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A university lecturer who was banned by the Attorney General from taking legal action has found a way round the ban by launching another racial discrimination case in Northern Ireland.

The Hindu “Indian American” was named a vexatious litigant by the Attorney General after starting 40 discrimination cases against various universities and academic bodies in the US and UK. He has made almost £200,000 in compensation claims and cost the taxpayer around £1m.

According to the Daily Mail his modus operandi is to apply for jobs which he may or may not be qualified for and if he failed to get shortlisted then he will launch a racial discrimination case. Sometimes he will apply for a job in both his own name and also with a fake “white” name and if he failed to get shortlisted but his fake name did then he will launch a racial discrimination case.

Unfortunately, the ban doesn’t cover Northern Ireland as it has its own judiciary and so Suresh Deman has launched his latest spurious claim there. He has complained that he can’t get a job because they know about his reputation. When a journalist approached him about the banning order he threatened to sue them.

Deman is an American citizen, has no job, is clearly an undesirable immigrant and quite obviously unemployable. He is abusing the legal system with spurious and unfounded legal action against taxpayer-funded organisations to pay the bills. Why not send him home where they teach this sort of thing in primary school?

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  1. cuhjeimmmyyyyy (2 comments) says:

    A university lecturer who was banned by the Attorney General from taking legal action has found a way round the ban by launching another racial discrimination case in Northern Ireland.

    I hope you hippies are happy with the ridiculous
    politically correct system you created! What does pc mean? It means average scumbags, like this bloke, can elevate themselves above honest, hard-working people. Everyone knows it should not be
    that way. People should get ahead on merit, i.e. hard work
    and sweat. They should not get ahead because they have worked out how
    to be the biggest CUNT UNDER THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that,
    what example does this give to kids? Mind you the kids only have to look at Gordon fuckin’ bastard Brown to see a scumbag!

  2. Council for Ethnic Minority (2 comments) says:

    (England & Wales)
    PO Box 17517
    London SE9 2ZP
    Tel. 0208 265 0536, Fax: 0208 8594657, Mobile 07877008095

    4 December 2007

    Press Complaints Commission
    Halton House
    20/23 Holborn
    London EC1N 2JD
    Fax: 0207 831 0025

    Dear Mr. Toumlin:

    Yesterday we spoke to your staff member who claimed that PCC has not received our complaint against the Daily Mail. Having heard Mr. Deman’s name he sounded hostile and was unwilling wail for us to give him exact date and time when the facsimile was sent to PCC. However, once we provided him that information he immediately confirmed that complaint against Daily Mail has been received but no action has been taken. We wonder how our complaint appeared from nowhere, which initially he claimed, had not been received?

    Further to our complaint of 22 February 2007, which is subject of judicial review, we wish to make another complaint against the Swansea Evening Post of 21 November 2007. We believe a failure on he part of PCC to investigate our previous complaints against the Racist mafia in the media has further instigated the other newspapers to repeat Daily Mail’s story without giving Mr. Deman a chance. Story is full of inaccuracies, misleading claims and tainted racially biased assertion.

    The story has been run by an unnamed reporter that demonstrates an appalling lack of balance and appears to wish to erroneously portray Mr Deman as someone who is exploiting the system whereas in reality Mr Deman has been a victim of the system, but a victim who has tried to fight back in spite of the overwhelming odds against him. The title of the story is, “Banned Lecturer’s Payout Obsession”, which is quite misleading as Mr Deman recently had an opportunity to have his case heard after 11 years in which he played no part.
    Mr Deman’s photograph has been published without his consent in breach of Article 8 of the ECHR. Again an unnamed reporter published confidential agreements, though inaccurately, how much Mr Deman has won in judgements and settlements but fails to mention that over the last six years it has cost Mr Deman over £350,000 in legal fees. Overall Mr Deman has gained nothing in terms of money but has fought these cases to vindicate his self-esteem.
    The Reporter refers to an erroneous decision of Mr Justice Underhill, which is subject of challenge in the ECHR. He does not mention that Mr Underhill is also a subject of judicial complaint for his failure to disclose that Attorney General an d him were not only belonged to the same Chambers, Fountain Court Chamber but were also social and professional friends. Lord Goldsmith, Attorney General who was claimant against Mr. Deman. It would have been anyone’s guess what would have been the outcome.
    Further the Evening Post like repeated Daily Mail’s sensationalism that it has cost the taxpayer more than 1 million. The reporter gives absolutely no justification for this figure which he has apparently “plucked from the air” to make a sensational headline. He also refers to public expenses, which tend to suggest as if Mr Deman got legal aid to pursue his claims in the tribunals, which is false. All cases in the Tribunals and Courts are heard on public expenses therefore it was not unique to Mr Deman.
    The EAT order does not say Mr Deman cannot bring any claims. In fact recently EAT allowed Mr Deman’s appeal against a cost order of one of the most racist Chairman of the Tribunal, Mr. Leahy at Manchester. Recently EAT has also allowed Mr. Deman’s application for costs against the University of Manchester. Clearly the reporter has not taken time to research the difference between a High Court Order and an EAT order. This is just another example of sloppy journalism, inaccurate reporting and racial bias.
    The unnamed reporter appears to blame Mr Deman for delay in hearing the case. A somewhat similar story was run by the Sunday Life based on information given by the a senior tribunal staff, which is a subject of defamatory and racially biased proceedings in the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland against the Sunday Life and Tribunals. In fact delay in listing was entirely Tribunal’s fault as 2 respondents in the case are lay members of the Tribunals. We do not find any news coverage to that case.
    On 14 November 2007 Respondents’ counsel Mr O’Reily assaulted Mr Deman in the Court Room in presences of witnesses. This incident was reported as a racist and sectarian assault. Surprisingly, there is reference to the incident in the unnamed report. Although the Tribunal has to arrange security due to above incident the racial and sectarian harassment by Cameramen continued and further police report was made on 20 November 2007 [C&C No. 344, 14/11/07 and C&C 238, 20/11/07, ‘B’ District South Belfast].
    Contrary to the unnamed reporter’s story Mrs Carroll was instigate by Mr Jay to make a complaint of sexual harassment in which she did not believe herself as shown by documents. After through investigation by Equal Opportunity manager her complaint was dismissed. There is no reference to this in his story.
    Further unnamed reporter falsely reported that Mr Deman was a part time lecturer. In fact Mrs Carroll was a part time clerical staff and Mr Deman was a full time faculty member on probation. Contrary to the story Mrs Carroll never complaint that Mr Deman was abusive as there is noting in her 4 pages long complaint to EO officer and/or in notes of her interview with Mr Nesbitt. It was her AUT Representative, Mr Jay who wrote to Dr Geoffrey Talbot, Secretary of the Legal Aid Committee so that he does not receive legal aid to pursue his claims of religious/sex discrimination and victimisation against the Mrs Carroll, Mr Nesbitt and Queen’s University.
    Further the reporter writes that Mr Deman has applied for 1,000 academic posts for even though he was often unqualified. If he was not short-listed or interviewed, a racial discrimination claim might follow”. He has produced no evidence to support his false assertions. If this were true there would have been nearly 1,000 claims in the Tribunal. In fact if Daily Mail or Evening Standard earlier story was to be believed of claims then only 4% claim were made of which 10 were settled and 6 won. Therefore how could Mr. Deman be a vexatious litigant? It does not make sense.
    The Reporter has not produce any evidence that Mr Deman often puts in alternative application under non-Asian name. He has done only once on the advice of CRE Officer and he had been short-listed when he had used a white sounding name although reject 4 times under Indian name.

