Capping CAP

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The European Agriculture Commissioner, Mariann Fischer Boel, has announced that any farmer receiving more than €100,000 under the Single Payment Scheme will get their payments capped.

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) accounts for a third of Federal Europe’s budget and is responsible for the “wine lakes” and “cheese mountains” that have been in the news periodically for the last couple of decades.  The biggest beneficiaries of CAP are France and Spain yet this capping of payments will mainly affect the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic which hardly benefit from CAP at all.  In fact, it is because we get hardly any money out of CAP that the rebate was introduced.

Once again, French-dominated Federal Europe has managed to penalise the member states that benefit least (or not at all in our case) from their ridiculous, insular, protectionist policies.

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