Heather Mills is a Loony

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Heather Mills is mad as a fucking hatter.  She turned up in a 4×4 to the unveiling of some new posters bearing her picture to tell us meat eating heathens that we’re all contributing to global warming by drinking milk and eating beef.

“Meat and dairy animals produce more greenhouse gases than all the worlds transport combined” says one of the posters.  The other one says that “livestock are destroying the earth”.

Humans are omnivores, we are designed to eat a mixture of meat and plants.  Eating just plants is not a healthy diet.  In one of her random, barely coherent rants, she seems to suggest drinking rats milk as an alternative to cows milk.  The woman is a lunatic.

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  1. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    The obvious question to ask is, if she’s so friggin’ worried about the Earth why does she drive at all let alone a 4X4? Bang! Her credibility is zero! Who is the mono legged one to lecture others? She should go to one of those beligerant hindu nationalists and inform them that their cows are farting too much and that it needs to stop immediately! Oh no of course it’s only honky western man who’s to blame. Yeah like fuckin’ hell it is! Fuck off Mills, we aint swallowing your shite. Did I say swallowing? The hippy queen ought to know ah?
    Oh whilst i’m at it, how come she shagged all those rich geezers? Aint like microbial resistence to anti biotics wasnt helped by the big never ending shagfest in the “enlightened” hippy 60’s and 70’s! We are living with the results of that shite right now mate. Oh what the f*ck will up ‘erself Heather spout when she can’t get rid of that open wound on her rat? Has Heather never heard of M.R.S.A.?
    F*ckin’ rats milk! Oh for goddddddddddddddddds sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re right, she is a f*ckin loony!

  2. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    Never trust a veggie or a tea-totaler.

    The only use for vegetables is to mop up the juices of the meat

  3. Fenn (1 comments) says:

    She got the idea from an episode of the Simpsons…..”Mayored to the mob” lol

  4. Phil (1 comments) says:

    How would one milk at a rat exactly?

  5. hoohaahee (3 comments) says:

    You have a site covered in crazy, semi-facist nationalist banners, flags, images and the like and you’re calling HER crazy?

    Take your head outta yer arse mate. One world, for all humans. Idiots like yourself perpetuate division, intolerance and the non-existent concept of “nationalism”..whatever the fuck that is.

    Oh and may I just say to a fervent nationalist: Good job on the world cup! we laughed our fucking ARSES off 😉

  6. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Explain which pictures are fascist and for what reason. And who is “we”?

  7. hoohaahee (3 comments) says:

    I won’t bother as you removed my previous post. Too accurate, perhaps?

  8. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    No I haven’t, it’s there!

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