    You say you do not monitor racial origin of your staff and PCC members we believe this is in breach of the CRE Code of Practice.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.
    Yours sincerely,

    Coordinator, C Kumar
    Acting Coordinators, S. Mahadevan

    CC: Trevor Phillips, Chairman CRE, Fax: 0207 919 0001 & Dr Ian Paisley, MP & MEP & Peter Robinson MP, and Mr S. Deman.

  3. Council for Ethnic Minority (2 comments) says:

    Before sending him home making stereotype racits comments please read his CV.


    DATE OF BIRTH 6 August 1954

    PLACE OF BIRTH India Child: Samantha (Irish)

    NATIONALITY American/Indian Indefinite leave to remain in UK


    Ph.D. Japan [Real Estate Takeovers & Development – Game theoretic Model], M. Phil (Finance), University of Bradford, UK, M.A. Finance & Economics A-Grade, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., M.Phil. (Courses in Finance & Development) – A-Grade J. L. Nehru University, India, M.A. (Economics/Finance.) I Division, University of Rajasthan, India, B.Sc., University of Rajasthan, India, High II Div.


    1999-2002 £ 10, 000 UNEP Funded Project Centre for Economics & Finance.
    1994-95 £ 4,000 NIDev. Research Grant Queen’s University of Belfast
    1989 A$10,000 Visiting Fellowship University of Western Sydney.
    1983-88 National Associateship University Grants Commission.
    1976 Fellowship NCERT
    1977 Fellowship ICSSR
    1974 Fellowship Univ. Grants Commission.

    Appeared in Who’sWho in the World, 1997, 14th Ed., Marquis Pub. Co.

    4. APPOINTMENT SINCE 1994 Visiting Professor &
    Senior Consultant & Honorary Director

    5. CAREER

    2003-present Honorary Visiting Professor Member Barefoot Lawyers Training Institute Advisory Committee.
    1997-1999 Senior Lecturer in Finance Buss School, Univ. Greenwich.
    July 1996-Dec. 1996 Visiting Professor of Finance Finance & Quantitative Analysis, Univ. of Otago, New Zealand
    Feb. 1994-Oct. 1995 Lecturer in Finance
    & Post -Grad. Co-ordinator Buss. School Queen’s University
    Sept. 1992-April 1994 Professor of Econ/Finance. Fukuoka University., Japan.
    Sept. 1990-Aug. 1992 Adjunct Faculty Economics University of Conn., USA
    Feb. 1989-Aug.1990 Research Fellow Economics Australian National University.
    Sept.1988-Dec.1988 Visiting Professor Finance. Business School NTUniversity, Australia.
    Sept. 1983-Dec. 1987 Teaching Fellow Econ/Fin. Economics, University of Pittsburgh, USA
    Nov. 1974-Feb. 1988 Ass. Professor Econ/Fin. Economics, University of Rajasthan, India
    October 95-present, Executive Director & Senior Academic, Centre for Economics & Finance, Member of the UNEP/UNCTAD Expert Group Panel, 1995-present.

    Appeared in Who’sWho in the World, 1997, 14th Ed., Marquis Pub. Co.
    Distinguished by the Black Action Society in America for Academic Achievements

    OTHER SKILLS (include languages and other specialism).

    Lotus 1?2?3, Intermediate, Word 7.0, Word Perfect 7, DW 4.0, 5.0, TSP, RATS, EXCEL, EVIES, Experience of Japanese, Polish.

    OTHER (e.g. professional courses, practitioner training etc.).
    Two weeks course on Input-Output Techniques, UNEP, Postgraduate courses in Environment Compliance, Equal Opportunity Workshops, and Postgraduate Supervision Workshops at Warwick.

    EXTERNAL EXAMINER. Examined PhD/MPhil/MA Dissertations in Japan, UK, US and in India.

    A: REFEREE :
    Advances in Econometrics, Economic Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Developing Areas, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Growth and Change: Regional Development, Managerial and Decision Economics, Journal of Management & Governance , International Review of Financial Analysis.


    American Economics, Finance Association, FMA International.
    Operational Research Society/Institute of Management Science.
    Life Member of Indian Econometric Society.
    Full Member of Sigma Xi
    Royal Economic Society.


    Refereed Journal Articles.

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    Papers can be obtained @£50.00+mailing cost.


