BNP to speak at Oxford Union

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BNP leader, Nick Griffin, is to be allowed to speak at an Oxford Union debate on free speech.  He will be joined by David Irving, a historian who was jailed in Austria for the thought-crime of saying that the Holocaust never happened.

It was looking a bit iffy for Griffin and Irving after protests against them being allowed to speak, some of them co-ordinated by Unite Against Facism, a group of gobshites who think that it’s perfectly acceptable to ban free speech and democracy to defend free speech and democracy.

Dr Julian Lewis, Tory MP for New Forest East and Shadow Defence Minister, has resigned his life membership of the Oxford Union in protest and Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights (formerly the CRE), has also publically objected to the invitation.

I don’t like the BNP and I don’t like Griffin but freedom of speech isn’t a privilege, it’s a right.  To ban someone from speaking at a debate on free speech because you don’t agree with what they say is wrong.  The BNP is a legal political party and, no matter how offensive you find them, they have a right to exist and a right to preach their filth.

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  1. Manbeast (24 comments) says:

    When I was at the Polytechnic many years ago the Students Union adopted a motion that fascist and racist speakers would not be allowed in Union meetings.

    The thing that always worried me was who would determine what was f/r? Most of the far lefty groups on campus used that as a standard term of abuse for anybody who didn’t repeat their opinions parrott fashion. That included each other!

    The downside of free speech is having to put up with opinions that you find repulsive. The civilised response is to listen politely then give the twonk the bird!

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I wonder, do the BNP have any worthwhile policies about anything?

    How would we know, considering there is an almost complete media blackout on them. It will be an interesting debate to hear, i wonder how it will go?

  3. I love Albion (1 comments) says:

    You can read the BNPs Policies on the BNP website & to be truthful they make a lot of sense.
    If you read the BNP website with an open mind you will be surprised at how much sense and truth they speak, I am not saying they are 100% right in everything, but I don’t understand how a political party that wants to put British people first in their own country can be classed as racist.
    I can honestly say I agree with the parties’ stance on immigration.
    It has already been proved in surveys that the majority of people who read the BNP manifesto agreed with it, the only thing is they was not told it was the BNPs manifesto until after the survey.

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I read their policies too, they are not quite my cup of tea but they were not that bad and certainly no worse than any of the other mainstream parties.

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Albion, what you have to remember about the BNP is that they have two sets of policies. They have the publicly acceptable once which are in their manifesto and they have the more sinister ones which are in their constitution. You won’t find curbing freedom of the press or forced repatriation of immigrants in a BNP manifesto but you will find them in their constitution. Regardless of what their manifesto says, it is their constitution that contains the basic principles to which the party aspires. I had a fairly lengthy meeting on the English question once and one of the people there was from the BNP. He said that they couldn’t change their constitution because too many people within the party would oppose it.

  6. robert wyatt (1 comments) says:

    of course the policies make a lot of sense, we’ve got to get real about it.. i’m sick to my soul of being afraid of what people will think of me and having to veil my feelings because of the insidious noxiousness of political correctness. anyone that feels the same as i do, that immigrants are like locusts coming here and sppoiling all that is good, should listen to my new album comicopera and listen between the lines, this facking nonsense has planted everlasting hatred in my soul. believe it

  7. axel (1214 comments) says:

    You are not THE Roberrt Wyatt then?

  8. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    I very much doubt the real Robert Wyatt would describe immigrants as locusts and shamelessly plug his new album on a blog. It’s a good album, by the way.

  9. axel (1214 comments) says:

    So, we finally agree about something 😛

    Is it any good? He was always a bit jazz wank for my tastes 🙁

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