How long before Liebour is brought down?

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In most civillised countries a government that is caught breaking laws and abusing the public trust every couple of months would have collapsed and senior ministers and party officials would be enjoying some hospitality at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  So what’s it going to take to bring down this corrupt Liebour government?

The public were lied to about the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.  We were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they were capable of launching an attack on the UK within 45 minutes.  We were lied to about the cash for honours case.  We were told that Liebour hadn’t offered peerages in return for donations to their party when they had.  We were lied to about the ban on fox hunting.  We were told that it was to save the poor little vermin when it was simply part of Liebour’s jealous class war and kowtowing to animal rights terrorists.  We are being lied to about the terrorist threat and the need to curtail our rights and liberties.  Anti-terror legislation has been used to stop and search over 100,000 people and none of them turned out to be terrorists and ID cards are being introduced at huge cost and against the will of the electorate that are so secure that famous people and members of the government won’t have their details on it for security reasons.  We are being lied to about the threat from global warming.  We are told that unless we all turn to subsistence farming and live in mud huts we will be burned alive on the parched earth and drown from rising sea levels but the reality is that climate change is a natural phenomenen and the scientific world is divided into three parts – those who don’t think it’s anything to worry about, those who do and (the biggest part) those who are being paid stupid amounts of money to say that it is.

There are so many lies and examples of corruption I don’t have the time or inclination to write them down.  But there is another one to add to the list today.

Peter Watt, the General Secretary of the Liebour Party, has resigned after admitting that he knew that a property developer made £600,000 of donations to the Liebour Party via three associates without the Electoral Commission being informed.  This is a serious offence – not only is it illegal but it is an abuse of the trust that the electorate is supposed to have in the government.

But you reap what you sow as the saying goes and Liebour are suffering for their corruption and dictatorial ways.  The latest opinion poll shows that Liebour has only 27% support witht he Tories on 40%.  The increasing charge sheet against the Liebour Party, the rapidly dwindling support for the Liebour government and the crippling debts they’ve run up trying cling desperately onto power could prove to be the death of the party.  No wonder they’re still trying to introduce state funding of parties.

Will Liebour see out the year?  Probably.  will they last until the next general election?  Probably.  Heads will undoubtedly roll but the party will stay in power for as long as it can get away with it and there’s little chance of forcing them out of power by taking to the streets because then you’ll be branded a terrorist and riot police will take you away.

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  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    But will Gordon no mandate in England Brown last as leader until th next general elecction?

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