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    8. VISITING POSTS: visiting lectureships.
    Visiting Professor, Dept. of Finance, University of Otago, New Zealand, 1996.
    Visiting Professor, Economics Faculty, Fukuoka University, Japan, 1992-94
    Visiting Fellow, University of Western Sydney, Australia, 1989
    Visiting Professor, NT University, Australia, 1988-89
    University Grants Commission Visiting Professor at Economic Academy, Institute of Economic Planning and Cybernetics at Pozanan, Poland, 1982.
    Institute of Regional Planning, Krakow, Central Planning Institute SGPIS, IGPK Warsaw. Also visited International Institute of Applied Systems (IIASA), Vienna, Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Hague, The Netherlands,1982.

    Published International Conference Papers and Communications.


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    Recent Conferences Attended (e.g. for personal development, networking).

    Staff- Development at the University of Greenwich, 1998.

    1. Served on the Panel of Expert Group Meeting of UNEP/UNCTAD, 1995, NY, US.
    2. United Nations Workshop on Environmental Economics 1993 presented paper on “Economic Regulation and Environmental Accounting: A Microeconomic Perspective,” held in Singapore.
    3. International Symposium on Energy and Environmental Regulation 1993. Discussant for a session, Regulatory Policy Research Centre, Hertford College. Oxford University, UK.
    4. Kobe University Summer Seminar 1993 presented paper on “The Theory of Real Estate Takeover Bid and Urban Renewal,” Kobe, Japan.
    5. Chaired Professor Jean?Michel Grandmont’s seminar on “Heterogeneity, Aggregation and Rationality.”
    6. Chaired Professor Y. Asami’s seminar on “The Evaluation of Residential Lots with a Focus on Their Shape.”
    7. Chaired Professor Martin Beckmann s seminar on “Economic Model of Knowledge Network.” 8. Paper at the International Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance, West Germany.
    8. Paper presented at the Business School, Univ. of Connecticut, US.
    9. Paper presented at the Economics Department, Syracuse University, US.
    10. Paper presented at the Agriculture and Resource Economics Department, University of Connecticut, US.


    I have considerable research experience in economics and finance. I have published a number of papers in refereed journals and had an opportunity to participate and present papers in several international meetings including International Conference on Performance Measurement-Theory and Practice and International Symposium on Energy and Environmental Regulation held at Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge and Hertford College, Oxford respectively and a UNEP Workshop on Environmental Economics in Singapore. My main research interests lie in the field of application of game theory and econometrics to economics and finance. In fact, I have published quite a few papers in the area of economics and finance (two of them are joint with Dr. Debasis Chaudhry or and Dr Kaung Wei-Wen and other papers are single author), which are widely cited (see, Journal of Economic Literature & Social Sciences Citation Index, Web). I was invited to serve on the Expert Group of UNEP/UNCTAD in the US. I was also invited to contribute four short articles on various aspects of finance, including ‘Finance and Game theory’ in the Encyclopaedia Dictionary of Finance, published by Blackwell, 1997.

    My recent work on Application of Grossman &Hart Theory to Takeover of Real Estates and building Societies has been accepted for publication in the Special Issue of International Review of Financial Analysis and Journal of Management Governance. I will summarise my contribution briefly.

    The motivation behind this paper is a footnote in Grossman & Hart (1980) paper on “Takeover Bids, the Free Riders’ Problem and the Theory Corporations”, published in the Bell Journal of Economics, 1980. Since the publication of G & H paper, a number of papers have been published in professional journals (including one in JPE which makes trivial contribution) identifying the shortcomings of their work. Broadly speaking, there are two classes of papers in the literature on corporate takeovers, see, Fishman (199) and Deman (1994). First category of papers rely upon continuum of player assumption, for example, Grossman & Hart (1980) and others. Second class of papers focus on finitely many players. For example, papers by Kovenock (1984), Shleifer and Vishny (1986), Bagnoli and Lipman (1988), Hirshleifer and Titman (1990), Deman (1991, 1994), Holmstrom and Nelbuff (1992), Harrington and Prokop (1993), and Fluck (1993) have considered finitely many players in the game. The basic distinction between Grossman & Hart paper and the others is the assumption of continuum of players and atomistic shareholders. Why should this matter? I will elaborate this briefly. With continuum of players assumption, the paradox is caused by the following “disappearance of information” because only the aggregate play is observed. Hence, the individual deviation cannot be met by rewards and punishments. In a finite number of players game, there is a change in the aggregate play whenever a player deviates. The change may be very small, but perfectly observable. Therefore deviations can be rewarded or punished regardless of number of players. Hence, the results are straight forward that takeovers will occur with positive probability in models with finitely many players.

    Since the publication of Schall’s 1976 paper in the AER in related area, I have not come across any paper addressing problem of urban renewal using a corporate finance and/or game-theoretic model. In my paper I follow Milgrom and Roberts (1982) paper on Limit Pricing and Entry published in Econometrica, and use a subgame perfect approach under complete but imperfect information in the game.

    My manuscript is an extension of Grossman & Hart work on takeovers and falls in the latter category of papers. I provide a formal mathematical structure to G & H model using measure theory and look at a class of games to include both continuum and finitely many homeowners to contrast the situation when the redevelopment project is indivisible and partially divisible. In pure strategy equilibrium a redevelopment projects require all property in the target blocks to be economically feasible which can be realised through purchase by secrecy. In addition to secrecy, developers use options. So long as the developer doesn’t need all the units, he can acquire options and build where he first assemble a sufficient amount. Pipelines apparently do that all the time. They can also assemble partial holdings and then not include the holdouts. Urban landscapes are littered with holdouts that were frozen out.

    In the model I allow the developer to assemble a site for redevelopment within an admissible size range. As the expected values of the redevelopment and incumbent owners’ free-riding on the redevelopment vary continuously with project scale, G & H pure strategy symmetric equilibria may no longer exist. In other words, the socially desirable symmetric equilibrium identified in the above model depends crucially on the assumptions of complete indivisibility of redevelopment projects and atomistic property owners. This will be the case if the project demands a zoning change, is of high commercial value, and the many incumbent owners are basically homogeneous. However, many urban renewal projects do not match these characteristics. Inner city residential redevelopment, for example, usually takes place in deteriorated existing neighbourhoods, and does not require a specific scale so long as it exceeds a threshold level. The relaxation of complete indivisibility also introduces variation to property owners’ bargaining power, which cannot be handled by G & H model with uniform dilution. The richness of the model is further enhancement by the introduction of strategic interaction and rational expectations character into the model. Unlike G & H model I also show that one cannot completely rule out a possibility of takeover by an inefficient developer, which may result in slum equilibria.

