinz 57 of Europe.

    Nigel Hastilow’s article in the Express & Star isn’t available online but I’ve got it. When he said that Enoch Powell was right he was referring specifically to the bit where he said that mass immigration would change the country irrevocably. If you had bothered to read what I wrote instead of copy+pasting someone else’s work into the comments you’d have known that.

    I don’t know if the first line of your comment was aimed at me but the strapline on my blog is actually “a foreigner in my own country” and refers to me being English in what those who seek to deny me my national identity call “Britain” or “The Regions”.

  6. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    Now you know the mindset of these Socialist arseholes, they are basically cowards who are ashamed of their own race, they have an infinite inferiority complex.
    In history the noblest blood is that which fights to defend its homeland from the invading hordes and I include ALL races and Nations in that. National heroes, sometimes elevated into sainthood were invariably Patriots who sacrificed themselves for their homeland.
    But Socialists are cowardly simpering soulless Godless creeps who are in denial and forever apologising for their own existence, have no respect for themselves and receive none from others. Their Cowardly appeasing attitude is perceived as weak and servile. Their entire life is a dogma induced hallucination.

  7. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I wonder when Sir John Inkley got his knighthood and what it was for. Google is strangely bereft of any information.

  8. Calum (183 comments) says:

    “are ashamed of their own race”

    You racist, ignorant fool. Am i proud of my race? I don’t give a toss about my skin colour. I am human, so if the next man or woman. We are all 99.9% genetically the same, be we man or woman, black or white or whatever. We are all the same. Why do we define ourselves by the things that make us different, like race, religion etc…? Because we are ignorant fools. Because we are insecure, and deranged fools like yourself prey on this insecurity and feed people lies and hatred. You should be ashamed of yourself Sean. Why don’t you fuck off to Nazi Germany, they were proud of their race weren’t they. Racial pride and other notions of racial superiority lead to evil. They lead straight to the gates of Auschwitz. The most horrible place i have ever been.

    I can’t believe people like you are still around. I would have thought that the murder of 6million Jews because of their faith, their race would have made us reconsider making such provocative and evil statements. You should be ashamed Sean.

    Sir John, i agree with most of what you have said. Well put.

    Wonko. On the ex parliamentary candidate, he has made racist comments on his blog about racism. He has a record of bigotary and ignorance.

    Also, in post no 5, wonko. Who cares about where people are genetically from. They are our fellow man. It doesn’t matter what their creed is, they are human beings, and we should treat them as such, not as people of a different type to ourselves.

  9. Kevin Fulcher (20 comments) says:

    Paula Smith confuses genetics and cultural factors. National identity is not an inherited characteristic, but a recognition of common values, customs, origins and language that together combine to produce a sense of shared national identity which is necessarily exclusive, but also can be tolerant and welcoming, as the history of this country has often shown. She is also profoundly ignorant on the cultural values of the Early English. The alliance of Anglo-Saxon and British was cemented by marriage between Hengist and Rowena, daughter of King Vortigern of Kent. Guinevere is a Saxon name, from the same stem as that from which we derive Winifred. (Wynhefer). So much for racial purity. It is true that they held the Britons in contempt, but the archaeological record shows assimilation occurring as often as conquest.
    Enoch Powell was not a racist. His record at the time of Indian independence makes that abundantly plain. His 1968 speech was an attempt to warn of the likely impact on Britain of uncontrolled immigration; the results are all too plain to see. It might not be a wholly bad thing, but the fact is we had no say in it. It is just as well that the head of MI5 is not a Conswervative candidate- he would have been gone by now! Cheers, Kevin F.

  10. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    what a rant, and for the record Calum whoever and whatever you are, respect for oneself and one’s origins and history nurture respect for others. It is self loathing socialists such as you who are unstable and a threat to their fellow man. it is you who is in need of some treatment not me, I know who I am and where I came from.

  11. David B. Wildgoose (25 comments) says:

    The only racism I can see has just been written by Calum and Paula Smith, seeing as it appears they consider defending English culture (NOT race) is unacceptable.

    As for smears like describing Enoch Powell as a “self-confessed pederast” – this is just beyond belief.

