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Bloody hell.  When was the last time England didn’t qualify for a European Championship?  Other than when we were banned from European football for having slightly more troublemakers than Vatican United and about 5 million percent less than, for instance, Turkey or Poland.  But that’s another story.

England lost 3-2 to Croatia last night and failed to qualify for Euro 2008.  Croatia and Russia topped England’s group and qualified for next years tournament.  At least we finished above Andorra.

Steve Maclaren was sacked this morning.  Which is nice.  I actually agree with the decision to sack Maclaren – I thought employing him was a bad idea in the first place – but the manager can’t take all the blame.  Putting a 22 year old kid in goal and leaving Beckham on the bench for the first 45 minutes was sucidal.  However, the national squad is supposed to be the cream of English football.  If the tactics the manager has decided on aren’t working, they shouldn’t have to wait until half time or some big girls blouse needs a medic for a broken nail before they change how they play.  Watch Brazil play – if something’s not working they change it.  Yes, we need a decent manager.  But more importantly, we need to shove a rocket up our players’ collective arses and tell them to use their bloody initiative.

It’s been suggested that Alan Shearer is after the job.  Sounds good to me but as long as the next manager isn’t Scottish, Welsh or Irish I don’t care who it is as long as we start winning something.

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  1. lfb_uk (15 comments) says:

    Personally I cannot see Mac’s reason for using Carson at all, after the first cock up he should have been off!

    My wish for England manager is Sam Alladice Ex Bolton and now newcastle manager.

  2. George (16 comments) says:

    Two points;
    Firstly is it any coincidence that the fiasco over the loss of the data discs was disclosed the day before this important game. After all whether England won or lost it would have replaced the government’s latest cock-up as the news headline.
    Secondly I have taken the advice of a very good Scottish friend. That is, like the Scots, to just accept that our national team is crap and just be grateful if we ever do win a game. Mind you, they give Maclaren a 2.5 million payoff for doing a crap job and then wonder why money is not reaching the grass roots of the game.

  3. KeithS (80 comments) says:

    Is there any job easier than the English (or any other nation’s) football team manager? In comparison with any League team manager, that is?
    You don’t have to worry about buying good players – ‘You, you, and you, report for duty’. You don’t have pressure from shareholders who see their share receipts going down if the team is doing badly. You don’t have to sweat about the team’s performance every single week – a few times a year is nothing in comparison.
    Then you leave (in disgrace or otherwise) with a massive fistful of money. Why is the nation’s manager paid so much for doing so little?

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    ‘That is, like the Scots, to just accept that our national team is crap and just be grateful if we ever do win a game.’

    Take it from this scotsman, our team is crap and I am grateful that we have won a few games

    But, you? A crap team? No way! You should be up there in the top ten!

    Not being a kicker, i could not pass comment but someone does need their arse kicked!

    I think a limit on foreign players would be good place to start, look how pitiful scottish league football is and look at how many non scots are there, I vaguely rmember the days of glory when all the top english teams had at least one cracking scotsman playing for them, nowadays, you are lucky to find a top scottish team with even a marginal scots player.

    Look at us and be warned of ther fate that might befall you 🙁

  5. Calum (183 comments) says:

    Match was such a disappointment. Although, there was a great atmosphere at the game, when it went to 2-2 we were all going mad, just hugging all these random people around us in the stadium. Funny thing was the bloke sitting behind me who had put a grand on england going through, his face at full time wasn’t a prety site. All he said was ‘well i guess we won’t be going on holiday to spain this year then’.

    So glad McClaren is gone. He never should have been appointed. The FA (who are idiots) should have waited out on Scolari. I think O’Neill would do a good job, but apparantley he’s not interested. can’t say i blame him, don’t think i’d want to be england manager.

  6. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    to lfb_uk
    Those FA tossers missed to chance to employ Sam. Now he doesn\’t want the job.

    to Calum
    Anyone but O\’Neil. Appointing an Irish manager would be adding insult to injury. I know that you little nasty celt would be happy to have an Irish manager taking England job, but I will just say again – ask your parent to buy a home in Wales or Scotland.

    McClown should have been shot, not sacked. Fuck Mc!!!

  7. George (16 comments) says:

    Gotta share this joke which I recieved by text shortly after the final whistle with you chaps;
    England are changing their badge from three lions to three tampons because this is their worst f*cking period in ages. Boom Boom. No points for guessing it came from a Jock
    But it\’s got to make one smile 🙂

  8. axel (1214 comments) says:

    another one, this came from a Geordie mate.

    Tom Tom are recalling 30,000 guidance units.

    They cant find England in Europe

    Though, I guess I’m one to talk

  9. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I got one as well:

    What’s 9 inches long and dangles in front of a cunt? Steve McLaren’s tie.

  10. axel (1214 comments) says:

    scotland are playing brazil and brazil have a disaster, they are all killed but Pele survives( i guess this shows how much i know about football ;)) and the game goes ahead.

    Brazil win 75 -0

    when asked about it, he says, it is probably the worst game he ever played, when asaked why, he replies, ‘well, i got sent off after 15 minutes’

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