    At the policy level my research intends to develop a corporate finance-game theoretic model that could describe a broad range of urban redevelopment projects, predicts the outcomes of real estate takeovers by developers, and evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of their using dilution (privatised eminent domain in the context of urban renewal) in the process. In the absence of direct public intervention, urban redevelopment is in essence private investment in public goods. While Pareto improvement could be achieved by such undertaking, the “unexcludibility” of public goods tends to provide incumbent property owners incentives of free-riding on the improvements, and results in “holdout” problems that often hinder successful redevelopment. Certainly the government could step in whenever holdouts occur and exercise its power of eminent domain to wipe them out, but it in so doing will invite scepticism about its impartiality. Leaving alone public intervention, could we solve the holdout problem by market mechanisms? To this date, no satisfactory answer has been offered in the urban or land economics literature. My paper, in fact, addresses some of these questions. The paper also provides an analytical framework for studying a broad range of privatised urban redevelopment by organising sales of real estate property at par with sales of stocks for a corporation.

    The main conclusion of the paper is that the threat of takeover can facilitate redevelopment programme undertaken by a developer even though the equilibria are straight forward in a finitely many players’ game for the reasons stated above. I also show that the developer faces a trade-off between a low bid price and a high probability of takeover. However, the probability of takeover can be enhanced by the provision of dilution or exercise of right to eminent domain. I therefore believe my paper makes a useful application of game theory and corporate finance to address policy issues of dilution, imminent domain, slum equilibria, and other urban renewal problems. Paper also provides evidence in favour of how the market for development purchases should be organised. In fact, it seems like a potentially interesting idea and it might even be possible for a local government to adopt such a rule. To minimise abuse of right of eminent domain by the government and to enhance the effectiveness of using eminent domain as a threat by the developer I introduce a democratic (50% yes vote) or super majority rule in the model (to pass a constitutional test).


  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    You really believe that one man has been the victim of 40 cases of racism serious enough to warrant legal action? In 33 years he’s had a career and applied for 40 jobs which he hasn’t got because the organisation in question is racist? Don’t make me laugh.

    The cost to the taxpayer, as you well know, isn’t legal aid. When you take legal action against a state-owned or state-sponsored organisation they spend taxpayers money defending the legal action and taxpayers money paying out the compensation.

    If this country is so damn racist then why the fuck is he still here? He’s not English, he’s “Indian American” so why doesn’t he go back to India or America? He doesn’t like it here, he’s unemployable and his main source of income – bringing spurious legal actions against potential employers – has been taken away from him.

    Like I said, send him home.

  5. The Secret Person (15 comments) says:

    If he wants to get more jobs he should certainly get a shorter CV, noone’s going to bother reading all that crap.

  6. Dr DSilva (1 comments) says:

    What does this man know about the selecxtion criteria? He appears to be a person with thied grade education. WEhen it coems to Black and Ethnic Minority person most racist employers would say there is not enough in the CV if you provide a short CV. If you provide a long CV then they would say most of it is crap. So you cannot with either way therefore you either shut up or put up as Lenax Lewis once said in the ring.

  7. Mrs Jenny Mayo (1 comments) says:

    Contrary to Mr Wonkotsane’s assertion employers have full indemnity against all cliams. Hence, there is no legal cost to tax payers. In fact some employers have profitted from these cases as their defence was financed by Insurers and then they also got cost from the claimants. I recall a case decided by Lord Woolf stated Eversheds solicitor employed bullying tactics agist unrepresented parties. In my veiw Mr Deman has not broken the law. He felt discriminated and sued the empoyers and won in some cases. He has not robbed a bank. I do not see anything wrong with it. In fact we few people have courage to do so. In any event Mr Wonkotsane sounds like a white supermacist or racist ignorant who wants people like him in this country.

  8. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Dear Mrs Jenny Mayo-Deman, please don’t libel me in defence of your husband or you may find that you are on the receiving end of litigation for a change.

  9. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Interstingly, Mrs Jenny Mayo-Deman has also brought sex and racial discrimination cases against academic institutions.

  10. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    I’m sure Mrs Deman did not mean to libel you, Wonko, or perhaps she thinks that just as anti race discrimination laws do not seem to apply to ‘people of colour in England, so the libel laws do not. As a matter of interest, are you ‘a racist ingnorant (sic) who wants people like [Dr Deman] (that is what use of the third person masculine singular pronoun implies, Mrs Deman) in this country’? I certainly don’t, and those who cannot write in decent idiomatic English certainly have no business working in academia here. Whether or not, ‘in any event’ Mrs Deman’s meaning is clear enough but what business has a foreigner questioning the presence and activities in this country of those who were born here? Vexatious litigants may be thought of as tort heroes in the United States of America but here they are still considered a bloody nuisance. Undesirable aliens should be deported as soon as they give the slightest cause, not rewarded and encouraged by the courts.

  11. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I don’t want any foreign national living in this country to get away with abusing our judicial system with spurious claims of discrimination. In fact, I don’t want “British” nationals abusing our judicial system without spurious discrimination cases.

    In the particular case of Dr Deman, no I don’t want him here. He’s a foreign national who has supported himself through accusing academic institutions and public bodies of racial discrimination. He’s lost his main source of income and rendered himself virtually unemployable. He should be set back to either America or India, preferably the latter so that he can live in an environment where there is no catalyst for his deranged fantasies (ie. white people). He clearly has a problem with white people and in accepting his own identity as an asian. I would be happy for us to provide him with limited counselling to help his mental state before deporting him at the taxpayers expense as an act of kindness … well, pity would be more accurate I suppose but you get what I mean?

