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A couple of months back I got an email from Gareth asking if I’d do an interview on behalf of Anthem 4 England for BBC Radio 4.

Being a media whore helpful person I invited the presenter up to Telford to do the interview.  He was here for about an hour which was distilled into less than 10 seconds in the programme!  Not only that but he said that I run the Anthem4England website which, of course, is incorrect – Gareth runs it.

Ah well, at least it got the subject of an English anthem a mention on national radio.

You can listen again to the programme.  It was on today’s Questions Questions and the anthems programme starts at about 7:30.

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  1. Rhys (1 comments) says:

    Taken from the Anthem4England homepage:

    \”and those Scots and Welsh that still consider themselves British are now obliged to boo their own anthem for fear of being regarded as traitors by an increasingly nationalistic tendency.\”

    No one in Wales is obliged to boo the English (sorry British) anthem by nationalists. There are idiots who boo it just because it\’s the anthem sung by the English (see, I didn\’t call it English anthem), I\’ll grant you that, but on the whole it\’s booed purely because of the lyrics. I personally don\’t boo it (why wind up the opposition any more?) and sympathize with the English position – but statements like the above do not help your cause.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I don’t boo the British national anthem because I don’t hear it – I mute the telly when it comes on.

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