    For the record, Enoch Powell spoke Urdu fluently. How many “white” MPs do you know that could say that today?

    And it was Enoch Powell who encouraged nurses to come to this country from the Carribean when he was Health Secretary.

    But you don’t want to know the FACTS do you? After all, they might just shake your blinkered world-view.

  12. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Calum, race isn’t the same as colour.

  13. Andy (20 comments) says:

    Oh here we go,the same old tired crap about the English as a mongrel nation,i am so sick of hearing this bollocks.
    Paula,1) a smattering of Anglo-Saxons?contemperary historians state that the entire Angle and Saxon nations came to this country. 2)Romano british the true English?the whole point is that the English came from Germany and that part of Germany that was never part of the Roman empire . 3)spanish and africans mingled with the English?the English were not here 7000 years ago,so no we dont have the nigger gene in us.4)Norman French?all 10,000 of them.Go back to your books little girl and leave this stuff to people who actually know what they are talking about.

  14. Andy (20 comments) says:

    Oh and Calum are you some sort of cunt?

  15. Tetley (1 comments) says:

    A bit of Common Sense please!

    Every major ethnic group is a combination of similarly evolved and geographically close tribes that have unified or formed together.

    The Chinese consist of hundreds of similarly evolved oriental tribes: Han,Zhuang,Manchu,Hui,Yi,Mongols,Koreans,Tibetans,Buyei,dong,yao…to name a few.Are you suggesting the Chinese are not a race of people?

    The Native Americans consist of hundreds of different ethnic groups:Apache,Cherokee,Kissimi,Miami,Sioux to name a few.Are you suggesting they are not native Americans?

    …and Yes the English are partly from angle,saxon and viking tribes who are all similarly evolved European tribes just as the Chinese are made up of similarly evolved Oriental tribes and the native Americans are similarly evolved north American tribes.

    So in fact every race of people is mixed to some degree but to say there is no such thing as the English is bigoted racist nonsense.

    (The person who mentioned the FRENCH NORMANS coming here in large numbers.That’s the typical sort of ignorance I would expect from a bigot.Firstly the Normans weren’t French,they were Viking and secondly there wasn’t even enough Normans here to fill one stand of a football stadium)

    A little fact: The word slave originated in eastern Europe in the 7th century when Muslims captured and took white Slavic people.If somebody starts banging on about slavery.Just ask them where the word slave originates from.I bet you they wouldn’t know.