  12. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ’employers have full indemnity against all cliams. Hence, there is no legal cost to tax payers’

    So, the Insurance premiums go up instead?

  13. AJGraham (2 comments) says:

    I am somewhat disappointed by your unfounded assertions. We, as British nation benefited by subjugating other countries for hundreds of years and now asking that Dr Deman must be deported who has done nothing except exercising his rights under our Law in the creation of which he played no part. Isn’t it an irony?

    As to discrimination I myself did not believe that there was any discrimination and argued with Dr Deman. However, when I attended some of his tribunal cases and witnessed his treatment in the hands of employers, lawyers and Zionist controlled our judicial system my eyes were opened. In my view he got a raw deal. He suddenly he became unemployable like many talented youth in Germany after the II WW.

    Further before we start singing songs of our judicial system many of my fellow white British colleagues and I could not get anywhere. I can imagine Dr Deman’s plight. Mr Deman was prevented to bring further claims of employment under Section 33 by Justice Underhill. However, it transpired that he was a social and professional friend of Attorney General Goldsmith at Fountain Court Chambers who brought the proceedings against Dr Deman. Mr Justice Underhill was picked up by Mr Justice `Elias who was formerly a social and professional colleague of Lord Irvine Chamber [Labour Party Lord Chancellor]. This speaks volumes about our justice system run by Zionist Labour Party mafia.

    Mr Woncotsane (appears to be dozy) addressed Jenny Mayo as Mrs Mayo-Deman, which find quite sexist. I do not know how much research he has done on the family tree? I find above writers suggestion to deport Dr Deman are disgraceful and will be on my dead body. Dr Deman’s success are in discrimination cases is much higher than that publicly funded CRE [now called CEHR] and Law Centres. I therefore urge you to save your energy to deport Mr Trevor Phillips and David Triesman root cause of Dr Deman’s problems [see,

  14. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    AJGraham’s IP address is in the same range as Jenny Mayo-Deman’s and allocated to the same obscure ISP. AJGraham’s writing style and grasp of English is also identical to Mrs Jenny Mayo-Deman’s. What a strange co-incidence.

    Dr Deman is an undesirable alien. He is not a British citizen and therefore has no particular right to be in this country. He came to this country and abused our legal system with a string of spurious discrimination cases. Why, why, why, if this country is so institutionally racist, is Dr Deman still here? why doesn’t he just go back to America or India? If he thinks his own countries are racist and that making racial discrimination cases will help change that then sod off back home and do it. This isn’t his country.

    And Mrs Mayo-Deman, you show your ignorance of our society and the English language in general if you think that addressing a woman as “Mrs” is sexist.

  15. AJGraham (2 comments) says:

    I am surprised by your ignorance about the rights of individuals in the United Kingdom. Even aliens have rigths in the UK. It appears to me most emplooyers who Dr Deman has sued think like you. It is nonsense to say that all his cases are spurious as he has been successful in many of them which you chose not to read. For your information legal rigths in this counrty are not limited to British Citizens. Mr Dr. Deman has leave to remain in this country as long as he wants although he is eligible to become a citizen any time. Further if one follows your absurd reasoning then all British Citizen living/working in the US and other countries are asked to get out for being foreign aliens I believe there will be nothing wrong doing so.

    Further, I am surprised you chose to ingnore my suggestion to save your energy for Trevor Phillips and Mr. Trissman and questioned my identity. If you are not some paid harasser or stocker, let us fix a date and time, I will be there to accept your challenge for a meaningnful debate along with others. In the mean time I am referring this matter to Scotland Yard for your highly offensive and threatening views agis the rights of an individuals.

    My reference to sexist not for using Mrs Mayo-Deman but to attribute Mrs. Jenny Mayo as Mrs. Jenny Mayo-Deman. How do you know what her real name is?

  16. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I’m well aware that non-citizens have rights, it doesn’t mean that non-citizens that abuse the legal system should have the right to stay in the country. If Dr Deman’s discrimination claims were all genuine then he would not have been declared a vexatious litigator.

    Your grasp of the English language is obvioulsy worse than I first thought – at no point have I said that all foreigners should leave the country.

    As for Trevor Philips, I have criticised the CRE and Trevor Philips many times in the past. He’s in the business of trying to prove that the entire establishment is institutionally racist – a complete falsehood – and if he doesn’t support Dr Deman’s claims then they’re quite obviously spurious.

    And your identity – I’m not some uneducated keyboard jockey, I’ve worked in IT for a long time. The comment was from from Mrs Jenny Mayo and used the email address jmayodeman@… which was a bit of a clue. A search of Google turned up details of Mrs Jenny Mayo-Deman, Dr Deman’s wife and her history of sexual and racial discrimination cases. The comment from Jenny Mayo-Deman and AJGraham were from the same IP range allocated to the same ISP and connected through the same router and therefore in the same local area. This last comment is from a different IP range but connected through the same router as the previous comments. That, coupled with the same writing style and the same type of spelling mistakes, leads me to believe that Jenny Mayo-Deman and AJGraham are one in the same. I’ve spent a lot of time weeding trolls out of forums.

    As for reporting this to the police – you go right ahead only please, let me know how loudly they laughed at you. Especially when you explain to them why it’s sexist to refer to someone by their full name.

  17. Coordinator (6 comments) says:

    (England & Wales)
    PO Box 17517
    London SE9 2ZP
    Tel. & Fax: 0208 265 0536, Mobile: 44 752585315,

    25 February 2008

    Mr Stuart Parr alias Woncotsane
    Owners of Wonko blog
    University of London

    Ref: Slander & Racial Intimidation

    Dear Mr. Parr:

    We have been advised by our mutual associates that you and some of your white colleagues have chosen to express publicly a number of your thoughts concerning Mr. Suresh Deman. You also appear to have engaged in a disparaging and potentially racist campaign against him. As Mr. Deman is an advocate of free speech, we certainly encourage you to continue with this debate.

