Pakistan Suspended from Commonwealth again

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Pakistan has been suspended from the Commonwealth again after General Musharraf failed to lift the emergency rule he put in place a few weeks ago when he thought he was not going to be allowed to be president.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court – now consisting only of loyal Supreme Court Judges that Musharraf has appointed himself – has ruled that he can still be president whilst being head of the armed forces.

Musharraf has faced open opposition both from political opponents and joe jamal public.  Imran Khan went on the run after Musharraf ordered his arrest for leading an opposition party.  He was eventually grassed up and put under house arrest.  Benazir Bhutto has been placed under house arrest several times, usually when protests have been organised so that she can’t attend and whip up opposition to Musharraf.

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan yesterday said that Musharraf had given him firm commitments on removing emergency rule and holding free and fair elections.  Meanwhile, the UK and Canada were leading the call for Pakistan to be expelled from the Commonwealth.  Pakistan was expelled from the Commonwealth in 1999 for 5 years when Musharraf first took control of Pakistan in a military coup.  Pakistan was allowed to return to the Commonwealth on the condition that Musharraf gave up control of the military.  Which he hasn’t.  But as long as he allows American planes and troops to be based in Pakistan to continue their war for oil against terror, Musharraf can be safe in the knowledge that the “will of the international community” won’t be to force economic sanctions or take military action.

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  1. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    Stuart, your \”democracy at all costs\” stance is scary! What do you like better – having Musharraf, who holds nuclear weapons close to him, or having him \”voted\” out and having fanatics taken over bobms right away? The world is better off without democracy in Pakistan.

  2. cuhjeimmmyyyyy (2 comments) says:

    “[He] has appointed himself…”
    That sounds familiar.
    What does this sound like to you? “With the snidey help of equally corrupt bastards yellow cyclops has appointed himself”
    What is the difference between what Musharraf has done and what the anti-English scum have done? There is no difference!

    By the way, democracy at all costs is what all people should be aiming for.
    Nuclear weapons? Well, excuse you for being a fuckin’ hypocrite. Nuclear capability was invented by whom? Secondly, who has nuclear weapons? Pakistan isn’t the only state with them. I am finding this anti Muslim shite quite boring.
    scaffold, I thought left wing twats didnt like stereotyping.
    And who are the “fanatics” you waffle about?

    Ha! ha! The world is better off without democracy in pakistan.
    What about the rest of the world? England for instance. Do you think the lack of democracy in England is also better for the world? ‘Cos everyone knows their are a lot of fanatics in England right?

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Max, turning Pakistan to glass will make things worse. Get Musharraf out and let Bhutto win a free and fair election.

  4. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    A free and fair election”? In Pakistan?

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