  16. Banner (1 comments) says:

    It is quite obvious from comments about Enoch Powell that his detractors know nothing about the man himself and for political expediency dwell on Powell’s name to divert the question of mass immigration.
    I am an ordinary human being – not a scholar or member of the professions, until my retirement just a worker – I mix and drink with anyone!
    What I find amusing is that I have yet to meet a socialist who has bothered to read the actual speech Powell made on April 20, 1968.
    People should realise that Enoch Powell was a very intelligent man. He joined the Warwickshire Regiment as a Private soldier when war began – by the time war finished in 1945 at the age of thirty two he was a Brigadier, I think, the youngest man to become a Brigadier in Britain`s military history!
    Powell was a classical scholar who could also speak about eight languages amongst them Greek, Urdu and Latin fluently.
    For twenty four years 1950 – 1974 he represented Wolverhampton south – west. His constituency was mixed – Tettenhall and Codsall being middle class and Whitmore Reans and Dunstall being primarily working class. In 1968 street after street in the Whitmore Reans and Dunstall areas were largely coloured or Asian dominated. Yet election after election Powell was returned as their MP. Why was he returned as their MP? Because he looked after the interests of all his constituents, another reason was that he encouraged immigrant workers/nurses to take up employment in the factories and hospitals of Wolverhampton – alongside white people!
    Just as today, despite quotas being set, immigration figures were being fiddled by the Wilson Government. In Parliament Powell quoted the figures given to him by the Registrar Generals Office of 50,000 dependants of immigrants coming into the country and that in fifteen and twenty years this would be 3,500,000 Commonwealth immigrants and their descendants and by 2000 there would be between 5 and 7 million.
    Note: – this was in 1968 and note the word ‘Commonwealth.’ Note also, this era and speech was only 23 years after the second world war – long before Blair and his left wing loonies set about changing the face of Britain by screaming racist at every question asked about immigration and the banning of everything wonderful about the UK it`s people and culture, like Irishman – Scotsman – Welshman – Englishmen jokes, kids nursery rhymes, hopscotch. Happy faces, laughter? You name it socialists think tanks have banned it!
    In his famous speech Powell did not mention the words ‘rivers of blood’ this was the description given by journalists present and enlarged upon by Socialist MPs and fellow travellers for their own political propaganda.
    Powell`s speech quoted a prophesy from the first century Roman poet Virgil – Aeneid 6 [Book 6]. ‘Like the Roman, I see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.’ Indeed, if Powell had said this in it`s original form of Latin it would probably have not been picked up until probably another couple of weeks had elapsed – by probably another Latin scholar.
    Powell`s speech contained other phrases that at that time many thought to be more explosive but were passed over by journalists, Labour MP`s and the rest of the socialist left. They found in the word ‘blood’ to be the ‘emotive’ word which would suit their electoral purposes and they played on the phrase ‘rivers of blood.’ They virtually ignored the reference to ‘it`s like a nation busily engaged heaping up it`s own funeral pyre,’ or his reference to the then Immigration Bill ‘it`s like throwing a match on dynamite.’
    Powell was vilified by the left wing press, Labour MP`s, socialists of all colours including those who should have been in jail for spying on our nation. Within his own Conservative Party many supported his speech, however it`s leader Ted Heath wrote to Powell saying, ‘this was the last time he would speak to him.’
    However, when one looks at Heath`s record he never spoke to anyone! In 1974 he never told the nation that ‘he’ was taking the UK into the Common Market [EU] and after he was deposed by Margaret Thatcher he didn`t speak to her for about 25 years!
    Despite Powell`s sacking from the shadow cabinet his support in the country was enormous. In one week he received 150,000 letters and telegrams of support, workers across the country walked out of factories in support of his right to free speech. In London dockers walked out and invaded parliament voicing support for Powell and lobbying Labour MP`s in support of Powell and free speech. Peter Short and Ian Mikado [Labour] were shouted down, scuffles broke out.
    At the end of April the Gallop Poll Organisation conducted an opinion poll and found that 74% agreed with what Powell had said and only 15% disagreed. 69% felt Heath was wrong to sack Powell. 83% felt immigration should be restricted!
    It is ironical that during Powell`s speech, of the many people present only one voice of hostility arose from the audience – the person was not asked to leave! Put this in perspective and focus ones mind on how many times one has seen dissenters actually dragged out of Labour Party/ Socialist conferences and meetings.
    Unlike politicians grubbing around in todays era, Powell was a politician of honour and conviction. He had fought throughout world war 2 for the value of freedom and to maintain the British peoples right to free speech. A freedom of speech in which he railed about the evils of inflation and against a government policy of which he was member and through which he resigned from office.
    Powell warned against Heath`s intention to enter the European Common Market [EU] without the support of the British people and on the eve of the February 1974 General Election Powell quit the Conservative Party in disgust at what he saw as a betrayal of the British people. Heath took the UK into the Common Market [EU] without bothering to discuss it with the people.
    Was Powell right ? Well, in the eighties there were riots in Bristol, Toxteth, Brixton Handsworth and there have been problems in many towns since.
    Inflation ? Powell was right about that too! From the 60`s to the 70’s salary increases were banned except in cases of job promotion – pay packets rose according to the points rise in the inflation rate. Since the seventies there have been many instances where salary increases have skipped a year.
    The EU [Common Market] ? It does not need me to remind people how much of our national identity has been handed to Europe. A referendum ? We don’t need one said Blair. We don`t need one says Brown. Such is the way of socialism and it`s politicians!
    When talking to Labour people I am often told, ‘Socialism is a broad church.’
    So it is! During the twentieth century socialism spawned Joe Stalin, Chairman Mau, Hitler – yes that`s right, he was a National Socialist – a member of that broad church and of course Pol Pot. That four alone must account for 80 million dead ! And there are even more in that broad church like the Marxist Mugabe and his dictator mates in other African countries.