    However, we must let you know that some of the statements your colleagues and you have made and circulated widely on your Website and to others about Mr. Deman are not only untrue, but also are disparaging. You must know by now that Mr. Deman is extremely tolerant of opinions, but that he is an enemy of falsehood. We remind you about our own comments in response to your outrageous campaign in which we gave you an opportunity to amend and/or withdraw your nonsense but you failed to do. Rather you have chosen to retaliate against him. You also purport to give an impression as if you have actions are approved by your employer.

    Therefore, you are hereby notified, under threat of civil action against you for defamation, to cease and desist commenting and circulating falsely about Mr. Deman and us. In the mean time we are forwarding our correspondence to Scotland Yard for an investigation of our complaint of ethnic intimidation.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.

    Yours sincerely,

    C. Kumar, A. J Graham & & Mrs. Mahadevan (Acting),

    cc: Hudgell & Partners Solicitors, Mr. Deman & Prof. D. Kaushik, Hon. President India-America Society. Ethnic Monitoring Group, Mr. J. Fernandez, Chair, CAFAS.

  18. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    1. I don’t work for or attend University of London
    2. Slander is verbal
    3. There is no such crim as racial intimidation
    4. Nothing I have said is racially motivated
    5. I’ve said nothing about “Council for Ethnic Minority”
    6. Dr Deman and his wife clearly aren’t tolerant of opinions
    7. There is no “campaign” against Dr Deman – this post was coverage of a topical news story which was dragged up months later by Dr Deman’s wife
    8. What have you given me an opportunity to withdraw or amend and on whose authority do you ask anything of me?
    9. You don’t know who my employer is, I never mention my employer on my blog
    10. I haven’t defamed anyone, merely repeated information in the public domain and expressed an opinion
    11. As the comment rules (below) say: “I also don’t mind being criticised just as long as you can take criticism in return” – if Mrs Mayo-Deman cannot follow this simple rule she shouldn’t be posting comments here
    12. Report what you like to the police, I’ve committed no crime
    13. Mrs Mayo-Deman has libeled me in calling me a racist intolerant and a white supremecist
    14. You have libeled me by falsely accusing me of racism

    Should I be the next target of spurious discrimination accusations on the part of the Deman’s I will be reporting both Mrs Deman and yourselves for libel.

  19. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Please ensure than any future correspondence is sent to me in writing. If you continue to harass me (I believe you are doing so because I am white so I guess that’s racial harassment) then I will let you know the details of my solicitor.

  20. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘we are forwarding our correspondence to Scotland Yard for an investigation’


    Scotland Yard? Did that not get closed down with Sherlock Holmes?

  21. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Hey Wonko, I’ll be your ethnic minority pit bull, I can use my Jockishness as my minority card, my Jockishness as my validly ethnic excuse for drunken violence and my Jockishness as my god given right to argue with anybody about anything!

  22. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I phoned an acquaintance who happens to be a civil litigator who gave me some very good advice. There’s no case to answer, they can’t substantiate any of their claims.

  23. Coordinator (6 comments) says:

    It has come to our attention you have approached Mrs. Mayo-Deman\’s employer which shows your low level of tolerance. Your assertion that Mr Deman\’s all claims are spurious is a racist nonsense of highest order. For the record a Tribunal in Ashford (with all white members) heard his claims of racial discrimination against University of Greenwich & Russell Brockett and one of your white kind, Mr Ross Geddes and they were found guilty of racial discrimination and victimisation and unfair dismissal. The European School of Economics & Susanne Coates were also found guilty of racial discrimination by Croydon tribunal. Further, a tribunal in Nottingham (again all white members) also heard claims against Professor Gow and Nottingham University and they were found guilty of discrimination. Subseuqnetly Prof. Gow was rewarded with MBE which speaks volumes about your system. Despite this you continue to make false assretion that his claims are spurious. We genuinely believe only a white supermacist and/or a firebrand racist could deny the existence of racial discrimination aginst Mr Deman and would seek his deportation. The best defence against the libel is to tell the truth and we would not hesitate to do so. Go ahead, I strongly encourage you to do so and seek his deportation.

    Please be advises to let us have your mailing address to serve upon you and your bull dogs a formal notice and court summons. Mr Graham will be on the line tonight to deal with your nonsense.

  24. Coordinator (6 comments) says:

    Dear Mr Stuart Parr:

    We act on behalf of Mrs Mayo-Deman. Please be advised to provide us copies of any and/or all your e-mail/letters which you sent to her employers and other person(s)with immediate effect adn explain the purpose of sending to them as we wish to take up this matter with our solicitors.

    Yours sinecerely,

    C Kumar & Mrs Mahadevan, Cooridinator(s)

  25. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Dear “Coordinator”,

    You may make your request in writing to the publisher of this blog, Birmingham, Black Country & Coventry City Region Limited. You can write care of the hosting company, quoting the domain name to the following address:

    1&1 Internet, Inc.
    c/o Legal compliance
    701 Lee Road, Suite 300
    Chesterbrook, PA 19087

    As mentioned in my last comment to you, you should direct all correspondence in writing.

  26. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Please note that any correspondence will need to be accompanied by a copy of Mrs Mayo-Deman’s letter of instruction to you. I have no idea who you are and I suggest you think very carefully before continuing to harass me.

  27. Coordinator (6 comments) says:

    (England & Wales)
    PO Box 17517
    London SE9 2ZP
    Tel. & Fax: 0208 265 0536, Mobile: 44 752585315,

    25 February 2008

    Mr Stuart Parr alias Woncotsane

    We have read your piece entitled “Send him Home” and various comments on it. We know how to deal with people like you but at the very outset let me point out the inaccuracies in your piece.

    1. Mr Deman has not launched any new claim in Northern Ireland. He has an outstanding claim of religious and political and sex discrimination in Northern Ireland since 1996, which was scheduled in 2007 only when he sought legal assistance from his solicitors. Hence, it is nonsense that Mr Deman found a way around to lodge a claim. Rather a delay for 10 years to list a case for a full merit hearing speaks a lot about our legal system. Had Mr Deman being a white or an Irish Roman Catholic or a Protestant this would not have happened to him. In any event Mr Deman did not have case of racial discrimination in Northern Ireland, as there was no Race Relations Act in Northern Ireland in 1996.

