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Belgians today awoke to their 150th day without a government.

The Christian Democrats and Liberals have so far been unable to get their acts together and form a coalition leaving Belgium without a government.  The job of governing the country is being taken care of by the outgoing government.

Belgium is the model on which Federal Europe is based – a multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic unholy union of people who don’t even like each other, let alone want to be stuck in a union.  The longer Belgium stays in this state, the more obvious it becomes that the EU model is fatally flawed.  The federal state that eurofederalists like the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan and David Camoron want will flounder very early in its life and end up fractured along racial, religious and lingustic lines, just like Belgium is now.

The good news is that the EU not-a-constitution is due to be signed in December and it looks increasingly likely that Belgium won’t have a government to ratify the treaty as the incumbent rump government doesn’t have the authority to deal with matters of that importance.  This, coupled with a likely referendum in Denmark, could be another significant nail in the EU not-a-constitution’s coffin.

The Brussels Journal has some bits and pieces on Belgium’s farcial inability to govern itself.

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