  17. SirJohnraasclaat (1 comments) says:

    “Regarding the innate tendency towards racism in England, Mark Thomas of UCL London, comments that in the 5th Century a kind of apartheid system operated by the Anglo Saxons who had immigrated to Britain and who had then achieved political power and who tried (in vain) to prevent intermarriage between their members and Romano – Britons so as to preserve a ‘pure immigrant race’. Sounds familiar!

    Sir John “Calum” Inkley (WW2 veteran)

    So Sir Cal, I mean John, where are the links to your so-called evidence?
    Mark Thomas of UCL London? What the Welsh commie you mean? Of course, being Welsh would not make him biased/bigoted/prejudiced or bigoted against the English or anything like now would it?
    The only reason you make such slanderous remarks against the AngleCynn (English nation) is because you’re bigoted against them. People like you have no facts! Hence, there are no references or links to what you’re posting. You hate Enoch Powell because he was honest about what he felt. You also hate him because he was English!

    Sir John (apparently)

    “Immigrants have nothing to defend. They are as ‘English’ as the host population”.

    They are? Is that why they define themselves as “Pakis” and “West Indians” then? I think you’re telling lies!

    Sir John

    “History has shown that the immigrant ‘English’ have contributed to the rich culture and economic success of England and continue to do so”.

    You have just contradicted yourself Sir John. If they are English like you say, why the inverted commas?
    “Contributed to the rich culture”? Really? The English already have a culture thank-you very much!

  18. Calum (183 comments) says:

    Why do you think i am “Sir John Inkley”, whoever he is? I’m not. Why would i post something in another name? Any view i have i am more than happy for people to know that i have it, so why would i hide behind the cowardly mask of anonymity, like you have done?

    Also, Andy, that last point you made was such a sophisticated one, calling me a c**t, oh bravo. How long did it take you to come up with that one? That really hurt, cut right to the bone.

    There is no point arguing with you lot. You are all ignorant biggots. Immigration is good. It makes this country billions a year, a net benefit of 3bn. But, it is much more than that, as we have built a socirty on the backs of the oppressed, the oppressed used to be the working class, but are now immigrants, who are exploited ruthlessly.

    Additionally, this whole notion of sturing up hatred and fear is dangerous. Now, as we have a almost self regulating society, a market democracy, the legacy of thatcher, where the market decides everything, even things in the great instutitions of state, like the NHS. Now, Government has very little to do, so they conjure up dangers, things to protect us from. Things to give themselves powers to protect us from some bug bad thing, such as . The media sthis over egged manufactured threat of Al Qaeda . The media works in a similar way, they play, like governments do, on our fears, on our weakest point. That being our fear. Governmnet does it to justify itself, to give it something to do, that being to protect us from threats that it manufactures. This fear keeps us in order. This isn’t a British phenomenon, it is an international one, one that transcends New Labour and the Tories. It is something borne out of the New Rights demolition of the state.

    The media likewise plays on our fears, for the best point to a mans soul is his weakest point. Hence, the media play on our fears, the fear of the unfamiliar. That is why we hear all these stories about immigrants and other social aliens, other people who are different and don’t conform to our social norms.

    The standidarisation and norlalisation of society is another means of control. If someone doesn’t conform to how we think they should be we slap some mental illness on them, bu it OCD, ADDHD, depression etc… This is another means of control, for a homogeneous people are easier to control. Another way to control (and to a lesser extent to create homogeniaty) is by fear.

    I would love to see an end to fear politics, i want people to come out and say what a load of shit Al Qaeda is, that they a) don’t even really exist and that b) if they do exist that they are a bunch of disorganised incompitent fools. Which is what they are. What happened to hope politics. It was destroyed as the state was destroyed by the New Right.

  19. Calum (183 comments) says:

    no response??

  20. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Immigration is good, it brings fresh blood and energy into a country.

    Uncontrolled immigration is bad, it lets too much detritus in and has less of a beneficial knock on effect.

    At the moment we are at a bad part of the pendulem swing between nasty and nice, we are too nice and accomidating and not nasty enough, that is self promoting and confident about ourselves.

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