    2. Despite Council of Ethnic Minority’s complaint to Press Complaint Commission Mr Parr alias Woncotsane does not retract his story based on erroneous and racist coverage. Simply because someone has published false information it does not give him licence to circulate it again. In fact he is equally responsible. We made it clear that cost of litigation to Mr Deman was far greater than his awards in race discrimination claims. In fact he is under huge debt therefore it is nonsense to suggest that he has been supporting himself through accusing racial discrimination. In fact Mr Parr provided no proof in support of his false assertion to defame Mr Deman. .

    3. We made it clear that employers are fully insured and therefore there was no cost of 1m to taxpayers [how he got the figure of 1m any way?). For an increase in premium on insurance no one else could be blamed except employers themselves who engaged in unlawful acts. Mr Deman’s success rate is also far greater than the publicly funded organisations like CRE and the Law Centres therefore there is much stronger case for their closer or deportation of their bosses like Trevor Phillips (supported by Triesman and Co) and than against Mr. Deman.

    4. Neither Mr Parr nor does the Daily Mail provide any evidence that Mr Deman has used the same mode of operandi to launch a racial discrimination case. In fact, it was made clear that he used a white sounded name only once and he was shortlisted in an Institution, which rejected him 5 times under his own name. Does it not show existence of prejudices on the basis of ethnic origin as most Asian names signals the racial origin?

    5. We pointed out that Mr. Deman has not launched any new claim let alone any spurious claim in Northern Ireland although there are safeguards against spurious claims. Further it is nonsense that Mr Deman told the journalist that he would sue him as no journalist ever approached him (see, our complaint to PCC above).

    6. A casual glance of Mr Deman’s CV shows that he has been employed at quite senior posts by many reputable institutions all over the world. One wonders how he suddenly became unemployable like many millions Jewish Youth in 1933 Nazi Germany (who were branded as second class citizens in Germany & Mr Deman by Zionist Labour Party mafia). Mr Parr has not identified which taxpayer-funded organisation Mr Deman has sued illegitimately. Contrary to Mr Parr’s suggestion that Mr Deman has problems with white people Mr Deman was married to a white and most of social friends, supporters and legal team is also white.

    7. Mr Parr alias Wonkotsane repeatedly pointed out typographical errors howsoever trivial they may be in comments. However, he forgets to note his own errors, for example:

    (1) He writes, “In fact, I don’t want “British” nationals abusing our judicial system without spurious discrimination cases”. I believe he meant with rather than without.

    (2) He writes, “He should be set back to either America or India, preferably the latter…” I believe he meant sent rather than set.

    (3) He uses (ie. white people), however, it is written as i.e., and not as he writes ie.

    (4) Further he writes, “… in accepting his own identity as an asian”. Continents and geographical areas are often written with upper case letters, for example, Asian and not asian.

    We therefore give you 14 working days to amend your story and withdraw your threat of deportation and e-mail to Ms Mayo-Deman employer with an apology or face the legal action.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    C Kumar, Mr A.J Graham & Mrs. S Mahadevan

  28. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    1. I am not a journalist, the Press Complaints Commission has no jurisdiction over me.
    2. This post has a link to the original story in the Daily Mail newspaper – this post merely repeated some of the content of that story and expressed an opinion.
    3. As Dr Deman has white friends, I also have many black and asian friends.
    4. Spelling mistakes – whatever, does it really matter?
    5. I’ve not threatened Dr Deman with deportation, nor am I in a position to do so. It’s not a threat, it’s an opinion which I am perfectly entitled to hold.
    6. What would you have me change? If I changed the post it wouldn’t be the same story.
    7. What do you want me to apologise for? For quoting a story in a national newspaper and expressing an opinion? Or for exposing Mrs Jenny Mayo and as Dr Deman’s wife and not an unrelated supporter? Or perhaps for asking her employer to try and prevent their employee from harassing me which I believed she may have been doing using their equipment?

    This blog is published by Birmingham, Coventry & Black Country City Region Limited, a company limited by guarantee. All correspondence should be directing in writing to the publisher care of the hosting company as previously advised. Short of writing the letter for you, I can’t help you much more than that. I will be banning you from commenting here as you have chosen to ignore repeated requests to direct all correspondence in writing to the publisher and to cease racially harassing and libeling me. Any correspondence, as previously advised, should include a copy of Mrs Deman’s letter of instruction for you to act on her behalf. Your correspondence should also explain exactly what has been said or done unlawfully and any accusations of racism must be qualified. Please take note of my previous advice that if you continue to harass me I will report yourselves and Mrs Deman for libel and harassment.

  29. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    To the various trolls attempting to post racial insults and bizarre accusations – the one about me being part of a racist Labour zionist conspiracy was most entertaining – please take note of my previous comment in which I said that I have banned you from posting comments. It doesn’t matter how many times you change your name, website address or email address, you still can’t post comments.

    Furthermore, I would remind you that stalking and/or harrasment via the interenet is a crime – the precedent being set (funnily enough) in a case involving an old school friend who became the first person in the UK to be convicted of stalking by email.

    The most recent comment that has been submitted is from Dr D’Silva of Manchester Metropolitan University, presumably using university equipment as he’s used his email address, accusing me of racism and inferring a link between myself and the National Front. Should this be construed as an official communication as he’s used his university email address? Perhaps I’ll ask the university if they have sanctioned this activity or if Dr D’Silva is acting of his/her own accord.

  30. Andy Smith (9 comments) says:

    Very entertaining Wonko! Why don’t we get this on

    Coordinator wrote: “We know how to deal with people like you” sounds a bit threatening to me.

    The use of the phrase ‘whites’ I find very disturbing, especially when you haven’t even mentioned the skin colour of anyone in your post!

    I do love the kwality of the English in the letters. I thought these muppets were academics?

