Was this man really the Chancellor?

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The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan has announced more “green” measures today, including the possibility of an increase in the target for reducing carbon emmissions by 2050 from 60% to 80%.

How is this going to be achieved?  Well, extra taxation, obviously.  The annual price of driving a car will probably end up being more than the car itself by 2050.  Britishness Brown says that his plans will require “no less than a fourth technological revolution”.  I’ve heard it all now – the Liebour Party can produce technological revolutions on demand!

Federal Europe has a hand in all this of course.  We will have to produce between 40 and 50% of our power by 2020.  Currently we produce only 5% from “renewable sources” and wind and solar power is massively inefficient.  We probably won’t even have the facilities to build wind farms of solar panels by 2020 anyway because of the carbon emmissions the factories produce.  In Brown’s Republic of New Britain we won’t have any factories, just mud huts full of basket weavers.

Brown reckons that by effectively banning any form of heavy industry, taxing drivers off the roads and penalising companies for producing carbon emmissions that hundreds of thousands of new British jobs can be created in British Britain.  Presumably from new companies giving advice on how to avoid paying so many green taxes and advising people on how to piss tens of thousands of pounds up the wall trying to improve the energy efficiency of their old, energy inefficient homes.

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