  31. Andy Smith (9 comments) says:

    Sorry, one more thing after reading the drivel on the CEM webpages. In my experience (as an employer and an employee) being the best qualified does NOT mean that you should get the job. Your attitude may stink, you may stink, your reputation may mean that you are unlikely to work well within a team or on your own. Hey, I may not even like the clothes you are wearing, but FYATHYRIO. (google it!)

  32. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    This is nothing, they’re getting more and more abusive and racially motivated. I’m seriously considering going to the police about it to be honest. I’m all for a good argument but it’s racial harassment – the comments about “my kind” and “whites” are the kind of things your typical “I’ve got brown skin so I’ll shout and shout if you don’t do what I want” racist comes out with. If I wasn’t white I wouldn’t be getting this abuse. Someone claiming to act on behalf of Mrs Mayo-Deman sent me a list of demands all revolving around Dr Deman threatening legal action if I didn’t give in to their bullying but Dr Deman can’t initiate legal action because he’s been declared a vexatious litigator and Mrs Deman can’t take legal action for something said about her husband. Quite bizarre. I spoke to a solicitor I know who specialises in civil litigation and he basically said “don’t even waste your time on it”.

  33. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    There’s a link in the comments of this post to a PDF from an academic institution who’ve also been on the receiving end of the demented threats and ramblings of Deman and his cronies.

  34. Brian (8 comments) says:

    This train of correspondence is hilarious.

    Suresh Deman is a vexatious litigant who thinks everything that happens to him is because of his race. He is what lawyers call a \”lunatic in person\”.

    For the full story of his fantasy life including the fact that Mr. Graham is his made, Mrs. Mayo is his wife and the \”Council for Ethnic Minority\” is his alter-ego, see the full Employment Appeal Tribunal decision declaring him a vexatious litigant (google search for \”Deman Attorney general\”)

    Ultimately, he is just a very sad person.

  35. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    You should see the comments that didn’t get approved. There are 11 comments still in moderation for this post full of racist abuse and threats from them.

  36. Racists change their Face but never their Nature. Wanko a Zionist Stooge and a Labour Party Running Dog who is out for good from British Politics.

  37. Kris Munkberg (1 comments) says:

    Heh Gerard, what a guy

  38. Shirlee Free CV Outline (1 comments) says:

    Sample curriculum vitae contains helpful suggestions in an effort to impartially represent our professional abilities, education and qualification and enables our opening connection with Human Resources departments.

  39. james mccue (1 comments) says:

    Mr Deman is not a vexatious litigant but a victim of corruption and racism in Northern Ireland.

    Why would Kenneth Masterson Deputy Chief Constable sit on the Queens University Belfast Equal Opportunites Special Advisory Group between 1993 and 18 Sept 1994?

    Why would Sir Robert Cooper sit on the same QUBEOSAG as Masterson? Corrupt Bob was the Chairman of the FEC Fair Employment Commission which was meant to assit him but didnt because he is was corrupt.

    Why did Corrupt Bob Cormac who was a FEC Commissioner sit on the QUBEOSAG?

    Sir Bob Cooper was founding member of the Alliance Party.

    The EOC NI who Deman approached was run by Mary Clarke Glass also of the Alliance Party. Naturally they did not assist him either because of a corrupt Alliance clique.

    Tim Mc Garry legal officer of EOCNI was brother of Phillip Mc Garry of Alliance Party.

    The FEC and EOCNI failed to assit him.

    He was entitled to approach the Northern Ireland Employment Tribunal .
    Problem was Mr J Maguire formerly lecturer in law of Queens University Belfast was President. Presumably he retained pecuniary interest at QUB via a pension.

    Why was a High Court Judge John Sheil sitting outside of a court on the QUBEOSAG.

    Exactly why was the publically funded Jones and Cassidy report 1994 kept secret?
    Both Beverly Jones and Fiona Cassidy were former employees of EOCNI and FEC to best of my knowledge.

    Why was Judith Eve Commissioner of EOCNI available to assault me as a civilian for acts which occurred outside UK jurisdiction and were fabricarted by a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic halucinating in temperatures of 40C in Spain.

    Why was Judith Eve Commissioner for NI Civil Service available to stitch me up on Nov 4 1994?

    Why was Mary Clarke Glass moved to CRENI in 1997 when having assisted Deman I took a case of Race Discrimination v FEC EOCNI?

    Why did Mary Clarke Glass send me to David Cooke Solicitor for assitance when Mr David Cooke was a member/former member of Alliance Party?

    Mr Cooke also sat on the Police Authority NI.

    Why did Elizabeth Meehan commissioner for FEC attempt to mark Demans Viva when she knows nothing about Economics?

    Why is Crown Book Pleas and Indictments 1/1/87 being kept from me at Public Records Office?
    Is it becasue Elizabeth Meehan sits as a commissioner at the Public Records Office?

    Or is it because this booke contains the evidence I require regarding the criminal record of RWH who was the next door neighbour of Sir John Sheil High Court Judge between 1979 and 1984 when the criminal RWH was declared bankrupt having fleeced £55000 from creditors.

    Why does the FEC EOCNI ring the Police to prevent me accessing the publclly funded library there to find out more juicy information.

    Do you know anything about the background of Mr Paul Browne Equal Opportunities Manager and racist thug of Queens University Belfast who ttok of his coat rolled up his sleeves and threatened me not to go to the Police.

    Presumably he already knew that Kenenth Masterson deputy chief constable RUC would ensure they did nothing.

    My Wicca friend arranged a curse after I was threatened on 4 Sept 1994.

    Within 6 months George Baird malicious bastard was dead

    Within 1 year Gordon Beveridge pernicious bastard was dead

    Sir Robert Cooper died prematurely but not before I could expose this vermin.

    Sir Robert Cooper died prematurely but not before I could expose this vermin.

    Robert Cooper and Robert Cormac died prematurely probably from a sharp pain in his back and through his head.

    Deman was stitched up by a racist criminal organisation of corrupt officials.

    The PSNI refuse to investigate.

    The PoliceOmbudsman refuses to investigate the PSNI

    The Minister for Justice David Ford ALLIANCE refuses to investigate.
    I wonder why?

  40. Carlo Annese (1 comments) says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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